Valve's new project announced, it's called Pipeline

Valve have announced their brand new project. It's not Half Life 3.

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nick3091355d ago

I wonder if half life 3 will come, if ever... Please be on next gen consoles ..... Not left 4 dead or counter strike. We want HL3.

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sdozzo1355d ago

I'm with you. Everyone will buy it, why not make it. Forget what the artist wants to do. Feed the masses!

Angels37851354d ago

There was 2 of the same letter that occured 3 times in the word "Pipeline"......HL3 Confirmed!!!!!!!

fr0sty1354d ago

Just a recruiting tool ran by teenagers. Their game developers are still doing their thing. Don't worry.

extermin8or1354d ago

L4D3 is fine by me aswell :p

Jyndal1354d ago

Idk....L4D3 would be pretty damn epic.

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Grap1355d ago

why? it's good for the industry. really cool project for teenager.

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Mr_Nuts1355d ago

They are really p****** me off. Just as DoTA2 comes to a close and will soon enter it's full release...they start another bloody project.

I mean what the f***

Valve have so many things going on, I'd honestly be surprized at this point if theres anyone working on HL3. We probably could of had it last year or maybe the start of this year if they had worked on it more.

Blachek1355d ago

As much as I would love to be playing HL3, I know that I want the best game possible. I hope they take their time and dont rush a product.

Mr_Nuts1355d ago

I think they've had plenty of time man

All they are doing is increasing peoples expectations until it gets to a point where they can't possible meet them.

Veni Vidi Vici1355d ago

There's a difference between taking your time to get it right and pulling a Duke Nukem Forever.

DeadlyFire1355d ago

Woah dude slow down. Do you even know what Valve time means? Valve works on something until its done with minimal people involved in the actual development of their titles. Which is why they take so long.

N4GDgAPc1354d ago

If u actually watch the video valve isn't working on this. its a group of kids. Valve just fund it. I don't think valve would hire kids to make HL3.

thehitman1355d ago

To be honest when it comes to sequels especially after the 2nd you want normally devs to take as much time as possible being more creative. Sometimes you cant force creativeness and its not always the right time to make a sequel of a certain franchise.

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