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Gavin Moore: Japan will never care about sexism, it’s a non-issue

Otixero - I had the chance to interview Gavin Moore, Creative Director of Puppeteer, a new game by Sony’s Japan Studio, at a preview event in Hamburg Germany. My preview will be published in the next issue of the German print magazines ConsolAT and ConsolPLUS at a later date. We talked about all sorts of stuff regarding the incredibly charming Platformer Puppeteer. One question though clearly stood out and gave me an opportunity to take a look at the Japanese video game culture (developers and players alike), which seems impenetrable for us westerners sometimes. I slightly edited the interview (mostly “you know”s and “I mean”s and “right?”s) and my questions and statements are bold for a more comfortable reading experience. To understand things better, you should watch the game’s reveal trailer first. (Gavin Moore, PS3, Puppeteer)

sinncross  +   498d ago
omw finally.. someone who just says it as it is.

" but, I’m not going to change my creative vision over something because somebody tells me that that’s what’s important now"

man... if only all directors were like this. IT is great to hear of a director sticking to making the game him/ her and their team want to make, instead of making a game to attempt to appease others.

Cant wait for this game. Looks awesome.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   497d ago
I don't have a problem with it either. Just give me a demo so I can decide if I want to buy the game that they wanted to make.
3-4-5  +   497d ago
All the best games are usually the ones the dev's wanted to play themselves. That is when the creativity is flowing and it's natural and not forced.

I'm so excited for a fresh start this gen. If all dev's listened to everyone else we would have 50 of the same game released every year.

We see some of that, thus some dev's are making games nobody really wants except for the money guys at the top of the company.
Brucis  +   497d ago
He has a point. Who gives a fuck about the protagonist's gender? It didn't stop me from playing Bayonetta or the Tomb Raider games. It didn't stop females from playing Uncharted or Legend of Zelda games. Just play games.
fsfsxii  +   497d ago
People need to mature up and stop bitching. Especially in the case of Dragon's Crown, remember how Kraptaku moaned about the sorceress?? Yeah, fk em.
Now i'll wait for crossingeden to moan some more

Can't wait for the Puppeteer, the demo was amazing
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Dunpeal  +   497d ago
Japan is a crazy place man. Lived there for 3 years. Awesome culture! even if i don't quite understand how their porn is riddled with some crazy fetishes that would make most americans cringe and yet they blur out the money shots lol
_FantasmA_  +   497d ago
That's why don't I watch American cinema. Its weak. Its all about explosions and bullets flying by but its so watered down and as soon as a nipple comes on screen, protesters and feminists make a big deal. Foreign movies are the best!
NihonjinChick  +   497d ago
All porn is riddled with fetishes.
Dunpeal  +   497d ago
yes, of course. My point was that it just seems counterintuitive to get wildly kinky but then blur out the primary parts. There are things about american culture that make me scratch my head and I was born and raised an american.
iceman06  +   497d ago
I can agree to that. I also lived there for 3 years and thoroughly enjoyed the culture. As you said, there are some things that are pretty...umm...interesting about it. But, I have lived in and around many OTHER countries and I can say that they all have their "crazy" aspects to them. That's why I enjoyed at least exploring some of them.
NihonjinChick  +   497d ago
The reason they censor porn is because of the laws.
Dunpeal  +   496d ago
yes, i'm well aware of that. and there's also plenty of laws over here that make 0 sense. laws don't always stem from logic and reason
Erudito87  +   497d ago
America and austrailia complain about EVERYTHING thats even remotely sexual in nature. Europe seems to have a good balance but in the uk people complain and blame everything on violent video games etc. Japan yeah i agree it may be considered a little excessive but seriously the people complaining need to grow up.
AedanClarke  +   497d ago
Australia complains about EVERYTHING, period. "Use of drugs in a game? ADULTS-ONLY!" or "Oh my God, SIDE BOOB? WE CAN'T RATE THIS UNHOLY PIECE OF TRASH!"

Australia's weird, man. The US is mostly sensitive to nudity and it's like... why? I don't think kids should go out and be banging until they're truly at least old enough for at least a decent amount of them to understand the consequences of it (so, about 18), but a 13 year-old shouldn't be denied the ability to see fake, polygonal tits. It's ridiculous, especially in a country where the news describes each death with creepy amounts of detail.
Erudito87  +   497d ago
america stance on sex is weird they have porn conventions but want to deny kids sex ed etc citing religious reasons but in reality it really isnt a big deal. Hell in biblical times people married around 10 and obviously consumated those marriages to. We're biologically wired to be attracted(and all that pertains to) to the opposite sex
cyguration  +   497d ago
Seeing polygonal boobs could entice young kids to want to see MORE boobs and real boobs and then do more than just see the boobs. Get the drift?

Teens are usually highly captivated with sex because it's that time where they're changing and stuff, so it holds a much stronger interest for them. I can easily see why people would want to refrain younger audiences from being exposed to too much and reacting on that (sort of like if a teenager sees porn and then decides to re-enact that with whoever they're dating).

Violence is a bit different because unless you're a homicidal maniac, it's highly unlikely that a violent game will encourage someone to go out on a killing spree.
-Gespenst-  +   497d ago
Doesn't mean it isn't there. It seems pretty apparent to me that sexism exists in Japan. I mean, rape hentai of all descriptions is widespread there. Of course such things exist in the west, but not to the degree that they do in Japan. If anything, the fact that it's considered a non-issue is a bit worrying. That says to me that people have been made believe it's not an issue - that it's been systemically brushed under the carpet, and that denial of it has been incorporated into their society and culture.

The louder and more confidently you claim that sexism is not an issue in this day and age, the more clueless and implicated you reveal yourself to be.
Brucis  +   497d ago
Because rape porn is a non-issue. It's a fantasy. Same for married wife/husband porn, same for porn stars pretending to be schoolgirls. So long as it's obvious that it is a fantasy there's little-to-no problem. Sexism is an issue, but not how a lot of people think it is. Being punished for being raped is a problem. Forcing a male family member be with you at all times in public is a problem. Being punished if caught alone with a non-related male is a problem. Porn and video games aren't a problem seeing as they're a fantasy and there is usually no actual sexism taking place.
dark-kyon  +   497d ago
sexism in games is bullshit,in japan the people what play games are otaku gamers,the japanese developers makes games for diverse target demographic not how here where every game is made to mass appeal.
Heisenburger  +   497d ago
That's exactly it. It's the fact that people seriously have a fantasy of sexually assaulting a woman. And then people say "Oh you want to rape somebody? Here have this." That is disgusting to say the least.

How are people here advocating that? I find that truly disturbing.

Seeing people try to justify having that around makes me sick to my stomach.

I'm not saying they shouldn't be allowed to speak, I just can't comprehend how casual some people can be about sexual assault.

It just makes me sad that people don't seem to have empathy, or any kind of restraint or concern.
-Gespenst-  +   497d ago
Finally some sense.

I know such things aren't "real" per se, but they still contribute to a culture of rape acceptance, at least to the degree of fantasy, and that's not okay.

Such things certainly don't nip the rape problem in the bud, they only redirect it, and in some cases, contribute to it. What's annoying is that such things just show blatant disregard for trying to banish rape from society altogether. It's so cynical.

The worst thing about it is that it's designed as "entertainment", and so it dresses the act of rape up in a way more attractive to consumers, which through shallow representation carries the risk of supplanting the actual horrific reality of rape and its consequences for the victim, as well as certainly fostering a culture in which the reality of rape is coloured by those simulations. I don't have to say what that might lead to.

90% of how and why we act the way we do comes down to cultural and social conditioning. Whoever in Japan is behind the production of such materials aught to have that taught to them.
Brucis  +   497d ago
>That's exactly it. It's the fact that people seriously have a fantasy of sexually assaulting a woman.
Way to make non-consent fantasies into a solely male thing when it's known to also be a female fetish. Not sexist at all.

>And then people say "Oh you want to rape somebody? Here have this."
Really now? People with non-consent fetishes are just soon-to-be rapists? Really? Are women who have fantasies about being raped just waiting for someone to jump them in an alleyway? Are masochists hoping someone hits them with a car?

>That is disgusting to say the least.
I don't really like S&M, but I wouldn't call it disgusting. It's between two, or more, consenting adults. I, or you, have no right to tell them that it's wrong. They're consenting, they're of legal age, and that's all that matters.

>How are people here advocating that? I find that truly disturbing.

They are advocating that fantasy is fantasy. They are advocating that people are capable of telling the difference between fiction and reality.

>Seeing people try to justify having that around makes me sick to my stomach.
Seeing people calmly dismiss a fetish between consenting adults as wrong makes me sick.

>I'm not saying they shouldn't be allowed to speak, I just can't comprehend how casual some people can be about sexual assault.
They aren't. They are casual about fake, consensual 'rape'. Saying that may not even be correct, as they usually take great care of their partner. If a rape fetishist heard a friend of theirs was raped I'd imagine they'd be pissed, just like anyone else. I highly doubt they'd go 'Well shit, I wish I did it!' or 'Why wasn't it me, that'd be great!'

>It just makes me sad that people don't seem to have empathy, or any kind of restraint or concern.
Ask an S&M couple if they feel any empathy for their partner, if they have any restraint to know when to stop, or if they show concern for their well-being. Ask a non-consent fetishist if they have any restraint. Ask a bondage group if they feel any empathy or concern if they think someone is in pain or wants out of their bindings. They'd say 'Of course'.

You're as much of a bigot as actual sexist people are.
JOHN_DOH  +   497d ago
@ -Gespenst-

What do think of violence in video games? Do you think they are conditioning us to be murderers? I like shooting people in face in video games but in real life seeing someone shot in the face is not very fun for me. I'm not advocating rape games or what ever but they are just games.
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-Gespenst-  +   497d ago
Brucis: Nothing wrong with S&M (which is not the same as rape simulation). Some people just dig that. But wanting to simulate rape? Why would someone want that? What sort of impulse is it that makes someone want to simulate sexual assualt?

Sure people can consensually engage in such simulation, but at what point does such a simulation become a weird kind of reality? The person is still acting on impulses that characterise rape, that's the point of the simulation. It's like saying, "okay, let me pretend to rape you" before fully indulging inner impulses to rape - requesting that your partner display all the signs and body language etc. as an actual rape victim would. In what way is this different? In terms of surface appearances, it is a perfect simulation of rape, and the would-be-rapist is fully indulging such an impulse. It is essentially a highly accurate experience of raping, and someone's getting their rocks off to that? Do you not find that even remotely weird?

Japanese hentai is just plagued with such stuff. It's not S&M, it's just an actual rape scenario. How does something merely being a fantasy exempt it from any kind of morality?

Also, a "rape fetishist" can't really be what they claim they are. Rape is by definition non-consensual, and therefore necessarily not desired by the recipient. If you're enjoying the sex you're recieving from a partner at the level of a fetish, you're simply not being raped.

It's not as simple as you think it is. When you're dealing with "fantasy" and "simulation" and "illusion", reality is always very close by. The implications this has for inner-states during such activities is just as important to consider, and just as shaky.
iceman06  +   497d ago
The article doesn't address sexism EVERYWHERE in Japan. It specifically is talking about the fact that Japanese gamers aren't bothered by the protagonist being male or female. It's not an issue like it has become in Western games. I don't believe that anyone in Japan (especially women) could deny that there is sexism within the culture because it's present in most cultures (although there are the random tribal societies that are dominated by women).
ShaunCameron  +   497d ago
Maybe it's because Japan doesn't pander to PC-liberal-Marxist whiners like the West do. Or maybe it's because the women there don't have daddy/entitlement issues (a consequence of feminism) like Western women and more or less respect their men and their men respect them right back. Or maybe it's because Japanese men (in this case developers) for all the emo stereotypes have integrity and will not compromise in the name of "inclusiveness" and a few more sales.

By the way, the Johnno poster in the comments section nailed it.
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Knushwood Butt  +   497d ago
On the outside, Japan seems like a very male dominated society, but in reality, women have a lot of power.

For example, in the vast majority of households, the husband will simply hand over all of his earnings to his wife, who will then assign him some 'pocket money / spends' out of this.

She holds the keys to the safe, or the purse strings as they say in Japan.
ShaunCameron  +   497d ago
And we're seeing how that working out with a stagnant economy, birthrates well below replacement levels, and an increasing amount of men wanting nothing to do with marriage/relationships called "grass-eaters" alongside working just enough to take care of their own needs.
Knushwood Butt  +   496d ago
They are reasonably valid points, but how is it related to the topic here?
RememberThe357  +   497d ago
Bullshit interview about a non-issue. This is a complete waste of time

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