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Submitted by Lionheart377 941d ago | news

Microsoft: Xbox One Has Best Online Gaming Story Ever

Microsoft knows how special Xbox Live is. When the Xbox One launches, Whitten is sure it’ll have the best online infrastructure out there. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

NewMonday  +   941d ago
then why don't all 3rd party developers use it?
games like Destiny, BF4 and the Division will use their own servers.

MS think they can force dependency on 3rd parties and then use that to call the shots, but publishers are wise to that.
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Dobgamers  +   941d ago
Because they already have dedicated servers, but games like cod ghosts or Minecraft etc... will use Microsoft's servers.
Sitdown  +   941d ago
Man, according to N4G...everything Microsoft does has an evil story line or plot behind it.
Mr_Nuts  +   941d ago

Maybe because they have done so many times in the past that you kind of become skeptical when they state something new.

People learn from past experiences you know.
georgeenoob  +   941d ago
Welcome to N4G.

@Mr Nuts
No, actually it's because this site is infested with fanboys that feel threatened by competition so they feel the need to oppress it any way they can. The hate for MS on this site is without a doubt extremely unjust.
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n4rc  +   941d ago
Name one...

Evil plots you construct in your head don't count..

Its become very apparent as the fanboys let it out... They are pissed off that Xbox fanboys gave them shit 7 years ago so now its payback..

It has nothing to do with facts or truth..
HammadTheBeast  +   941d ago
@Sit down

If it's your first time on the site, note that georgenoob and nr4c are two of the biggest hypocrites on the site. Most of their comments attack "fan boys" when they pull off the exact same ***t.
NewMonday  +   941d ago
MS lost our trust and they have to earn it back by actions not PR

they lost it it when they tried to spin the DRM policy, again they try to spin dedicated servers as an infinity powerful "cloud", they lost the trust with the TV TV TV sports TV talk, they lost the trust with "prism"

you have to excuse us for not putting up with BS call us fanboys if you like.
aiBreeze  +   941d ago
"MS lost our trust and they have to earn it back by actions not PR"

Sums it up perfectly for me. My faith in them went after the kinect unveiling. My trust in them went after the Xbone controversy.

Put up or shut up.. can talk a good talk but walk a good walk. In five years time if they are still as committed to gamers as they were at E3 this year, my trust in them will be somewhat restored.
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EXVirtual  +   941d ago
@georgeenoob, I honestly thonk all the 'hate' going towardds MS is well deserved. As for fanboys feeling threatened by MS as competiton, what are they threatened by? A company that has to damage control on reddit and use high end PCs at E3? Face it. M$ were so butthurt that they had to raid the Nintendo Best Buy E3 thing. I also think a lot of xbox fanboys have migrated here, especially since MS took out the DRM.
Docknoss  +   941d ago
Mr. Nuts maybe Your Flocking nuts, don't be so schitzophrenic and maybe one day you Will have the social skills to plsy online gaming with a mic. Make a few friends and realize the government isn't watching you after all.
FITgamer  +   941d ago
@Dobgamers i doubt COD Ghosts will use M$ dedicated servers, they probably just continue using crappy P2P.
Bluepowerzz  +   941d ago
i really dispise the new swarm of nutrals and xbox fanboys who support a company who is trying to ruin my hobby exuse me for supporting a company who is doing the consumer good rather than one who isnt go to hell .
The_Con-Sept  +   940d ago
It just occurred to me that Microsoft is the new gamespy! The whole watcher kinect charade aside Microsoft is just trying to squeeze a bit more money out of the developer.

Again let developers make a better decision. Then watch Microsoft charge you for using a different server.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   941d ago
Most third partie companies will use it because they dont have the money to build their own cloud infrastructure. The Division may have their own cloud servers but Watch Dogs will be using it.
Eddie20101  +   941d ago
What makes Xbox live the best online gaming story?

Cross game chat. That most people don't even use.

Why it's not.

Charging to use services that you pay for by putting them behind Xbox live pay wall (Netflix, HuLu, HBOGo, and many more)

Having lots advertising on a service you are already paying for.

Havng the same problems that all other online services have, lag, being offline, cheaters.
badboy776  +   941d ago

you took the words out my mouth.

I bought a 360 last year just for black ops 2. Come to find its the exact same as PSN. I played it a few times sold it after 2months. I'm glad I bought everything used on craigslist.
nukeitall  +   941d ago
Let me see:

* first console to require broadband connection and essentially made online gaming mainstream on consoles
* brought gamercard, achievements and socialness to consoles
* still the only console to offer cross game chat and party chat! After all these years too!
* first to bring Netfix and it's slew of apps to consoles
* first interactive video viewing on console
* as far as I know, MS is the only one hotpatching their servers during maintenance i.e they don't take off servers and shut down access needed

I could keep going, but yeah, Xbox Live is still the king and the competition is just at best starting to get "some" feature parity.

Now, I could only imagine what would have happened if the original Xbox had an outcry about requiring broadband. Would we still be gaming dial up on Xbox 360?
thedon8982z  +   941d ago
Another trick from M$ try some way to make the industry become dependent on them(so they can become a necessity rather than a competitor) and get easy money..just like what they did with Windows!!F@ck M$,next they will be telling gamer's they invented TEAM-DEATHMATCH!!!
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TheXgamerLive  +   940d ago
Dude! Why are you and many otber sony fanboys on here whiney little bitches? Grow a pair put on some big boy pants and stop all the crying and constant lies. Report away. Someone has to say it.

Gaming is a fun beautiful world that we all get to immerse ourselves. Shut it and enjoy.
wishingW3L  +   941d ago
look at that tittle: "Xbox One Has Best Online Gaming Story Ever"

They are murdering the English language.
aiBreeze  +   941d ago
If only the Queen's English was the only thing they were trying to murder.
gamertk421  +   941d ago
"They are murdering the English language."

-The guy who has "tittle" in his post
Rowdius_Maximus  +   941d ago
Come on you know tittle. He tittle, she tittle, he me we tittle. Tittlology, the study of tittle. It's first grade gamertk421.
Matthew 5:18
: "For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled"
gamertk421  +   941d ago
abzdine  +   941d ago
if you say so Microsoft.. they are very good at words! and even if X1 had the worst online gaming story ever they'd still say opposite.
They for sure won't get the gamers with these cheap words. Fanboys? probably!
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Dobgamers  +   941d ago

No, you're wrong, because when I go to any other forums like Gamespot, Neogaf etc... when they see any microsoft statement they don't "become skeptical", It's only here on N4G like he said.

Oh, before you reply and say that I am an xbox fanboy, no i'm not, i own them both xbox and playstation.
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NewMonday  +   941d ago
I visit Neogaf and other gaming sites regularly, the sentiment is the same everywhere.
n4rc  +   941d ago
They don't even understand the term fanboy..

Anyone that doesn't hate Microsoft is a fanboy according to them..

Real fanboys are these idiots.. The ones that don't get excited about their product, only bashing competition..

They ignore facts and spread misinformation when they know it isn't true..

But biggest of all.. A fanboy talks shit about a console they have never owned and knows nothing about other then what the read in the comments section.. Because god knows they don't actually read the articles or maybe they'd get their facts straight
InTheLab  +   941d ago
And you are the first in line to call out these alleged fanboys when you are one of the worst.

How do you know these people don't own an Xbox console?

And it seems like you jump on anyone with a negative opinion of Xbox and immediately call them a fanboy as if your comment history isn't available for all to see.

Criticism =/= hatred
slazer101  +   941d ago
Children should be seen not heard.
BillytheBarbarian  +   941d ago
Xbla sucks for indie devs. MS is the devil.
Belking  +   941d ago
Bad news for N4g.
WeAreLegion  +   941d ago
Again with this crap?
ylwzx3  +   941d ago
you really could almost make the xbox one into a drama tv series..
Eddie20101  +   941d ago
Like Dark Shadows or Beverly Hill Billie's
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iMixMasTer872   940d ago | Spam
True_Samurai  +   941d ago
Sm00thNinja  +   941d ago
As much as everyone would love to state otherwise. He's probably right about this one if Microsoft has been great at anything it's the Xbox LIVE service. The evolution of LIVE from Xbox to Xbox 360 was a tremendous leap. Of course this is N4G so to avoid disagrees I just say something negative about Xbox..... Sigh. 500 bux is too expensive no matter how great they think their services are. Mark Cerny is a god too
n4rc  +   941d ago
Hahaha.. Well played..
iceman06  +   941d ago
I would agree that Xbox to Xbox 360 Live service was a major leap for the service. They have a pretty seamless integration with Live that is great. This coming from someone that has never owned an Xbox. It's only fair to mention that Sony has also made major strides in it's online service. They couldn't do the integration because it wasn't built into the platform like Xbox. However, the bare bones experience isn't as filled with "laggy servers" and "random disconnects" as people think. It should be interesting to see what surprises that BOTH services have to offer for the next gen with Sony getting revenue to fund it and MS improving an already great service.
Agent_hitman  +   941d ago
You're smart dude.. bubbles for you.
LostDjinn  +   941d ago
"Microsoft: Xbox One Has Best Online Gaming Story Ever" - Xbox One chief product officer Marc Whitten.

Well I'll be damned! Who'd have thought an MS employee (you know, someone whose job depends on Xbone sales) would say such a thing? Now that's what I call objective.

On another note, what's up with the all the MS victims lately? They've trolled (and indeed continue to troll) and yet play for sympathy when they can't refute an argument. It really isn't a good look but hey, if it's all ya's all ya got. Good luck with that.
RM-TatoTiburon  +   941d ago
well xbox live is now the best online plataform on consoles right now, i expect this trend to continue next gen but we have to see how sony will catch up with the PS4 (no more slow donwloads, slow instalations, weekly updates that doen's do anything and probably brick your console like 4.45, more stable service, FREE OF HACKS!!) new features like cross chat and the free games, now that they're going to charge us for PSN i hope to see a better service.
WeAreLegion  +   941d ago
If you think Sony or Microsoft can build something free of hacks, you are in for a big surprise. Every online security firm in the world has been hacked. Live has been hacked. PSN has been hacked. Even Steam has been hacked.
RM-TatoTiburon  +   941d ago
user accounts gets hacked everyday on xbox live, steam, psn, etc but i was refering to a massive hack like PSN suffered two years ago, when more that 70millions accounts details were stolen and the service was down for almost a full month...that never happened on xbox live
WeAreLegion  +   941d ago
Yes, but it could. The hacker(s) targeted the PSN because Sony dropped Other OS support.
tdogg  +   941d ago
I prefer ps4 offline. Xbox will always remain the #1 online gaming only thing comes close is pc to online gaming
B1uBurneR  +   941d ago
You guys b!tch to much .. let the system launch see the features and what the system has to offer then start b!tching
Hicken  +   941d ago
We can see the features and what the system has to offer now.
CPTN MITCHELL  +   941d ago
I like how everything is always good when is out of a ms employed ass oopps mouth
Funnymonkey013  +   941d ago
With 360 yes but next gen not so much and PS plus pretty much kills lives in every way. fact is ur pretty much paying 4 online gaming that's it but with ps plus u get what u pay 4 free games savings on games dlcs avatars and much more. None of those I get with live sure u get dumb free games but guess what they r a joke compared to planet side 2 and warfame wich easly r better then most full 60 dollars games on X1. And not only that u still able 2 get planet side 2 and warfame free without ps plus and with X1 u need gold to able to get the lame free games laughable really.
B1uBurneR  +   941d ago
Good free games doesn't equal good network. but I understand the desperation to make it look as though it is
WeAreLegion  +   941d ago
No, but a good network equals a good network. PSN is a great network. As for the "missing features", the Vita already does cross-game chat and Skype, so that actually puts the Vita's online infrastructure on-par with the Xbox 360's/Xbox One's. Just saying.
Funnymonkey013  +   941d ago
That's where u r wrong heck planet side 2 has better sever then most 360 games and its free don't believe me then try playing it on pc and c 4 ur self and if u don't have the specs then wait 4 the ps4 and if u can't get it still then read online about it or watch the game plays on YouTube. And ur missing my point in what I was trying to say about if live is really the best to be then psn wich it isn't really. can xbox morons try to understand what they r reading. Fact is live is not any better then psn anymore especially compared to PS plus 4 it offers. Like I said yes 360 did had a better online with game severs and party chat but not so anymore with next gen.
gamertk421  +   940d ago
Lamborghini > Altima with free car washes.
Xboxonefan27  +   941d ago
A company that has to damage control on reddit and use high end PCs at E3? They didn't use high end PCs at e3. They used this.
No_Limit  +   941d ago
LOL, I knew Jonathan Blow was the one that spread that BS. This is the same guy that said some third party games will run 60fps on PS4 and only 30fps on XB1. Good find, bud.

Software, it has always been about software. There is a reason why the Gameboy and DS pawwned the Game GEar, PSP, and Vita. Hardware don't mean jack if there are no good games on it.
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iMixMasTer872   940d ago | Spam
Sayai jin  +   941d ago
Even though online gaming was not new XBL put the heat on the competition to step it up on online gaming. During the Game Cube, PS2, and Xbox gen Ninty and Sony said that online gaming was a gimmick...was not popular..etc Since then Sony has put together a nice online system...ala PSN. Nintendo on the other hand has still not figured a successful online gaming formula. This is why competition is good.

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