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BioShock on PS Vita Is Still Alive, BioShock: Infinite Mac OS X Port Still Coming This Summer

rrational Games and 2K Games and have been dreadfully Silent about the PS Vita BioShock project announced on stage at E3 back in 2011, leading many to believe that the project was simply silently scrapped into vaporware. Turns out that’s not the case. Also, the Mac OS X port of BioShock Infinite is still on the menu for this summer. (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS Vita)

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Blastoise  +   624d ago
I hope it's better than Infinite
AusRogo  +   624d ago
Weren't a fan of Infinite? I loved it but the e3 2011 demo I think it was looked better though..
Blastoise  +   624d ago
Nah, I had to force myself to finish it. I thought it was kinda boring.

The E3 demo did indeed look better
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AusRogo  +   624d ago
Really? I platinumed it, just had to play through it again! Ah well at least you gave it a shot
Abriael  +   624d ago
I'd very well have infinite honetstly. It was very good, but if it's a completely new one that's even better.
despair  +   624d ago
I thought it was pretty good, but it went on a bit longer than it should have, which is usually the opposite for FPS style games. The game was interesting but I thought the throngs of enemies you had to fight was a bit much as I was more interested in the story and world than trudging from place to place fighting waves of enemies and repeating with some story inbetween.

Still it was quite impressive in its design and the cohesiveness of the world and how everything came together. I look forward to playing it through on 1999 mode and hopefully its more of a challenge than hard (found it quite easy).

It still couldn't live up to the original Bioshock though, I doubt anything could.
AusRogo  +   624d ago
Honestly, there's only some bits that are tough as hell in 1999 mode, but its not that bad.. as long as you have the money, you can respawn as much as you want till you're out. And if you're not going for the 'no sale' trophy, it'll be alot easier.
Gamesgbkiller  +   624d ago
This is going to end up like another Last Guardian .
Summons75  +   624d ago
shhhh we don't speak such emotional scaring words

*sniffle, Oh Last Guardian, Sniffle*

Actually i honestly forgot about Bioshock vita. =/
sherimae2413  +   624d ago
surprise me at gamescom, sony ^_^

pls redeem the vita from that lackluster E3 sony conference for VITA, heck anime expo 2013 is much more better
xxPillsxx  +   624d ago
Well, with all those titles coming up, unless Sony wants to fail itself, it has to take some times for Vita at Gamescom to show all these games and reveal details, so more games = more hopes for Gamescom! I want suprises at Gamescom as well, Bioshock, Gta, Resident Evil and more!
I'm salivating...
r21  +   624d ago
You know what, if they cant make a Bioshock original title on ps vita, I'd honestly trade Bioshock for a Borderlands 2 port. That game would be a great way to show that FPS games can work on a handheld IMO.
sherimae2413  +   624d ago
randy pitchford wants it too ^_^

you will rarely see the devs are the one who is pushing the game to be developed on a platform
r21  +   624d ago
Yeah, read bout that. If the devs want and the gamers want it, Sony should really just do it. Come on, Sony! BL2 on vita will be amazing if done right.
jjb1981  +   624d ago
I hope it's a different story instead of a port since I already beat infinite and I'm waiting for new dlc
cell989  +   624d ago
I would so buy it for Vita
Salooh  +   624d ago
This is one of the games i would buy day one in vita. Make it happen..
CaptainYesterday  +   624d ago
Hopefully this happens I wouldn't mind a BioShock on Vita curious what the story and setting would be. I remember Ken Levine saying that it wouldn't be set in Columbia or Rapture so where would it be in space or underground?
dcj0524  +   624d ago
You went in the sea and air. Now introducing SPACE.
CaptCalvin  +   623d ago
Sooo... how's it alive if it hasn't even been conceived yet?
souljah45  +   623d ago
Two months later...Bioshock!! special turn based card shooter by indie dev
colinf438  +   622d ago
i think that this is a very important project, it could show how good the ps vita really is and would possibly spur future title development. This needs to come out!

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