Resident Evil 2 Remake Petition Reaches 30,000 Signature Milestone

Earlier this week, an online petition calling for the creation of a remake of Resident Evil 2 reached a milestone of 30,000 signatures. The question is, how significant is it to Capcom?

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brandonw001652d ago

I wonder how much it costs to remake a game like RE2.

ape0071652d ago

OMGG, im signing

pleaaaaase remake it resi 1 gamecube style but in next gen

fardan851652d ago

Man, I'd love a remake of RE2. It's my all time favorite survival horror game.
I don't want much, just upgraded visuals, no need to increase the enemy numbers or ammo, adding extra areas, No QTE and no damned car chase+ plane ..etc, Ammo + herbs + weapon parts scattered around "no purchases", They should bring back my sweet type writer with the save room music, character control like RE6 but make the melee attack less powerful.
For once, Capcom should ignore COD fans and concentrate on RE fans.
Cod Fans have COD, if Capcom wants a piece of that pie then they should make a fps game better than COD & leave RE as a survival horror.

Matt6661651d ago

resi evil 1 on ps1 was better in my opinion

Speed-Racer1652d ago

Will 30k be enough though?

nick3091652d ago

I think 300k will be enough Lol

bohangirl841652d ago

Unfortunately, I am doubtful, but I hope that the petition continues to get attention.

ifritAlkhemyst1652d ago

Signed. Bring it and REmake to PC too. It would never be uninstalled.

DarkBlood1652d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.