Crash Bandicoot Returns In Crystal’s Wrath

Metal Arcade: Joseph Cifala writes:

Activision may have tried to put Crash Bandicoot out to pasture, but two die-hard fans are bringing him back in a new adventure called Crystal’s Wrath.

Crash Bandicoot will always be my hero.

I grew up at the height of the Mario and Sonic feud and was the odd one out who preferred Crash Bandicoot, mostly because I had a PlayStation. I’ve never played Super Mario 64 – no, my youth was spent in the virtual outback hunting crystals and gems and guys with Ns on their heads. Being a lifelong fan, I followed Crash into the next generations (after the series went multi-platform and was out of developer Naughty Dog’s hands). I’m even in the minority that believes the last game (Crash: Mind Over Mutant) was pretty good. After greenlighting a reboot of the franchise, Activision up and killed the series to focus on more profitable titles like Call of Duty. So for the past four years I’ve been waiting for the triumphant return of the marsupial, to no avail.

Then I discovered Crash Bandicoot: Crystal’s Wrath.

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buffalo10661712d ago

woah this looks cool. Seems odd that they dont have a website i can only find a facebook page :/

MetalArcade1712d ago

Hey, their main site is actually a tumblr which is here: http://cbcrystalswrath.tumb...

tigertron1712d ago

Sony need to hire these guys, buy the rights to Crash, throw money at them and release this on the PS4.

The Playstation needs its mascot back. It's like Mario not being with Nintendo.

Mr_Nuts1712d ago

If Sony buys the rights back then they should just give it to NaughtyDog

tigertron1712d ago

If they're not busy then yes, and hire these guys to work with them.

MetalArcade1712d ago

I agree, this looks awesome for having just two guys work on it.

Omar911712d ago

Title is a little misleading.... Im going to go cry now :,(