Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 3 Bundle on Sale for $269.99 at GameStop USA and EB Games Canada

When Grand Theft Auto V launches worldwide on September 17th, it’s bound to sell like Shuhei teddy bears at Christmas on the software side, while also moving more than a few people to pick up a new console. - PSLS

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GribbleGrunger1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

That headset would be handy for TLOU too and of course the PS4 ... I have to resist though, there are far too many games I want this year. Damn my 'skintness' (it should be a word!)

TheUndertaker851743d ago

Pfft. Jump on the Pulse Elite. Amazing headset worth every penny.

ABizzel11743d ago

Pulse headset is great, but I have XP500's. Best Buy @gamer magazine has $30 off the Pulse headset and $20 off the other one.

I have no need for them, so if anyone wants them IM me.

Crazy_S1742d ago

Plus TLOU has its new sound preset for the Pulse headset that you can upload to the Pulse headset by using the Pulse Elite Edition Manager app on the ps3. Bioshock Infinite has one as well and GTAV is getting one.

bigtrucknd1742d ago

I had no idea about the TLOU preset will have to get app. Thanks for the info.

insertcoin1743d ago

That a bad bundle, though I suspect most people will be saving for the PS4, yes?

KwietStorm1743d ago

Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good, right? Bad like badass? Like a bad chick. You have to be precise with your words around these parts.

dc11743d ago

RUNDMC is that you?


RedHawkX1742d ago

most people dont even have a ps3 yet so this is good deal for people to get a ps3, a blueray player, and the console with the best and most current gen exclusives for nice price and it also includes gta5 and headset.

ps4's gonna be sold out for many so its good to have a back up plan

TheUndertaker851742d ago

The headset is not included. The GTA V branded Pulse Elite headset is set to be a GameStop exclusive and retails for $179.99.

Lovable1743d ago

7% Provincial Tax
5% Goods and Sales Tax

PeaSFor1742d ago

meh not that high, im in Quebec and its 14.975%
(GST=5% PST=9.975%)

RedHawkX1742d ago

imagine what the xbox one sales tax will be then. its best to save that extra 100 and get that ps4 its more powerful anyways

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