GTA:V Is Red Dead Redemption 2.0


"Throughout the past few years a single abbreviation has been plaguing gamers' minds like an intrusive fly, I am of course speaking of GTA: V - Rockstar Games' upcoming action adventure, open-world marvel. Since the game's unexpected reveal in the latter quart of 2011, gamers have insistently Rockstar for information on the game - even resorting to boycotting - throughout the cold, information-starved two-year period."

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BadboyCivic1656d ago

No, its the most ambitious GTA yet

US8F1656d ago

The problem with this article is it didn't mention what made Red Dead Redemption. Traveling the world with a horse. Can't be RDR without horses.

minimur121655d ago

its has a weapon wheel.......


Piegoose1655d ago

Exactly, if anything the next Metal Gear is Red Dead 2.0

But the whole topic is pointless anyways since they are all going to be good games most likely. And I would LOVE a Red Dead 2 anyways.

Derekvinyard131656d ago

The article states that gta V may have taken some tricks from 2010 game of the red dead redemption....Does that sound like a bad idea to anyone? Red dead was amazing !

Fil1011655d ago

Red Dead is still amazing.

JoGam1655d ago

Honestly, I agree. They are taking some things from RDR but RDR was awesome too. Now will that hurt the game from being GREAT? Doubt it.

Dan501655d ago

Loved the weapon wheel in RDR AND the shooting felt a LOT better than GTA IV.

HammadTheBeast1655d ago

It's not fair to call it RDR 2. It takes the best elements from Rockstar's best work and blends it together for awesomeness.

Max Payne shooting mechanics, RDR Open dynamic mission system, GTA IV graphics I guess improved upon, San Andreas style stats and vehicles, GTA IV style robbery missions and tons of things to do like in Bully.

badappe1655d ago

agreed with everything except the San Andreas vehicles. from what i see so far, the vehicles aspect feels more like Midnight Club.

Eyeco1655d ago

I'm kinda glad really, I was never a fan of the driving physics in GTA games, in fact I thought GTA 4 has some of the worst driving physics in recent memory, I always wished they drove like Midnight Club, i'm glad to hear this.

ape0071656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

one of the most improved/impressive sequels I've seen in my entire life if not the most impressive one

Ezz20131655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

RDR is one of the best games i have played this gen
if GTAV is any thing close to it and have a good story and good gameplay

then i will be happy and will put it on my best games list
i hope to god it's not just the hype

Wizziokid1655d ago

God I would love a RDR 2 however GTA V is going to be amazing, defiantly a step over what they have done in the past and a top game of this generation.

Fil1011655d ago

Technically Red Dead Redemption was #2

PersonMan1655d ago

No, technically the first game was called Red Dead Revolver. Then, they came out with Red Dead Redemption. So technically, there can exist a Red Dead Redemption 2.

slapedurmomsace1655d ago

How is GTA 5 anything but an unreleased game?

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The story is too old to be commented.
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