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Diablo 3 will not be a launch title for PS4 & XB1

Blizzard just confirmed that Diablo 3 will not be a launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, releasing in 2014 instead. (Blizzard, Diablo III, PS4, Xbox One)

wantedboys  +   818d ago
ArchangelMike  +   818d ago
You obviously didn't read the article. It tells you why, and I agree with them. That's the way it should be done.

But if you haven't read the article then you still don't know what I'm going on about.

Abriael  +   818d ago
because Blizzard said so?

"it'll be ready when it's ready" :D
ifritAlkhemyst  +   818d ago
Freaking Blizzard. They've become about as lazy as 3D Realms was.
jeffgoldwin  +   818d ago
Nah blizzard makes top notch games. 3d realms is irrelevant.
Brucis  +   818d ago
Diablo III was 'top notch'?
Perjoss  +   818d ago
"Nah blizzard used to make top notch games."

I fixed your comment for you.
3-4-5  +   818d ago
So if they release a rushed buggy game that doesn't work that makes them not lazy ?

Where is your logic man ?
thekhurg  +   818d ago
Delaying this game only lessens interest in it. Launch is the perfect time too much awesome coming out in 2014 for people to want to play an old game.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   818d ago
No problem i can wait.
sorane  +   818d ago
It's a bad game so who cares....
AllroundGamer  +   818d ago
not bad, just mediocre...
Alexious  +   818d ago
Honestly I enjoyed it for 85-90 hours or so. Sure, it doesn't have a lasting appeal, but the first time it's worth it.

I couldn't get myself into either Torchlight II or Path of Exile, though.
bjmartynhak  +   818d ago
not mediocre, just kind of cool
Hydralysk  +   818d ago
The main issue I had, apart from the DRM, was that they removed pretty much all non-gear based RPG mechanics.

You can no longer allocate attribute points, and worse the skills are given to you automatically upon reaching certain levels.

One of the best parts about D2 was agonizing over where to put that shiny new skill point. In D3 you're given every spell and just need to put it on your hotbar. It ends up making every character of your class and level the exact same except for the gear they have equipped.
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CalvinKlein  +   818d ago
I thought it was awesome for a dungeon crawler. Just because it wasnt as good as diablo 2 doesnt mean it sucked. Playing it with my friends was alot of fun.

The worst thing about it was the needing to be connected to play it and their servers went down alot when it came out.
6DEAD6END6  +   818d ago
That's really disappointing, I was really looking forward to this being a launch title and it being a day one buy for me. Guess it'll have to wait, I might be a good thing since I'll be playing Killzone: Shadow Fall, Drive Club and Battlefield 4.
Trenta27  +   818d ago
I'm just going to go back to playing Torchlight 2 then.
nick309  +   818d ago
Might get the ps3 version then.
zippycup  +   818d ago
nice for me i wont be getting a ps4 on launch so i can play it on ps3
overrated44  +   818d ago
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Festano  +   818d ago
A good title, I recommend it for anyone who has not played.
gamertk421  +   818d ago
So is this confirmation of an XB1 version? So far, it was only announced on PS3, PS4 and 360.

n4gusername  +   818d ago
This will hurt sales.
pennywhyz  +   818d ago

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