Mark Cerny: PS4 Contains a Dedicated Audio Processing Chip

Mark Cerny has revealed that the PS4 has a dedicated audio chip for processing different streams.

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Need4Game1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Sounds Good.

Crazyglues1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

I see what you did right there... very clever.. LoL

(double meaning - yes this sounds good, and yes the PS4's sound is good) ..LoL

||.........___||............ ||

Smurf11653d ago

The PS3 also had fantastic audio processing capability. Adding a dedicated unit will make the PS4 even better.

1653d ago
generic-user-name1653d ago

Thank you for the detailed breakdown of his joke.

fr0sty1652d ago

So that means PS4's CPU doesn't have to be used to process it's OS, video, or audio. It has dedicated chips for each. This gives it a processing advantage over XB1, which has to use it's CPU to handle kinect and it's OS.

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MizTv1653d ago

Can't wait to play some bf4 with my 7.1 Surround sound

Tru_Blu1653d ago

Just don't be one of those guys that use a camera mic with that setup. Nothing worse then hearing someone elses game and not mine.

bviperz1653d ago

It's like:

"Dude, turn your sh!t down!"
(Dude, turn your sh!t down!)-feedback
(Dude, turn your sh!t down!)-feedback
(Dude, turn your sh!t down!)-feedback

Bluepowerzz1653d ago

lol your funny man i like your movies i loved khmmorpg part one.

Conzul1653d ago

Great. Maybe we can finally listen to .flac music files

3-4-51653d ago

I hope we get a Korg-DS type of Game/app then that lets me make music on the PS4.

That could be huge with the replay button + instant upload to youtube.

Seriously could spark an indie game music movement.

Hopefully somebody else at Sony sees the future potential like I can.

Tsar4ever011653d ago

Now this is what I like & respect in a "system architect" a person who looks to the future, A FORWARD THINKER.

JunioRS1011653d ago

What CAN'T it do Cerny? Just give us the shorter list

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GunsAndTheBeast1653d ago

It gets better and better every time.

fsfsxii1653d ago

Oooh, no, thats more PR talk /s
Seriously, this is getting better

thelaughingwiseman1653d ago

Better fix that paying to play online, cross game chat, and ability to change online ID's

JohnWayne_1653d ago

Well they have already confirmed cross game chat, so maybe you should do a little more research before talking out your ass.

dcj05241653d ago

Well you can do cross game chat on VITA/PS4 and you change your online ID now on PS3.

Genuine-User1653d ago

You can make a new account but you can't change the name of your existing ID.

Bluepowerzz1653d ago

ok im on psn right now tell me how to change my id.

Genuine-User1653d ago

I would gladly support Sony to make my online experience more smooth, plus you get added value with PS +.

Cross game chat already exists on PS Vita, it will also translate over to the PS4.

I would like to change my PSN ID as well.

BlaqMagiq241653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Online is not going to be free on PS4 anytime soon. Besides PS Plus value is way better than Xbox Live anyway. Either get with PS Plus or GTFO.

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