Dragon Quest X Has Between 250,000 and 300,000 Daily Users, Impresses Japanese Minister

Yesterday the Japanese Minister of Science and Technology Ichita Yamamoto paid an official institutional visit to the Dragon Quest X servers, and today he mentioned that he was definitely impressed incidentally also providing an interesting snippet of information on the amount of users that connect every day to the game.

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Need4Game1712d ago

Great News for the Wii.

Abriael1712d ago

And for the Wii U, and for Pc

3-4-51712d ago

That is a nice chunk of monthly cash coming their way making up for poor Wii U sales. It keeps them gaining an income which can be put towards hiring new people to localize and develop games at a faster rate, which they have started doing already.

I want Dragon Quest 11 so bad.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1712d ago

Why isn't this game World Wide?


Good Story. It would be great if US politicians did this sort of thing.

Could you have imagined Govenor Mitt Romney or President Barrak Obama in WoW?

Abriael1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Actually the game's producer just told a few days ago that the game is going to be released in the west (at least on PC). We don't know when, but it'll come.

SegaGamer1712d ago

Yeah they keep saying this about PSO2 but it never happens. Same with DragonBall Online. I don't get why Europe, America etc always miss out on something that is clearly wanted. It's frustrating.

nick3091712d ago

Only in japan the minister is impressed by games, so cool.