Splinter Cell: Blacklist – New Paraguay Map Gameplay – direct feed

Splinter Cell: Blacklist isn’t far from release and Ubisoft has been giving the game a massive push to get it into the forefront. What better way to show the game itself with no interruptions, no commentary? – just pure game play.

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CaptainYesterday1803d ago

I feel like no one is excited for this game.

Syntax-Error1802d ago

You're wrong. The game comes out next month and I am sure it will see some great sales. Holds people over until Sept 13th

Grown Folks Talk1802d ago

It's my favorite series. I own every one. I will own this one. I'll still be playing it in November when I pick up my Xbox One.

starchild1801d ago

I'm excited as hell for it. I'm a big Splinter Cell fan and this one looks great. The PC version is DirectX 11 and supports things like tesselation and better lighting and effects.

DEEBO1802d ago

i am,merc vs spy for the win.

Fasttrack761802d ago

Wow, easy day one buy, but once they said spies vs mercs was back I was sold anyway.

starfox791802d ago

Getting it with Wonderful 101 next month both on wiiu.

EvilFluff911802d ago

My god as a long time fan of splinter cell it's painful to watch this guy play.

Grown Folks Talk1802d ago

Sloppy as hell. He never would survive in Pandora Tomorrow or Chaos Theory.