Star Wars: The Force Unleashed screenshots

A number of new screenshots from LucasArts' upcoming Star Wars game. The game was recently given a September release - 16th for the US, 17th for the AU and Asia, and 19th for Europe.

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Richdad3882d ago

Look neat to me the effect are great, but some elements look plain although overall its great.

MrBii3882d ago

Vader never had an apprentice. Countless novels confirm this.

And now suddenly here's Vaderssss apprentice!

Damn Lucas Arts is fking shameless.

Utalkin2me3882d ago

Its a video game dood chill out. Or are you going to go slit your wrists cause of it?

Diugu3882d ago

it is Vader's -Secret- apprentice.

Exhaust3882d ago

Vader's secret apprentice in this game and the news of Anikan's padawon in the coming Clone Wars movie really sealed the deal. Lucas is blatantly milking SW now. Don't get me wrong the idea of playing as Vaders apprentice is exciting and I'm buying this game day one but come on it wreaks of milking and I'm not even a hardcore SW fan.

Fallen_Angel3881d ago

Anikan wanted from the start to kill the emperor he says so in revenge of the sith and he tell luke in epmire strikes back they can kill the emperor together. Vader just needed help to over throw the emperor. So Vader would keep any apprentice he had a secret especially from the emperor. I believe that vader is "unleasing" his apprentice in planning to over throw the emperor.

I dont see how lucas is milking starwars either 6 movie in 30 years ? unless you want to come the 2 ewoks made back in the 80's. Look at star trek working on their 11th movie and 5 different star trek shows ?

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xionpunk3882d ago

Im not one for star wars games, but this looks friggin cool.

DFresh3881d ago

I'm a star wars fan too but just the idea of playing as Darth Vader's secret apprentice is still cool.
I bet you the guy would get mad at the top when I tell him off of Soul Calibur 4 Darth Vader(PS3) and Yoda (360) make an appearance and when Vader fought Mistarugi they clashed swords light saber to samurai sword and that samurai's sword didn't break.
It's a game just play it and be happy with it.