PS4 Has Better Specs on Paper But Xbox One Games Impressive – Dev

An Xbox One developer has revealed that PS4 has better specs on paper but the Xbox One games looked as good as ones on a high end PC.

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TheLyonKing1742d ago

an xbox one developer speaks more postivly about the x1 than the ps4.

What a great and geniune fact he has just said then since he clearly has dabbled with both.

HammadTheBeast1742d ago

Well, I guess that settles it. /s

He says that Ryse, Forza etc. look like they're played on high end PC's as if this doesn't look like that as well:

nukeitall1742d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I want to point out that most of Xbox One first party games are all 60fps, while KZ:SF is 30fps.

Having almost twice the time to render an image makes a huge difference.

"When it comes to the state of software development on PS4, the situation as it stands is surprising. On the one hand, freely playable first-party titles such as Knack and DriveClub suffer from noticeable frame-rate stutters down from 30fps, while on the other, "hands off" demos for the new Infamous and Assassin's Creed games appear to run without a perceptible hitch. This is in stark contrast to the playable software confirmed to be running direct from Xbox One hardware, such as Forza Motorsport 5 and Killer Instinct, which benefit to no end for targeting the 1080p60 gold standard, and largely succeed in doing so."

shoddy1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

About frame rate they are demo from a PC so until we see final product we can't jump to conclusion.
certain type of game can run 60fps easy cause lesser things happen at once.

A mustang can go 200m/h
what make you think a lamborgini couldn't.
Maybe it's a retarded driver?

blackmanone1741d ago

"He says that Ryse, Forza etc. look like they're played on high end PC's as if this doesn't look like that as well."

Well, in all fairness, they ARE played on high end pcs :). Those one's they stick under the Xbox booth and pretend that there's a ONE in there :)

psyxon1741d ago

nukeitall, i don't know whether to laugh or cry lol. i've been seeing your comments around and every one of them makes me facepalm.

HammadTheBeast1741d ago

Driveclub is 60 fps so there goes that credibility. Next, when you look at Shadowfalls graphics and the amount of stuff going on, it's insane that its running on PS4. I'd even say it rivals crysis on high on PC.


Isnt that because they were being played on high end PCs at e3 though lol

FATAL1TY1741d ago

-Best graphics-

The Dark Sorcerer
Killzone Shadow Fall
infamous second son
The Order 1886
Tom Clancy's The Division

4 > 1. xbone is shit

psyxon1741d ago

@fatality the order really doesn't get enough credit. such an overlooked game.

JokesOnYou1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

-Yeah OK and when Cerny says GDDR5 latency doesn't matter and how ps4 is the best, he isn't biased?

"It’s been really weird to watch Internet… everybody is freaking out about games running on PCs… plenty of PS4 games were running on PCs… all the demos of PS4 that I saw were running on PCs.” -Giantbomb

"Software running on genuine, visible Xbox One hardware falls in with a small first-party club, including titles like Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct, Ryse and Dead Rising 3."

lol, so the most graphically intensive games like Ryse and Forza5 were indeed running on X1 hardware among other 1st party games.= Conspiracy thoery #1052 debunked.

loulou1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

it is true that at e3 the xb1 games running on the xb1 were damn impressive.

what should be noted is this. no one, m$, AMD or any devs have spoken about the xb1s hardware. yet everyone including AMD have spoken about the ps4.

coupled with the facts that there are rumours of NDAs in place until september, and m$ are going to be talking about xb1s silicon at hotchip on the 27th of august.

something doesn't ring true at the moment

perhaps the celebrations should be put on hold for a bit

extermin8or1741d ago

Thing is I heard THEY WERE PLAYED ON A HIGH END PC not Xbox one's.... That statement makes the pictures that were revealed look all the more likely.

FATAL1TY1741d ago

+ Deep Down -_-

PS4 is always better.

better hardware
better games
better design

Syntax-Error1741d ago

No doubt in my mind that all multiplatform games will look almost identical. Just wanna see what Naughty Dog and R* have in store for us next gen. I buy games from both of those developers site unseen

ABizzel11741d ago


"I want to point out that most of Xbox One first party games are all 60fps, while KZ:SF is 30fps."

Forza 5: Forza 4, Forza 3, and Forza 2 (if I'm not mistaken) have all been 60fps. Along with Gran Turismo PS3, Burnout Paradise, and Ridge Racer 6 & 7.

Killer Instinct: Practically 90% of fighting games have been 60fps the entire generation.

Titanfall: COD was 60fps on PS360. Titanfall looks graphically on par with Call of Duty on PC, and it's made be former Infinity Ward creators, so 60fps isn't hard to believe.

Halo 5: We have yet to see what the game looks like graphically, the target is 60fps, and it's not coming out until Holiday 2014 at the earliest.

Where is this "most" you're talking about. BF4 is coming to PS4 60fps, COD is coming to PS4 60fps.

Killzone is using Ray Tracing, features open level design, and is a launch title. On top of that Gureilla is working on Killzone Shadow Fall (PS4), Killzone Mercenaries (PSV), and a New IP all at the same time. That's an achievement (no pun intended) no matter how you try to spin it.

SilentNegotiator1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

"Obvious throwaway account. I won't be providing any proof or confirming/disproving rumors or anything that may give my identity away. Which is why I'm doing this in this subreddit. Believe what you will on what I say"
--The supposed Xbox One Developer

He's a "confirmed X1 dev" and yet he keeps his identity secret and 'doesn't care what you think and won't give any proof of anything he says'?


pixelsword1741d ago

Yeah, but weren't they played on PCs at E3 and not actual Xbones?

scott1821741d ago

Wow, killzone looks amazing....

GrownUpGamer1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

@ JokesOnYou
"Yeah OK and when Cerny says GDDR5 latency doesn't matter and how ps4 is the best, he isn't biased?

"It’s been really weird to watch Internet… everybody is freaking out about games running on PCs… plenty of PS4 games were running on PCs… all the demos of PS4 that I saw were running on PCs.” -Giantbomb

"Software running on genuine, visible Xbox One hardware falls in with a small first-party club, including titles like Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct, Ryse and Dead Rising 3."

lol, so the most graphically intensive games like Ryse and Forza5 were indeed running on X1 hardware among other 1st party games.= Conspiracy thoery #1052 debunked. "

Microsoft fart people hate the smell but when another brand/company do the same the smell for them is like flowers.

Its all about who's fart smell better for them.

Ju1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

60fps you say, huh?


Yeah, I take the later. Thank you.

PSdomin8tion1741d ago

E3 Xbox One games ran on high end PC hardware. LOL's.

Dude writing this article must be outta the loop.

Funny how games at the beginning of a new generation look next gen, but as little as 2 years or less, the games get more insane looking.

EXAMPLE: Look how the Uncharted series evolved after the first one.

Still KZ SF, and the next Infamous, look fantastic.

1741d ago
DragonKnight1741d ago

@JokesOnYou: People tend to take the word of a guy who is out in the public, going on record as the guy who BUILT the PS4, over some random "developer" who hides in the shadows and flat out says he's not going to provide any proof of what he's saying to be the truth. If anything he said is true, why is Microsoft afraid to discuss the specs of the Xbox One?

Andreas-Sword1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

The PS4 has more games:

And, SONY will announce more PS4 games at Gamescom and TGS:

Here is the list of all officially announced PS4 games:

I think SONY will announce more PS4 exclusive games at Gamescom and TGS.
I think: Uncharted 4, God of War 4, Resistance 4, Heavenly Sword 2, Onimusha 5, Gundam 4, Samurai Warriors 4, MAG 2, Jak & Daxter 4, a new next-gen Ratchet & Clank game for the PS4, and some brand new PS4 exclusive IPs.

Benchm4rk1741d ago

@moderators and everyone.

Only on N4G can a comment get + bubbles and deemed "well said" when it is in fact blatant fanboy trolling dribble. Check out FATAL1TY comment above.

"4>1, Xbox one is shit".

How the hell can that be considered well said. If the comment was ONE > 4 and the PS4 is shit I bet that would be taken down straight away. Absolutely pathetic N4G. Get your head out of your ass and set a standard for everybody. This double standard shit is really getting old.

fr0sty1741d ago

This is like Sega trying to say the dreamcast's difference from PS2 only existed "on paper".

Kryptix1741d ago

lol How can someone say the PS4 has better specs on paper but the Xbox One's looked as good as the one's in high end PCs without looking stupid? lol That whole sentence has many levels of wrong on it. First of all, saying something positive then adding "on paper" is just another way of downplaying and in this case, if you seen Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son, the PS4 can do what Mark Cerny has been explaining this whole time. And the comparision of next gen consoles to high end PCs is just being blind. It's hard to compare something of 500 dollars to a high end PC worth 1000+ running at max settings. But of course, he's an Xbox One developer, boasting about their console and downplaying the competition is part of their job.

Xyle1741d ago

Love the Sony fanboys on here

BallsEye1740d ago


He makes perfect sense and you are an idiot. To remind you xbox360 have superior specs on paper compared to ps3 (look it up) but ps3 pull of some superior games. You just automaticly admited that ps3 is inferior to 360 in every way and it's graphics suck. Fool.

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Mounce1741d ago

Lyon, how dare you accuse the authenticity of this man trying to boast the X1!
*moneybag gets slipped under the table*

X1 is totally great and can perform better than PS4 for sure!
*received a few more bills being tucked in back pocket*

For shame! PS4 won't stand a chance!
*has a coin get smacked against the back of my head*

Mounce1741d ago

I can hear your jimmies being rustled like a diaper rustles

CRAIG6671741d ago

what planet do you live on? pathetic fanboy strikes again.

andibandit1741d ago


Arent you the same guy that claimed X1 will have the same failure rate as 360RROD.....
*Watches Mounce loose all credibillity*

Mounce1740d ago


I said I predict. Not claimed. That X1 will have heat's structurally obvious if you look at what Microsoft is doing... -.-

Not claiming it as fact, I'm just saying openly what I think is going to happen. Why do you think 360 had such a high failure rate? Because they didn't care and had rushed it out without proper hardware optimization. Look at the PS4 and X1 size difference, look at how PS3 and PS4 doesn't need to have a GIANT BRICK - because Sony knows how to handle hardware with efficiency.

So - Me saying "I bet it will have heat issues and have hardware failures that are above the competition" is Logical, Rational, and reasonable. Nothing about credibility, I'm making an analysis based on the evidence I have and their lack of using X1's themselves at E3 unlike PS4 and Wii U. (I'd see this as a means of them not being fully prepared due to the risks being too high for X1 to shut down or fail in public and they didn't want to take the chance to get that publicity)


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AngelicIceDiamond1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Realistically, that's what I been saying. The PS4's specs to sound better on paper. But what I saw at MS E3 was no graphical weakness and same with PS4. Sounds like both will deliver in the next gen graphical jump.

I will say Lens OF Truth will be very interesting come next year.

Indo1741d ago

I say give it two years and we see a gap between what PS4 and XBOne can do graphically.

Ju1741d ago

You can already see it. MS is just so much better with smoke and mirrors (like, hot air, in the cloud). Forza in game looked nothing like Drive club - all those shiny images and "animations" you see are one car (!) and pretty much no environments - and looks nothing like that when it switches to actual game play. Must be blind to ignore that. character model gets all the attention, linear QT based game, as soon as it zooms away the distance is blurry or gets blocky (watch the water or the ships while he walks away) - the final cut scene is CG - and it can barely keep up with 30fps. Maybe we'll never find out, because it's still early but saying those games exceed the likes of KZ:SF or even Drive Club (less shiny but much more realistic details in cars and environments) is ridiculous. Of course a XBone dev will try to sell "his" console. He's payed by MS after all. What's with the disguise as a forum "poster". Another viral marketing attempt.

LonDonE1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

while i have my PS4 pre ordered, and wont be buying a xbox 1 due to principles, i refuse to support a company like Microsoft, people don't realise how bad M$ tried to screw the gamers, and they only reversed policies after PS4 pre orders were through the roof, and this coupled with the red ring of death, xbox has lost my support till they prove to me they are reliable, anyway regardless of this, i would be a liar if i dont admit the xbox 1 launch line up is more exciting for me, compared to the PS4 launch, i wish Sony would invest in some exclusive third party stuff, like in the PS2 days, back in the days metal gear, grand theft and many more were always thought of as Playstation games, this sentiment has gone mostly, losing battlefield dlc early release was a blow for me, M$ had cod, SONY had battlefield, but now M$ has the online shooter genre all sown up, shame, regardless i hope Sony realises that most core gamers would prefer slightly less shiny graphics for a rock solid smooth 60fps frame rate, i know i would, its one of the reasons why i started pc gaming!

They should be targeting 60fps, for all games, shiny graphics is not everything! but for next gen, i wanted 60fps more then anything, PS3 games are mostly 30fps and still look awesome, so when i buy a new PS4, which is next gen, i expect it to run games at 60fps as a standard, not 30fps and more shiny, the graphics are fine already in the current gen, its the frame rate which lets this gen down, so a new console should be running all games at 60fps, even if it means native 720p at 60fps, i would gladly take this over native 1080p at 30fps!!!

I know these are launch games, but still if some xbox games at launch will run at 60fps, then so should PS4 games! the biggest disappointment was drive club, why on earth is it not 60fps? this is what Sony want to put out at launch? the racer which is to entice gamers into buying PS4 instead of xbox1?
seriously? forza will make drive club look silly, at native 1080p and 60fps, drive club will not compare, face facts people!

For me, this will be the first gen where i don't buy all platforms at their launch, i will have to do with my wii u,gaming pc and PS4, and later may get a xbox1 if red ring don't repeat, and M$ sort their spying crap out!!

YNWA961741d ago

Just another day @n4g..... Your shit, no you are shit.....

fattyuk1741d ago

If PS4 is shit tht must mean the xbox one is a old white crusty dog shit... on a stick.

YNWA961740d ago

Fattyuk, never tried that... Whats it like?

3-4-51741d ago

Sunset overdrive looks really interesting. As does spark, but PS4 still seems more appealing.

Picnic1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Sunset Overdrive reminds me partly of Jet Set Radio Future in its environmental style which Microsoft also secured as an exclusive with the original Xbox. I do believe that the Xbox One needed it more for its line up than the PS4 did (PS4 has Knack and Infamous to cover both cute and city based games) but, still, even if it doesn't sell massively well on XboxOne I still think that it's a lovely-looking game to have and it may make a significant minority , like Rare's defection might have, or Sega fans with the original Xbox, buy an Xbox. Incrementally attracting a portion of users of other consoles.
Microsoft have always been quietly very canny at attracting 'the kids' by which I mean those youthful in spirit as well.

DigitalRaptor1741d ago

Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive.

Honestly, take this as a fanboy comment if you like, but I'd bet that 2/3 of those will see a PS4 version in the first 18 months after launch. Microsoft track record speaks for itself.

strifeblade1741d ago

yoshida just confirmed gakai can do cloud computation just like xbox one- WHAT A great genuine fact! and he works for sony- ANOTHER GREAT GENUINE FACT!

HOW ABOUT THE GAMEING MEDIA? I have heard nothing but praise for x1 exclusives from alll over- sorry to burst your bubble but x1 exclusives eclipsed sony's this e3.

1741d ago
strifeblade1741d ago

Sorry but the games were running to x1 specs, lococycle was running on pc cuz they diddnt have time to port- the other reason games ran on pc was to make sure they dont crash. But the graphic fidelity will be very close to what was shown if not better by the time x1 releases.

hakesterman1741d ago

Sad part is, all the games you saw at E3 weren't Running on XB1, they were running on $ 1800.00 gaming PC's. I'm not even sure if PS4 stuff was actually running from a PS4, they might of been using PC's as well cause that is what the Dev kits are made up of.

twinspectre1741d ago

what a retarted XD im talking about the Xbone Developer

1741d ago
Statix1741d ago

Even an Xbox One developer admits the PS4 is more powerful.

Argument = ended.

tuglu_pati1741d ago

well it is more powerful everyone know that, its by how much and how it will reflect on games.

I will buy both, while i prefer Xbox, IMO Sony will have more impressive games down the road maybe two years from now ( Naughty Dog comes in mind).

s8anicslayer1741d ago

Indeed but in reference to the story a Lamborghini Aventador might have better specs on paper than a Farrari 450 Italia but both cars are fast and desirable to all car enthusiasts which one is the Aventador doesn't matter to the people who like the Italia! These articles are pointless and ridiculous and it's what keeps the flame of the fanboys burning

nnodley1741d ago

Also it's not like he said ps4 games looked worse he just is talking about what he personally has played. So if he has not played any ps4 games then he shouldn't be saying anything until he's played some from both.

Condemnedman1741d ago

Yes but it's fine for you lot to take Sony' s dev's talk as gospel. I bet there won't be much difference between these two consoles.

1741d ago
nosferatuzodd1741d ago

indeed and all xbone games was running on windows 7 and Nvidia graphics that's 2 has powerful has the xbox card ppl seemed to have a short memory when it comes to Microsoft lol

Qrphe1741d ago

He didn't lie. He stated a fact and an opinion.

Fact: PS4 has better specs than Xbox One
Opinion: Xbox One Games are as impressive as high end PC games

hakesterman1741d ago

You Mean Fiction, Not Fact.

Dee_Cazo1741d ago

a playstation fanboy has nothing but negative things to say about anything non-Sony related.

What a terrible and true fact that has made this site into a basement-filled all male orgy.

Gekko361741d ago

@Dee_Cazo I just spat my tea all over the place reading that comment.

Very true, there are some serious homoerotic comments flying around this site. Before you know it this site will turn into craig's list with postings offering parties involving a leather sling and lube.

This is the only site where some posters exhibit psycho-sexual feelings towards consoles.

I'm getting an XBOX One and I'm going to love it. End of!

HarryMasonHerpderp1741d ago

Plenty of Xbots on here spouting garbage too.
Sick of these fanboy wars. Every article is just people trying to get one over each other and score points for their console of choice.
The console's aren't even out yet! lol

ape0071741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I can't wait to see when cloud make games like watchdogs better on xbox one, i don't care i just want see the reaction in here

fun times ahead

medman1741d ago

The funny thing is the xbox demos WERE runny off high end pc's at E3.

DonFreezer1741d ago

Shut yopur freaking mouth. "Xbox One games looked as good as ones on a high end PC" what do you have to say about that statement ps fanboys? Yeah I know in the 2006 era maybe you got 1 or 2 disagrees and everyone was pro xbox huh?

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wishingW3L1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

I stopped reading at: "An Xbox One developer has revealed....". Like if he were going to say that the PS4's more powerful even though it's $100 cheaper. lol

Smurf11742d ago

Sometime it's nice to know what the opposite camp thinks. I guess he does acknowledge that PS4 specs are more powerful.

from the beach1741d ago

It's just nice to see someone actually say what everybody is thinking - how come PS4 is much more powerful than Xbox One, but the games don't look even remotely better?

DonFreezer1741d ago

It's nice.It's when the opposite camp is much more powerful that you hide them like with first Xbox who absolutely destroyed the ps2 in power.

avengers19781742d ago

So he admits that the PS4 is more powerful, lol, but the Xbox dev was more impressed with Xbox games wow. I wonder if Cerny is more impressed by playstation /s.
What was he going to say... I wish I were working on ps4 titles GTFO