This Is What Makes Grand Theft Auto V So Special

CraveOnline writes: "With the debut of Grand Theft Auto V’s gameplay trailer, gamers around the world are collectively fired up about diving back into Rockstar's virtual world of crime."

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AcesHigh2911775d ago

So what are we thinking, GTA V is going to be the highest selling game this year? Or will it be COD? Hah

dbjj120881775d ago

Definitely not Call of Duty. Seems like even Microsoft are betting on that by getting Battlefield 4 more aligned with Xbox.

Deividas1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Everyone said the same thing when modern warfare 3 and battlefield 3 were announced and shown. Battlefield might be the better game but it will not outsell call of duty. As much as i hope gta v will beat cod, i really doubt it. The fanbase is too massive for it

AntoineDcoolette1775d ago

There's more hype for GTA5 than the new CoD since CoD releases on a yearly basis and the last gta was 2013. Weather or not that is enough to push its numbers past CoD /shrug

Depends how tired people are of CoD

minimur121775d ago

I saw an article where it said 'Rockstar confirmed demo was run on PS3'

I thought...*facepalm* no sh*t.

If you look anywhere aroundthe game, the prompts say X /\ [] O, how is it not obvious?
Do they REALLY need to 'confirm' this?

doctorstrange1775d ago

Yup, no doubt about it. And then Octodad for 2014.

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Geovanny1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

COD had alot less hype this time. GTA V is taking the W this year.

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dbjj120881775d ago

The engine looks great. I mean, the early trailers seemed to be touched up, but then the gameplay trailer is actually pretty close to the real thing.

Is the destruction real time though? Like if we crash into a wall while messing with the cop AI, will stuff still break apart like that wall in the gameplay trailer?

jc485731775d ago

even from a guy who was never interested in the past Grand Theft Auto games is now interested in this game.

Hazmat131775d ago

i never cared for GTA it was always a "im sure ill get it, but not today" kinda game. (on N4G thats taboo!) but something about this seems way more story driven than ever before also im very curious about mutilplayer. but we will see so far color me impressed on current gen tech. i will keep my eyes on this one.

MooseyXTC1775d ago

Why bother reading the article if you already know?
The gameplay footages shows you, this game oozes personality and innovation for storytelling and freedom in gaming.

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