USA Weekly Chart, Ending 6th Jul 2013


1: 3DS - 52,688 (-11%)
2: X360 - 38,778 (-3%)
3: PS3 - 26,663 (-3%)
4: Wii - 9,727 (+6%)
5: WiiU - 9,219 (+6%)
6: DS - 8,494 (-4%)
7: PSV - 5,631 (-5%)
8: PSP - 1,643 (-9%)


1: (PS3) The Last of Us - 81,740
2: (3DS) Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 55,958
3: (X360) Minecraft - 32,870
4: (X360) Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 17,511
5: (PS3) MLB 13: The Show - 13,397
6: (3DS) Project X Zone - 12,909
7: (X360) Far Cry 3 - 12,590
8: (3DS) Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - 12,552
9: (Wii) Just Dance 4 - 12,179
10: (X360) Kinect Adventures! - 11,835

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xxPillsxx1710d ago

*Hardware sales*
Sometimes... I don't want to believe in the truth... because I don't even know... if the truth is true or not...

MrTrololo1710d ago

Guess you want Nintendo to fail really badly huh ?

xxPillsxx1710d ago

Did I say so? I just can't believe PSP and PS Vita is just selling that bad, even if the 3DS stands 3rd place next to PSP and PS Vita it won't change the fact that PSP and PS Vita is selling very bad in USA

dcj05241710d ago

The USA is dominated by XBOX until recently. But the 3DS outsells everything everywhere so /:. Lets just hope 1. More people can see how awesome the VITA is & 2. Get rockstar to make a GTA V spinoff on VITA+ play ps2 classics.

3-4-51710d ago

Your not intelligent.

PSP has been out since 2004. Of course it's not selling well, everybody who wants one most likely already bought 1-2 of them over the LAST DECADE!.

Vita had a huge jump last week in Japan.... why ??

Because of a GAME!.

Once more good games show up on Vita, which they will, people will buy one.

I'm going to get a Vita eventually, but for the price it is, and the fact I still have a ton of PSP games to catch up on, = I'm going to wait a bit before purchasing.

clearelite1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

The Vita marketing here in the US is very light, aside from in-store demo-stations etc. that often fail to get the point across.

PS3 is pretty popular here but more-so because of their great games, reliable hardware, reputation, etc.

Once the PS4 kicks off they may include the Vita in some kind of marketing strategy and it has the potential (at least) to sell very well. They will have to hype their products in the face of their "competition's" marketing as well and that's important.


xxPillsxx1709d ago

I'm outta this thread
P.S: I meant I can't believe PS Vita sell that bad not the PSP, I forgot to edit, now peace please.

NeoTribe1709d ago

Well the psp is pretty old and rightfully should die so the vita can become more popular. I think vita will sell better when ps4 is out. I originally had no plans on ever getting one until i seen how hand and hand it seems to be going with the ps4. That being said i will probably get one soon. Id like to get one when they change the design but not sure if ill be able to wait or not.

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Trunkz Jr1710d ago

The Wii beat the Wii U in sales? What the....

paulcek1709d ago

That's actually pretty normal for a console. The PS2 frequently outsold the PS3 when the PS3 first came out. The DS was also outselling the 3DS when the 3DS first came out. Especially since the Wii U doesn't have a lot of games out yet, the Wii has been outselling it so far. After the games library expands, the Wii U will outsell the Wii. That's when the PS3 and 3DS started outselling the PS2 and DS. So new consoles get outsold easily after the first few months they come out.

The Xbox One and PS4 may do well in the first few months, but after that I think they will get outsold by Xbox360 and PS3 for a little while (as hype dies down). Plus it will probably be sold out the first few months, so it may be hard to even find somewhere to buy an Xbox One or PS4. As a result it will be outsold by it's previous generation console, but again, only for a while (depending on the games library)

PunisherRevenge1705d ago

@Trunkz... Yep and the DS beat the PS Vita crazy huh?

jcnba281710d ago

Can the 3DS dominance be stopped? I see another DS on the horizon.

Trunkz Jr1710d ago


It would be a 3DS Lite, XL screen but thinner with 2nd analog, this would be great.

Bathyj1710d ago

Boggles the mind.

Last of Us by far the most popular game, and yet Xbox still outselss PS3

darkequitus1710d ago

The Last of Us is definately my best purchase this year so far. I guess, whoever would want to buy The Last of US already has a PS3.

thecowsaysmoo1710d ago

The 360 is cheaper, simple as that.

Rockstar1710d ago


Not sure they are so reliable.

HammadTheBeast1710d ago

Well, they did wait 6 months to admit that PS3 outsold Xbox worldwide.

Elda1710d ago

The XB don't have any AAA exclusives or exclusives period this year & it's still beating PS3 in sales in the USA,talk about crazy.

tubers1709d ago

X1 USA domination foreshadowing.

NeoTribe1709d ago

I think it has to do with americans being patriotic retards honestly. My buddy is a xbot and i remember his say something along the lines of "im not buying that japanese shit". So yeah, its a form of patriotic retardation.

MrTrololo1710d ago

Bunch of little kid buy xbox 360 whereby mature gamer buy ps3

LogicStomper1710d ago

Only little kids make such assumptions with no basis of information. By the way, your name and grammar gives it away so you get 0/10.

xDHAV0K24x1710d ago

But if u gotta pay for xbl, wouldnt the ps3 be a better choice for a kid?

Tewi-Inaba1710d ago

"Bunch of little kid buy xbox 360 whereby mature gamer buy ps3"
by MrTrololo

wiki should redirect the meaning of irony to this single comment

SlapHappyJesus1710d ago

From that comment, you must own a 360 then. You sure as hell don't own a PS3 if this is the case.

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InTheLab1710d ago

Especially after the few months MS had with their PR. People just love XB here in the States and based on what my friends were playing on Live, The Last of Us isn't their cup of tea.

It makes sense really. Home team advantage and all...

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GentlemenRUs1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

So where is the EU chart? The JP chart? the UK chart?


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