Street Fighter 5 - Who we want in the roster (and who we don't)

GamesRadar - Call us crazy, but ever since the success of Street Fighter 4 with casual and hardcore fighting fans, we're 100% certain that Yoshinori Ono and co. are already at work on another Street Fighter game. And what's a fighting game without fighters? Character selection is one of the most significant decisions you can make in a fighter, determining everything from your playstyle and special moves to your taunts and win poses. Your fighter of choice is an extension of your personality, and following the same one throughout the series is a very real possibility.

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pompombrum1285d ago

You're crazy.. seriously, at the transitional stage of the console generation, Capcom won't risk a fighting game. We won't see SF5 for at least another three years hence why they are doing a 2013 balancing update.

MWH1285d ago

true and if not longer and 3 years.

sandra12mann1285d ago ShowReplies(1)
CRAIG6671285d ago

I cant wait for SSFTAE5.

Dunpeal1285d ago

i'm still waiting for SF vs KI vs MK vs DOA vs Tekken vs Bloody Roar in K-1 format for ULTIMATE GLORY

MrTrololo1285d ago

Or better yet a 3D Mugen ( not the fan-made one )

MrTrololo1285d ago

All of the character in street fighter universe of course. Alex & karin is a must added for street fighter 5

worldwidegaming1285d ago

You can't escape! Thats all i want.

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The story is too old to be commented.