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Submitted by Lavalamp 870d ago | news

Microsoft Might Bring Back Cut Xbox One Features That People Liked

When Microsoft announced it was removing certain restrictions from its next-generation Xbox, including internet connection requirements and region-locked software, the response was largely enthusiastic. But the company's Xbox One policy reversals resulted in some features — like the intriguing Family Sharing plan and playing without a game disc in the drive — being cut.

Fortunately, Microsoft corporate vice president Marc Whitten says some of those features, like Family Sharing, could ultimately return to Xbox One. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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GameCents  +   870d ago
Do it. I still don't see why family sharing cannot be done for digital games.
It would also be nice to be able to sell/trade digital games with other xbox live users. Microsoft could charge a fee for every transaction but it is better than not being able to sell a game you're unlikely to every play again.
Blank  +   869d ago
You know I dont like this but its not all about me. So I was thinking what if you can choose? As a service? But whatever im going to keep tabs on this wishing for the best.
xHeavYx  +   869d ago
Find Angry Joe's interview with Major Nelson. He kept saying that you can" check" the game that someone else buys. " family sharing" is just a fancy name for "demo". Do you really think a developer/ publisher would allow one game to be shared by ten people?
Blank  +   869d ago

Im aware of that but the thing is it never officially rolled out cant judge it but dont get it twisted im not for it. But if people really want this, put it as an option the select few that want it can do the sharing/demoing whatever thing among themselves. Idk I for myself would rather this not happen at all and just leave thigs be as it is the DLC became norm leave used games alone.
georgeenoob  +   869d ago
Sony fanboys are gonna go to church tomorrow.
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creatchee  +   869d ago

"Do you really think a developer/ publisher would allow one game to be shared by ten people?"

Now that you mention it, that is precisely what happens with games now. We lend them to our friends. When that's done we trade them in and sell them. Then the new person does the same thing we did and the process repeats. All from the sale of one new copy.

Controlling that situation and limiting it to ten people would make developers and publishers happy. We get to share games without lending a physical copy, they get to sell a digital copy that doesn't have the same costs as a boxed copy AND isn't infintely transferable. It works for all parties involved.

And if you don't like that, you can still buy the disc version and do it the traditional way.
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fr0sty  +   869d ago
So, you lend every one of your games to 10 people? There is no way that you do, so enabling 10 to play full versions of all of your games will not fly with the publishers.

Even with the one friend at a time being able to play it, I still don't see it flying when 10 people can have access to that one game. Sony already lets you install your games on another PS3 if you sign into your account to download it on a friend's PS3, and will even let them play it on their account after install, but they make you deactivate it from one ps3 before you can install it on another. that used to be 5 ps3's, but publishers made them scale it back.

It's likely to be like what was rumored in those pastebin dumps, a demo of the game that requires you to buy it after an hour. Much akin to Sony's full game trials with PS+.
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SpaZaA  +   869d ago
creatchee has absolutely no idea of just how badly a buy 1 share to 9 people system would work in a digital ecosystem.
Anybody with the audacity to compare sharing digitally to physically and actually saying publishers would RATHER digital sharing in a system where they would loose up to 9 sales per title is just...well.. fucking stupid.

Seriously, anybody who thinks the family sharing plan was even remotely like what MS alluded to, with the ability to share full titles with 9 friends, without restriction, well those people should not breed, there is enough fucktards around as it is.
Grown Folks Talk  +   869d ago
Yep, family share makes no sense. Sharing with 10 people? No way. What DOES make sense is making a restrictive DEMO sharing plan where people have to sit & hope 1 of 10 other people aren't playing a DEMO when you want to play a DEMO instead of using the marketplace that already has DEMOS you can play WHENEVER you want.
DigitalRaptor  +   869d ago
Because this is Microsoft we're talking about. They know that they could have provided the family sharing for digital games. So why did they remove it?

My theory is that since they wanted console wide-DRM, their leveraging point (something to appease those complaining) was the family share. But it was never going to be more than a "demo mode". It just wasn't - if you think about the repercussions that would have on publishers and how Sony tried this with 5 consoles, and publishers complained, so now it's only 2 devices.

Microsoft definitely weren't expecting such a backlash, so now that they've had to remove all the DRM on physical and always-online connectivity - a key part of their plan - why would they let people have access to 9 free game licenses per purchase? They could easily make it only applicable to digital purchases. They won't because now there is literally nothing they consider appease-worthy.
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DeFFeR  +   869d ago
"it was never going to be more than a "demo mode". It just wasn't"

Except when Whitten said explicitly that it wasn't a demo mode, and not to 'believe every rumor you read on the internet'. It was basically PS3s game share, improved.
SpaZaA  +   869d ago
"Except when Whitten said explicitly that it wasn't a demo mode, and not to 'believe every rumor you read on the internet'. It was basically PS3s game share, improved."

Yes the same PS3 game share which publishers pressured Sony to change from 5 systems to 2.

Yes, just like that, publishers looked at how many people used or rather, abused the sharing ability on PS3, and after pushing Sony to reduce the number of active consoles, turned around and said, you know what, with Microsofts next console, lets allow it on 10 systems!

Not only that, all you have to do is add your friends to your "family share" plan, you don't even have to put all of your account details on each console!

What a brilliant idea.

That way for every game sold digitally, people can set up groups online (which actually had begun upon first reveal of the family share plan) and they can share to 9 other people, they could all share the costs within the group and pay 1/10th of the price for every game!

that would be such a great idea!!!!!!!!!

I shouldn't have to go to such lengths to explain just how stupid it is that people believed this shit. But alas, some people really are this thick.
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Grown Folks Talk  +   869d ago
They posted the details on their Xbox Wire site on June 6th. Week before E3, 2 weeks before the policy changes. People just lack reading comprehension. Family share is exactly like current sharing only w/o being tied to your local area. If everybody could play at the same time, it would be an issue. They can't. It's no different than loaning a disc. Whoever has the disc can play, the others can't.
n4rc  +   869d ago
That's exactly what is was.. People are taking comments as fact again..

You had a list of 10 people.. They could share your games.. If I had halo on there, any one of those 10 can play it all they want.. Provided I'm not playing it..

That's exactly how lending a physical disk works now.. So why is it so impossible?
SpaZaA  +   869d ago
From the original interview:
"And I understand people see things like Family Sharing and they’re like, ‘Wow, I was really looking forward to that,’ which is more of an engineering reality time frame type-thing.”

What in the actual fuck does that even mean?

"engineering reality time frame type-thing."

More PR fucking nonsense from Microsoft.
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Insomnia_84  +   869d ago
+1 well said.
HammadTheBeast  +   869d ago
The meticulous time-proxy ambuxtroxations of the command scripts pertaining to the reductions in hallucinogens means.... you get this packaged with DRM or gtfo.


I really hope the people who believe that you'd get 10 copies of a game to just digitally share with anyone were joking or trolling.
n4rc  +   869d ago
Or you could learn to read Hammad.. Would save you from looking like such a moron all the time..
wishingW3L  +   870d ago
the only reason people want the "Family Sharing" it's because they'll be able to buy 1 game and 9 will play it for free... Or at least that's what they think. XD
GameCents  +   869d ago
Wow Captain Obvious, so brave of you to reveal your true identity like this.
fsfsxii  +   869d ago
Some people are actually that retarded. If you seriously think that MS or any publisher will allow their games to be givin away for 9 people minus the original buyer, then you need some reality check.
DeFFeR  +   869d ago
Except that it happens with physical discs all the time...

It wasn't as simple as 10 people borrowing it - there were limits to how many could be borrowing it consecutively - only one friend could borrow it at a time in addition to the original owner.

People just heard 'always online' and freaked their shit and drew worst case scenarios. MS shot themselves in the foot by sending mixed signals and Mattrick telling people to buy a 360.

There was good to some of the features, but they were overshadowed by the concerns and the snowball effect of people online who pull shit out of their ass and claim it as fact.
MasterCornholio  +   869d ago
I don't see why people are so hyped for full game demos when we already have them on the PS4 with plus.

Do people honestly believe that publishers are willing to lose nine tenths of their sales because of an unrestricted family plan?

Motorola RAZR i
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MysticStrummer  +   869d ago
It's a little different, since PS+ dictates which games get the demo, and the One's method would give you demos of games that other people bought.

But you're right, some people thought used games were a problem for publishers yet they'd allow full games to be shared with multiple people. It made no sense.
n4rc  +   870d ago
I'm really hoping they just scraped those features as a quick fix..

That they will find a better way to give consumers both options.. I was all for the original
HammadTheBeast  +   869d ago
There's a petition going around if you'd like to sign it.
nugnugs  +   869d ago
Yeah, go check out the comments, its rather amusing.
Godmars290  +   869d ago
You'd expect them to have been able to never remove them in the first place. They much have been that tied into the DRM.

As is, still they should be more than able to phase them back in within a year of release.

And still its going to look like they're playing catch up to Sony allowing to put a digital library on any PS4.
GameCents  +   869d ago
Pretty sure you can still play digital games on every Xbox One as long as you log in your profile.
Heck, you can do that on xbox 360!
GameCents  +   869d ago
What's there to disagree with folks?
"As we previously announced, consumers will be able to sign on to any Xbox One console and have access to all their digital games," a Microsoft representative said. "Once the required data--a fraction of the entire game--is on their hard drive, they can jump into the action while the rest of the game finishes downloading in the background. And of course, on Xbox 360, consumers today can download their digital games on any console after signing in to their Xbox Live account." . . .
For those thinking this was pre-180: "So, for example, while you are logged in at your friend’s house, you can play your games," Microsoft said at the time. Microsoft has confirmed with GameSpot that following the company's major policy reversal last month, this feature is UNCHANGED.

As you can see, Microsoft aren't the ones playing catch up with this feature. I personally didn't see why everybody was celebrating like it's a huge win for SONY when I've had this feature on 360 albeit without the play as you download option for years.
People like shutupandtakemymoney should shut up and inform their ignorant selves. It isn't game sharing, it's simply game accessing on any console and guess what, you HAVE TO BE LOGGED ON, ps4, xbox one or x360
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HammadTheBeast  +   869d ago
You're right.
lol xboxers mad at ur comment..
"PS4 digital library accessible on any system"

sign the drm petition to get back shared library!!

20k in 3 days! Lets go!!
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Death  +   869d ago
You can't put a digital library on any PS4. In order to keep games from being illegally duplicated Sony will limit the active consoles like they do now. Sharing accounts isn't the same as shared games. It's bypassing Sony's almost non existent "security" to keep this from happening. The idea was to make it so people with multiple systems in the same house could access their games from either console.

The proposed system by Microsoft had gamers ripping their entire library to the HDD and having access to them whereever they went by accessing their accounts remotely and redownloading the game. There was no limit to this, but the games wouldn't be playable from the remote console unless it was one of the 10 once the original purchaser signed off or signed on from a different console. The 24 hour check in was for consoles that went offline and couldn't have the remotely installed games deactivated in real time when the original user signed back in. Unless both consoles remained connected to the server, the shared game had a time limit that was not finalized. In order to play online, each user in the family share plan needed a copy of the game.

The scary DRM was the tool used to keep gamers honest by either deactivating games that were no longer connected or traded in. If you were the original purcheser and traded in your game, nothing would prevent you from playing the ripped game since the disc didn't need to be in the drive. The 24 hour check in verified your library was in sync with the trades that were processed at retail.
DigitalRaptor  +   869d ago
"The idea was to make it so people with multiple systems in the same house could access their games from either console."

I don't know about you but I don't know anyone with 10 family members in their houses. This was always going to be abused by extending it to your friends living hundreds if not thousands of miles apart.
Death  +   869d ago
I was referring to Sony's 2 console limit.

Microsoft's proposed plan was for up to 10 "family" members that came from your friends list. They had access to your library like a friend or family members does to your physical copy but with the benefit of digital delivery. If either console went offline it was a timed "demo" more than a shared game. Save data could be used if you bought the game after sharing and the online component would have moved additonal units if you wanted to play with your friends. Used copies paid publishers on resales also which was a first. With the restrictions/limitations the potential to get games out and played could help developers sell games more than anything.

edit: ok xbox fans u win $600
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GameCents  +   869d ago
Edit, lol never mind, 2 bubble syndrome has kicked in. Feels the need to troll because he's down to so few bubbles.
#5.1 (Edited 869d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Shadonic  +   869d ago
chill dude 2 bubble life is hard :(
PigPen  +   869d ago
Microsoft needs to just make up their mind.
uncharted56  +   869d ago
Ok this I like. I think MS has officially realized what they were doing wrong and turning that around listening to consumers who will actually spend their money on their product. No DRM, always-online, posibilty of bring back cut features. ALL CHECK. Now if they can get rid of that spycam I may be able to play Dead Rising 3 next year.
dcj0524  +   869d ago
I can gameshare with my ps3. They just download off account and boom. They have game. No. What are you.DON'T CALL SONY DONT TELL THEM AH *banned for 30 days*.
Einhert  +   869d ago
Meh will never buy one

Wait "Might"

So they expect gamers to complain and claw and scrape for something that never should have been removed?

Why is a multinational Gigantic company behaving like a 4 year old child?
#9 (Edited 869d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
NeoRatt  +   869d ago
Really, what does that have to do with this thread? I thought this was about xbox features not whether some random gamer (if that's what you are) wants to buy xbox one...
Einhert  +   869d ago
It is called opinion friend, See living in a democracy we are allowed to express one and since you only decided to focus on one part of the post I don't see why you are been given the time of day.

And it pertains to my purchase because features like these sounded good and could have swayed me, so in actuality it has everything to do with this comments section.
WeAreLegion  +   869d ago
I feel like you responded to the wrong comment.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   869d ago
we dont live in a democracy, your democracy is a fairytale, and why are you behaving like a 4 year old?
NeoRatt  +   869d ago
Please bring back buy on disc, get the digital copy as well!
SpaZaA  +   869d ago
That never existed, friend.
NeoRatt  +   868d ago
When you bought an X1 game it gave you both a cloud version and the physical version. As far as I am concerned that gave me a digital copy.

I don't care what the license says.
pyramidshead  +   869d ago
What if there's another petition to take them all over again, are Micro gonna keep going back and forth or?..
No_Limit  +   869d ago
Great to hear. I think the family share thing can work as long as gamers purchase their games digitally. But of course people will b!tch about the mandatory spot check again. Some people will complain and can't be satisfied no matter what.
#12 (Edited 869d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
SpaZaA  +   869d ago
" I think the family share thing can work"
Explain how it would work.
From what the vague PR statements said, how do you think it was actually going to work?
MasterofMagnetism  +   869d ago
He can't because he doesn't know how it's going to work exactly. Only MS knows exactly how it was going to work but they refuse to share the details. I could be wrong but I HIGHLY doubt it was at good as some people thought.
#12.1.1 (Edited 869d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report
jeeves86  +   869d ago
Microsoft exec1: so...Kinect camera on all the time?
Exec2: Wait, I thought people didn't like that?
Exec1: oh no, just look at all the pictures people post of themselves online! They totally like cameras being on them all the time. And convenience too. I'm almost like 99% positive I heard someone out there saying that they love it when commercials are tailored to their needs.
Grimhammer00  +   869d ago
I'm just waiting to read in the news how the NSA subsidized Kinect 2.0. Lol

I'm not even kidding. I wouldn't put it past the US to give R&D credit via tax breaks to MS with the agenda fully discussed behind closed doors to create a NSA spybox.

How's that for conspiracy suckas! Lol

Anyhow, it takes a special type of individual to believe the family plan was ever going to give 9 licenses per purchase game.

Honestly - if MS really want to win the gaming market.....simply mandate all games be F2P. Every one. Make Xbox LIVE handle all the work while pubs get most the gravy.

Of course Sony could've just followed suit and we'd be right back to where we are now. Soooo...
Funnymonkey013  +   869d ago
Lets face it they had no reason to remove it in the first place they only did cause scumbags MS were to butthurt with people's rages and then tried to make people feel like its ours fault they removed it. People I'm sry to say this but expect MS to screw u over the years I'm. Betting 100% they might bring the DRM and everything else back without letting people now and then ur stuck with console that u paid all games to play and can't lend it anymore trust me X1 Is the worst console and ideas I ever seen and it shows how stupid companies can be like MS. Just get PS4 it's a gaming console at heart and better in every way X1 is shit in every way.
Kayant  +   869d ago
The thing is the Family sharing can still easily work now as long as there was a opt-in option for people who wanted it. All people need to do is buy the game digitally which they can day one and maybe they could either have it that you have to be connected to play the at any time or even use the 24hr online checks. Not of it had to go they could have made it all optional and used it as an incentive to bring people into their digital world but for whatever reason it was taken away.

The only thing that wouldn't work maybe would be the discless game starting because they wouldn't be able to check every 24hr for ownership but again I think they could have made it optional.
#16 (Edited 869d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Captain Tuttle  +   869d ago
Make it optional, everyone wins.
airgangstarr  +   869d ago
i think it will be a good way to push the digital side of things that they want in the first place ..

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