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Xbox One Petition to bring back Old Policies – Microsoft Responds

A commentary over Microsoft's response to the Xbox One petition that was asking for a return to E3. (Xbox One)

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Need4Game  +   382d ago
Gamers, Sign Xbox One petition !

Bring back the Freedom to be Restricted on Xbox One.
Muffins1223  +   381d ago
Oh look,the red dragon is a gamer doing a gaming commentary while playing cod....how original....
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RyuCloudStrife  +   381d ago
Lol exactly what I was asking myself why does everything have to be over a CoD gameplay.


Also this is a Duplicate of this http://n4g.com/news/1309627...

The guidelines states:

Sometimes a site does an interview with an industry professional where newsworthy information is revealed deep inside the interview. Other websites often create separate news stories focusing on specific bits of information that are of special interest to their readers. Even if the original interview is already posted it is ok to also post these side stories if the original post did not focus on this newsworthy information.

Seeing as the interview FOCUSED on the petition asking to re-reverse their policies this is a Duplicate as this topic was already covered before.

But somehow I cannot report this story...
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georgeenoob  +   381d ago
Lol only people signing the petition are desperate Sony fanboys cause they ran out of things to argue about.

I remember when BARELY anyone on this site supported DRM, yet all of a sudden a bunch of people on N4G support it? Lol you trolls need a day off.
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M-M  +   381d ago

The final stretch for that one bubble?
Imalwaysright  +   381d ago
@ george according to xbox fanboys the ps fanboys were the only ones speaking up against MS policies!! You must be mistaken. Those signatures are clearly from MS fans that defended MS policies and unbiased gamers.
georgeenoob  +   381d ago

Proof that you're wrong:

Look at Need4Game comment. 21 agrees and 10 disagrees. We all know how the agree/disagree system works at N4G. More agrees than disagrees = Sony fanboy comment.

Sony fanboys support DRM policies.
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redwin  +   381d ago
I wish they change everything ..... Back to the original. I won't worry, PS4 fanboys will end up doing the same when their system catches up to today's tech.
DragonKnight  +   381d ago
@georgenoob: "I remember when BARELY anyone on this site supported DRM, yet all of a sudden a bunch of people on N4G support it?"

You have a bad memory. There were enough shills supporting the DRM as "the future" and as "the same thing as PC" especially because they were ignorant about the game share feature. Not their fault they were ignorant though, Microsoft tried very hard to hide the fact that it was a glorified demo feature.
buynit  +   381d ago
Some of you get anal about duplicate Stories! My goodness news flows through this place very fast, god forbid i miss it and catch it the second time around..

Get a life..
Name Last Name  +   381d ago
stuna1  +   381d ago
Proof that DRM is alive and well!
dcj0524  +   381d ago
BallsEye  +   381d ago
You're a Sony troll. Saw your history. Don't call yourself gamer ever agaiN!
Bluepowerzz  +   381d ago
sony? supported me for 15 years if i like them or support them dont i have a right too? im not just supporting them for a one hit wonder title like halo or xbox live which only has one feature over ps3s psn which is cross game chat you miscreant i hate you.
BallsEye  +   381d ago

What the Fuuuuuu is your problem? Did I write this message to you or to Need4Game for posting link to petition everywhere when he obviously trolls just so the DRM will be back and he got something to laugh at.

Bluepowerzz, you are not the bellybutton of the world. You gotta reLAX!
xc7x  +   381d ago
"..Freedom to be Restricted.." LOL
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Insomnia_84  +   381d ago
What a mess at MS!
DeathDealer   381d ago | Spam
D-riders  +   381d ago
family share plan makes no sense
buynit  +   381d ago
What part don't you get how it works behind the scene or how it works as a Gamer?
cleft5  +   381d ago
Family share plan sounds good on paper, problem is that had things gone as intended developer/publisher could have just opt out of that plan. No way any publisher opt into a plan that essentially lets people play their full game for free.
Rowdius_Maximus  +   381d ago
Yeah they were already planning on bringing it all back
Pillsbury1  +   381d ago
I'm sure they will reinstate the restricting features down the road, don't you worry. I know microsofts tactics.
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r21  +   381d ago
Who the hell is even signing this thing? Why would you want DRM back??
SilentNegotiator  +   381d ago
It's a joke petition. Or at least, it became such because DRM is so unpopular. Read the comments; 90% of them are jokes/trolling/sarcasm.
Gaming_Guru  +   381d ago
The family share plan was just a another way to send a demo to another person, it wasn't even a standard one hour before being sent to the XBOX Live marketplace to actually buy the game.

Am I missing something here and the family share plan isn't just a timed demo to send to your family list
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mitchell1188  +   381d ago
Imma dress my girlfriend in an Xbox costume and have her restrict me!!! Then she switches to the ps4 costume and I can play without restrictions!!!! :D lol
But in all seriousness PS people don't sign anything to make Xbox fail...they don't need your help.
Red_Devilz  +   381d ago
I wonder how everyone is conveniently forgetting that the so called futuristic "Family Sharing" in XB1 was not what they are dreaming about. MS Never said that you can "fully" share the game with 10 people.

From what I gathered in the whole XB1 mess (unless they have another flipflop/yes/no/maybe/umm/aaa/ wait at this point) was that the 10 people can get 45min to 1hr "preview" of the shared game (most likely only once per game) and after that time ends, they will be taken to online XBL store to purchase that game.

Why everyone thinks that MS would let a full length game be shared among 10 people? Seriously, are you that naive? Especially after what MS tried to do with DRM and always online stuff? You gotta be kidding me
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DAS692  +   381d ago
COD gameplay in the background!!!???? REALLY???? I'd rather watch a series of pictures ACTUALLY RELEVANT to the subject at hand! GOSH!
MasterCornholio  +   381d ago
You know what the family plan that everyone wants sounds like?

A form of legal piracy where one person buys a copy of a game and 9 other people get it for free.

Developers would never support something like that despite what some people say.

Motorola RAZR i
SegaGamer  +   381d ago
I think it's hilarious that people are taking this petition seriously.
HacSawJimThugin  +   381d ago
Do some homework sir before you decide to print misinformation...see the link below. Um hmm...click it. Your welcome.

Edit. Apparently the link " looks like spam " but Marc Whitten and Aaron Greenberg both stated on twitter that Family Sharing had no time limit i.e. not a demo plan.
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SpideySpeakz  +   381d ago
The comment section on this petition is funniest thing I have ever seen.
SpinalRemains138  +   381d ago
Whoever signed that absurd petition is brain-dead.

Those policies affect all of us in one way or another. They're the all powerful corporate grip upon the consumer.

Why in God's name would ANYONE want to even consider poking the sleeping dog w/ this one?

I don't get it.
I would think this is one thing all of us could agree upon.
That those DRM policies hurt gaming, and that losing options is never good.

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