Battlefield 4 player count could increase to 70+ players

Credible sources have rumored that DICE is testing Battlefield 4 multiplayer with 70+ players...

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littlemac1748d ago

And the fact that everyone can be in a squad is good too.

MysticStrummer1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Agreed. I say keep adding players until there is a performance hit, then back off the total a little.

There should be as many players as possible while also having no hiccups even with lots of action onscreen.

EDIT - Map design is also a factor though, so there can be too many players.

avengers19781748d ago

Yea, smaller maps should be player capped, it can be a cluster f*ck, and take away a players ability to enjoy the game. Large maps more is better

DeadlyFire1746d ago

Battlefield 2 had borders that expanded depending on the player size set for the map. Why can't Battlefield 3, and 4 be like that.

iamnsuperman1748d ago

I agree. One of the biggest criticism I had with BF3 (if I completely ignore the single player part of that game) was there just wasn't enough people for the map sizes on the consoles. I know people disagree with me on this but I hated how unpopulated the map can be. Okay I do feel map design has a big impact on this as BF:BC2 has some of the best maps with open space but yet it still felt hectic but more people would have made BF3 a bit more enjoyable on the console versions

Izzy4081748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Yeah, i've been playing BF3 on xbox and some of the larger maps can feel empty even with a full game and less capture points. This time around, im getting BF4 for next-gen. No way i'm missing out on bigger action.

DeadlyFire1746d ago

Its because they designed the maps for 32 players and PS3/X360 only let 24 players in a game. That is the core of that issue. I think they really wanted 32 players on PS3/X360, but were limited due to the hardware.

BFBC2 was designed alot better with a narrower maps so in those PS3/X360 games it was more people running around in front of you.

Rearden1748d ago

Real source is

You keep stealing BF4Central's stories and submitting them to N4G

alexmac1747d ago

Put it as an alt source, anyone can do it. The most important is the there is a link to the source in the post, and there is isn't there.

Vip3r1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

I reckon they could easily do 128+ players on the new consoles and PCs.

The only limit would be the maps.

The technology is there for it though.

Hufandpuf1747d ago

But it looked and played like shit.

shibster881748d ago

Hell yea the more the better if they do change it to 70/80 then I will never buy ano5her game again please santa help dice make this true.

Izzy4081748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

70 players makes a lot more sense with 5-player squads. And if game quality isn't affected, i'm all for it. With the new consoles, they can probably go even higher on the player count. But one of the concerns is that too many players won't actually make multiplayer more enjoyable. But who knows?

Trunkz Jr1748d ago

Ummmm. Have you played Planetside 2 during a large scale assault/defend?

Izzy4081747d ago

we're talking about BF4 here, not planet side.

Trunkz Jr1746d ago


Well duh, but when you can see a game that plays out well with a large scale assault it shouldn't be impossible for them to push the limits on the PC platform, PS2 has shown that large scale battles can work (larger then BF).

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