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Abash1807d ago

Early 2014? Thats so far away for this update

abzdine1806d ago

"All past DLC costumes will be included in the game"
this is kinda cool, it's a BIG DLC worth the 15bucks imo for SF hardcore fans.

FATAL1TY1805d ago

SF4: Crap edition

THamm1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Man I wish SNK would do SF graphics. Would love to see KOF vs SF. A wish to devs, just wish the backdrop characters/fans didn't look so generic, turned me off in SF4,1 mystery character who could that be?

Tito081806d ago

Or better yet, Capcom Vs SNK 3.

MaxXAttaxX1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Not at all.
I wish SF4 had KoF13 or BlazBlue graphics.

And a Capcom Vs SNK 3 would be awesome.

Knushwood Butt1805d ago

From what I can tell, SNK aren't doing anything but licensing pachinko games.

Retroman1806d ago

glad this game not open-world FPS tired of those types of games. bring on CASTLEVANIA,Contra,Gradius, R-type,Einhander.

dcj05241806d ago

Lol theres not that much open world gps. I can think of......4

Retroman1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

@ DCJO524

are you serious??? every damn game out is in some kind of form of FPS, multiplat "OPEN WORLD" a few COD,BF2,HALO,DESTINY,Splinter cell,Assassin creed and rest of call of duty clones all in some form first person shooters or online multiplat open world gaming.

xXKingofStingXx1805d ago

@GT67: You sir, get a bubble! Einhander is a name I thought had been forgotten in gaming. Such a shame we never got to see a sequel or an ACTUAL HD remake...

GenericNameHere1805d ago

Yeah, we're all tired of FPSs at point, but why bring them up? They have NOTHING in relevance to Street Fighter... AT ALL. It's called Street Fighter for a reason. You fight, in the street (not literally. Althought there are street stages). What would Capcom gain from making Street Fighter into a generic open world FPS? Nothing, except a very p!ssed off fanbase.

I don't know what your response is, but I just disagreed.

On topic, nice! I bought the Street Fighter IV Collectors Edition on launch day in 2009, but missed out on Super and Arcade. Will be getting this for sure on retail. (I could just download the free PS+ game then upgrade to this, but 17+ GBs is too big, so I'll just get the disc).

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ZombieKiller1806d ago

Yeah they even announced the title to the new game--
Ultimate Super Street Fighter 4 Hyper Super Special Edition Max Ultra 3D HD Remix DLC GOTY Edition.

TheBlackSmoke1806d ago

Wow did you come up with that all by yourself?, You do realise someone dies of cringe everytime this outdated unfunnny comment is posted in a forum.

Knushwood Butt1805d ago

@ TheBlackSmoke

Sure, it's old, but it's also true.

This is the reason I've yet to buy any version of the game apart from the first SF4 release. Since then there has been Super SF4 and then Super SF4 Arcade Edition, plus a truck load of DLC...

So maybe, if this new one seems like the last of the milks, I'll snap it up.

ZombieKiller1805d ago

Well BlackSmoke if it wasn't you that died this time then please go play in traffic. Yeah I thought of that all by myself. Thanks.

I know its a joke that's way overused. I didn't see it used here and thought it would be worth my time if it made even ONE person laugh. Get out a lil bit more and maybe you won't see the same joke over and over again.

1805d ago
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SonyNGP1807d ago

They're not willing to let this game go :/

Baka-akaB1806d ago

why would they ? the fans wants more additions and changes to it .

pompombrum1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

I don't know.. I think many of us are ready for something new instead of yet another update for SF4. Hopefully the update will be good and breathe some new life into the game. I've got my fingers crossed for Dan being top tier for sh!ts and giggles.

Baka-akaB1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Well the public has spoken anyway . They requested feedback about this , and it was massively there , with balances suggestions even taken in account , and positive , so it's not even a guess .

And again i dont even believe it's preventing SFV to come along . I firmly believe that it was the update or nothing , for a long while . The team aint gonna rush SFV no matter what , so while we wait a few years for it , let's enjoy the current game improved , or something else .

Not singling out anyone in particular , but the casual warriors , who can't stick with their titles and constantly want fresh blood , do have those coming out regularly , hell Killer instinct is coming soon for them .. so they shouldnt be bothered either way

grimmweisse1806d ago

Why would they! It's still the most consistent, popular and most played fighting game in tournaments. It's evo's biggest draw.

The game still looks remarkably good, so a new update, with 5 new characters, stages, all dlc costume packs and tweaks&balancing is great. Rather than the yearly COD games with only small changes using the same old engine, overpriced dlc but still charging you $60 for the privilage.

If you already have SF4 then the update is only $14.99. I'd say that is pretty much great value.

Akuma2K1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Hit the nail right on the head.

I'm a streetfighter fan myself and i'm glad they're doing a SF4 update because we all know it'll be awhile before we even see Streetfighter 5 on PS4 (most likely 2015-2016)......this update will keep me plenty busy until SF5 makes its appearance on PS4.

zeal0us1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

I will just wait for the super or ultimate version of that new 2014 Street Fighter title.

Redempteur1806d ago

The waiting game is pointless.
If one had waited for the next one , in the end you'd never have played the game.

The game is that good because people are playing the game right now and balancing is done. Have fun in the sidelines waiting while people are enjoying the biggest fighting game currently.

Dno1806d ago

this joke is getting old you you sound like a troll. Did you get COD last year? thought so.

SF fans WANT THIS if your not interested DO NOT POST IN A SF UPDATE THREAD.

Damn your annoying.

zeal0us1806d ago

"Did you get COD last year?"

Nope and I haven't played a CoD in a long time. I don't care for FPS games that much either.

What's annoying is people like you who assume everyone is a troll just because they don't share the same opinion as yours.

By the way I wasn't joking and TYPING IN CAPS ISN'T NECESSARY.

Dmagic1806d ago

@zeal0us its not an opinion they dont make the updates for the casual players (you) so when a update comes for us last thing we need is a person who has no love for the game bad mouthing it messing things up for us so save your super duper edition jokes it does no one any good.

kupomogli1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )


Don't kid yourself. The updates aren't just for the dedicated fighting game fanbase. The updates are for the the dedicated fanbase, but moreso for the casual fighting game fan where most of their sales will come from. If Capcom assumed the game would sell to the dedicated fanbase and that's it, you'd never see this update getting released. Or if you did, it wouldn't include the characters and they'd only patch the game for the balance tweaks.

zeal0us1806d ago

Capcom make updates for ANYONE to EVERYONE who will potentially pay for it and not just for the dedicated hardcore players who put 5-10 hours or more a day playing the game or the players who participate in tournaments like EVO.

Anyway I'm done going back and forward with Dno and you. Peace and I hope you have a great.

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Dno1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

I didn't assume your a troll. Your just a troll. If you come into a SF thread and start trolling that makes you a troll.

Your annoying and you have no life go play COD.

@ Dmagic
Right on bubs for you

zeal0us1806d ago

Trolling would've been "Oh when's the Super Ultimate HD Plus version going to come out Capcom?"

To be honest, I never seen a so called troll go to this go far just to show that he isn't trolling or a troll.

"Your annoying and you have no life go play COD."

Honestly the CoD crap is getting old, you really need some new material.

Dno1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Your a retard if saying "I will just wait for the super or ultimate version of that new 2014 Street Fighter title." Is not trolling.

You have no clue whats coming out next year. You have no interest in this game. You made a Corny overused joke and you got called out for it. Your a troll admit it then leave.

In fact you didn't even read it. This update is coming out next year so you are assuming they are gonna make 2 in 1 year? THIS IS AN UPDATE its not a new title. Read it troll. This is the super version you were talking about troll.

TheBlackSmoke1806d ago

"I will just wait for the super or ultimate version of that new 2014 Street Fighter title"

ughh, its like your guaranteed to get this exact comment everytime capcom add anything to street fighter. You dont play the game and are never going to buy it, move on.

Dno1806d ago


Bubs for you sir. Trolls will be trolls

Rivitur1805d ago

Too late they just announced its Ultra STREET fIGHTER iv

zeal0us1805d ago

Whelp time to put my money where my mouth is

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MrTrololo1806d ago

Please stop updating Street Fighter IV and just moves on with Street Fighter V.

Baka-akaB1806d ago

How does one prevent another . It's two alternatives quite frankly :

- Nothing gets out and we wait 3-4 years for SFV

- they keep adding stuff to SF4 , that it's public is actually requesting , and we wait 3-4 years for SFV

fsfsxii1806d ago

Is this an internet update or a re-release??

Baka-akaB1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

It's like super in its time .

You'll either buy the dlc pack on its on , or the whole repack , in full digital or disc form on the cheap