Capcom staffer says release of D&D: Chronicles of Mystara on Wii U has been a nightmare

There’s something unusual going on with the Wii U version of Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara. It’s the only edition of the game that hasn’t come out yet. Chronicles of Mystara hit the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in mid-June, but it’s nowhere to be found on Wii U.

So what’s the deal here? We don’t have any specifics currently, but over at the Capcom-Unity boards, staffer Rey Jimenez said that releasing the Wii U SKU “as been a bit of a nightmare for that producer.”

Jimenez isn’t involved with Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara, so we’re unlikely to get further details about the situation from him. This whole thing is certainly pretty odd…

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exfatal1864d ago

Bad news for the Wii U wonder what the problem is? been patiently waiting for this game to play :(

On other hand some Wii U bad news cant wait to hear from the drones and trolls lol

NatureOfLogic1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Xbox and Wii fans are so defensive. And why would you want to hear from "drones and trolls?" do you like it or something. The first part comment was all that really needed to be said. Crying about trolls won't magically make them go away, in fact, your only provoking them. I'm getting a WiiU and this game that I've never heard of till now is not the reason.

exfatal1864d ago

sarcasm my friend sarcasm... funny u say xbox and wii fans.. so the sony fans are the saints of the gaming community here i'm guessing? Oh how i wish us defensive fans were like sony fans who take criticism sooo well.

In case that flew over your head as well im being sarcastic. All in good fun i don't take people too seriously here on N4G and i suggest u loosen up as well :p

Phil321864d ago

"All fanboys are so defensive."

Fixed that for you.

ape0071864d ago

lol wut, sony fanboys are the most insecure group of people on planet earth.FACT

Blankolf1864d ago

There is no need to pretend or be sarcastic, he saíd Xbox and WiiU because latelly there has been less better news on their side, but jump back a few years and everybody was bashing sony.

ALLWRONG1864d ago

There is only one fanbase that does things like this

Wake me when you see a Nintendo, PC, or Xbox fan do that ^^^

n4f1864d ago

sony fanboy?
oh you mean the one that said :
sales dont matter, you pay for what you get so a 700 video game console is better than a cheaper console, cell is the future, we will never pay for multiplayer online, etc, etc...
yeah, THOSE one.

PopRocks3591864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

All fanboys are defensive. Sony fanboys are not somehow 'immune' to this.

For nearly every time I've stated objective viewpoints on the Vita, a platform which I've complimented and defended a variety of times now, I get chewed out by insecure fanboys who think I'm blindly hating the system.

So don't go making this about an "Xbox/Wii" issue. This is relevant to any and all fanboys, the brand is irrelevant.

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admiralvic1864d ago

I'm not really sure it's a problem per se. On one hand it could be a problem developing for the system its self (the company seems to have zero experience with Nintendo) and on the other hand, it could be one of those "we choose to make it a problem" problem. By that I mean they're trying to do something with the second screen (like an item select, which would be amazing!) or they're trying to come up with something to do in general (we had some articles a while back where developers said they had no clue what to do with it), so in turn the port gets delayed. in either case, a port of a 10+ year old arcade game isn't really something to be sad about.

exfatal1864d ago

Hmm i haven't thought about it like that, maybe it is them just trying to add a few new exclusive touches here and there with the game-pad (get it touches.. gamepad is touch screen!? huh haa?.. nvm) I just hope it comes out soon since i haven't got the chance to play it back in the day. and looking for some co-op fun to tide me over till PIKUMIN!!

Mounce1864d ago

So - if people rally to accept and take the bad news on the Wii U, you have the full right to brandish them as Drones and Trolls just because they don't asskiss Your preferred console of choice?

exfatal - Grow up. People can laugh at Nintendo or sob at Nintendo for their reasons, doesn't mean if their reason doesn't suit your taste that it makes it any less authentic.

Nintendo falling on their ass makes me laugh because I think it's going to be a much needed lesson and we can only HOPE that they improve afterwards at as much efficiency as Sony had. When a company gets too large, too arrogant, too self-entitled of their skills - They lose touch in what their prime was, what their true colors were. All Nintendo has been doing is milking their god damn IP's which at that, there aren't many of them in comparison to the competition. They thought they were in their own little world of success since the DS and Wii printed money.

Arrogance always comes back to bite you, especially for companies. See how much Sony had improved from their arrogance from PS2's success? They fell on their ass with PS3 in 2006 and NOW look at them! Considered back in their prime and gamers are god damn happy. Nintendo lost their prime after the Gamecube and only an ignorant fanboy who's too deluded and blinded by Nintendo would say otherwise.

I vote for a Lesson to be learned and Nintendo to fall on their ass - and hope they learn from their mistakes and fix up their fucking act.

exfatal1864d ago

You must be a sonydrone... sense you like putting words in my mouth and assume things without reading fully into it. Congrats berrdurrh.. I never once said that people shouldn't complain about things Nintendo does, hell they do some dumb things. but there is a clear difference between criticism and going on Nintendo article that has bad news just to bash it some more and promote your preferred system.

And its funny u tell me to grow up but here you are throwing a little tantrum a spoiled 10 year old would throw when he just learnt swear words and what an exclamation mark means. Good on you bro..

Also sarrcassssmmmmmmm learn to understand it Me No Care bout drons and trolls, cause i know there are a few in here who are mature enough to have a legit response regardless if its a complaint or not, and i'll be glad to read, take in and respond in like.

PopRocks3591864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

"I vote for a Lesson to be learned and Nintendo to fall on their ass - and hope they learn from their mistakes and fix up their ******* act."

Okay. Just as soon as the Sony fanboys who get antsy about anything critical said about the Vita isn't blind hatred. Like I said, not exclusive to Nintendo fans or Microsoft fans.

EDIT: Also, you may want to refrain from using swear words. You'll lose your bubbles that way.

Mounce1863d ago

@exfatal - Aren't you an embarrassing piece of work and opinionated fanboyism.

@NPopRocks359 No need to clump all 'Sony' fans in some discriminative, stereotypical manner.

PopRocks3591856d ago

I didn't.

"...the Sony fanboys who get antsy about anything critical said about the Vita..."

I wasn't saying all Sony fanboys, I specifically stated it was the ones who get pissy about any criticism the Vita receives.

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b_one1864d ago

That port or whatever it is, is a nightmare...

RFornillos41864d ago

coming from a guy who isn't "...involved in Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara"...

so Capcom is having some issues with releasing an old arcade port/remake to the Wii U... while indie devs that released on the Wii U have mostly praised the process.

last i read about this, they have already submitted this to Nintendo, and so the only real issue is in the process of approval because of some hitch here and there.

Brucis1864d ago

Played the PC version and that was a nightmare to play. Good game, but holy shit the controls. If you have a gamepad I strongly urge you to use that instead. I don't know how it is on the consoles, but I'd imagine it'd be easier than the keyboard controls. Again, good game but the controls definitely could have used some work.

Xof1864d ago

Gamepads have been the norm for every non-FPS no-RTS PC game for more than a decade now.

Concertoine1864d ago

Very strange, as the wii u is reportedly easy to develop for.

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