Digital Extremes Releases Warframe Update 9 And Reveals Current Player Count

This weekend, Digital Extremes released a shiny new update to their free to play, 3rd-Person-Action game, Warframe. The update includes a new character class, updated builds for the randomized map generator, new Prime Weapons, and a host of bug fixes.

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MysticStrummer1773d ago

Can't wait to give this a shot on PS4.

Between this, Planetside 2, and DC Universe, a person could buy the console by itself and have plenty to do without even being a PS+ member, though as a member they'd get the PS+ version of Drive Club also.

Good times ahead.

NovusTerminus1773d ago

Same, I love Digital Extreme's, Unreal Tournament, Dark Sector and The Darkness II, are all awesome games.

Can't wait for thus game.

Aery1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I tried this game on Ps4 and it's pretty amazing. Can't wait to play it !

Ps This is a launch title for PS4 !

zeal0us1773d ago

I have mixed feeling about the update. Changing the galaxy map and adding the cinematic clip before entering the game is cool but I feel it was somewhat unnecessary.

Putting rare drops like control module on the market probably wasn't that good of idea.

The new weapons, maps, items and new warframe was pretty cool.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1773d ago

Control Module became VERY easy to find. Go to Valefor in Europa and you will get drops of it in groups of 2-3 sometimes even 4. I got 17 of them in a single match.

zeal0us1773d ago

Yea with the recent update 9.1 you can get them easier on Europa than Neptune. I suspect the developers will lower the drop rate in the next update.