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Microsoft in position to make 'comeback' with Xbox One, says research firm

GameZone writes, "Nearly a month after Microsoft's 180 on the Xbox One's strict DRM, social media research firm Fizziology believes Microsoft's next-gen system could be in position to "make a comeback."" (Xbox One)

BadboyCivic  +   866d ago
$100 price cut
Anthotis  +   866d ago
$499 price cut i.e. give up on the DRMbone, and focus on making better computers.
dedicatedtogamers  +   865d ago
Well of course they are in a position to "make a comeback".

When your position is "way behind", that's where you make a comeback, though of course it's never guaranteed. You don't say a company is in a position to make a comeback if it's way ahead of the competition, now do you?
georgeenoob  +   865d ago

Way behind? X1 has a stronger exclusive line-up, Xbox Live Cloud with 300k servers, TV integration, and amazing Kinect tech that even reads your heartbeat. What does the PS4 have on X1 aside from price? A share button?
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shoddy  +   865d ago
When the xbone do 180, things get a little better.

now that more evidence show that kinect always on could be a spying tools for any crooks, it give more reason the ps4 is a better choice.

The argument of games and online quality are just matter of opinions.
shoddy  +   865d ago
About that "power of the cloud"
MS use the cloud power to help with "parts" of the game calculations but not all.

in the other hand Gaikai do all the calculation through the cloud thus Sony have no problem with cloud power.
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YNWA96  +   865d ago
Oh jesus both of ye give it up. Who cares.... Dedicated, game in peace on PS4, George, same on X1. Just be glad we have this medium and make the most of it. My 6 year old son is more mature than you guys judging by your back and forth behaviour....
The_Con-Sept  +   865d ago
@Georgenoob Xbox one is on life support.


Tv integration is for grandpa's who don't play video games.

And like the Wii's finger clamp... Who the f wants to have their heart rate read while playing a video game? Don't become another statistic with the Xbox one-80.
YNWA96  +   865d ago
I'm no grandda, but looking forward to having my TV hooked up and seeing what can be done... If this had any other name other than MS you would be curious too... Also, sorry to break your ego, but not everyone is like you. People do like other things... Also I am sure X1 will do quite well.
gaffyh  +   865d ago
@gman - so you're going to buy a $499 Xbone so you can watch TV? Stupid reason to buy a games console IMO.
aiBreeze  +   865d ago
"They have been setting up shop to dominate. Sony is relying on sentiment and feelings, MS is banking on being a better and stronger product."

And being a better and stronger product means having inferior hardware for gaming.. because screw logic! Sentiment and feelings.. I always knew you was a Microsoft fan but you are a full blown fanboy if you think that's what Sony are relying on.
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ginsunuva  +   865d ago
Needs more than $499 price cut. They need to be paying me to have their SpyKinect in my room.
redwin  +   865d ago
Think of this, when you loose your game or brakes or the next gen comes out, I'll be able to play my digital copy off my Xbox One. Backward comparability is a thing of the past. What's the difference between PS1 and PS4? ( everything that MS drought to the table). Sony duels in the past MS is the future. Lol... Ninjas!
The_Con-Sept  +   865d ago

PS3 has full digital copies already in the PlayStation Store. What makes you think we can't play our digital copies on another system/owned system at all? Backwards compatibility allows us to play old classics that the new generations can never out perform. When it comes to said classic's experiences they are golden.

You might think backwards compatibility isn't important until you read your own post over again. You made a contradicting statement with a double standard in your own appraisal.

Be careful next time.

And if the adbox one-80 is the future... Then I am the terminator.
DragonKnight  +   865d ago
@georgenoob: "X1 has a stronger exclusive line-up."

Subjective, not fact.

"Xbox Live Cloud with 300k servers."

TEH POWAH OF DA KLOUD!!! Lol. Do you actually think that Microsoft has 300K physical servers laying about that will make your one Xbox have the power of 3? That's hilariously naive.


"TV integration, and amazing Kinect tech that even reads your heartbeat."



"What does the PS4 have on X1 aside from price? A share button?"

Games. A company that cares about games, gamers, and game developers. More games. Did I mention games?

@edonus: "These sony supporters live in a fantasy land and dont get it. The X1 is selling out everywhere it has a large fanbase. The Ps4 and ONE are going to be on even ground no matter what sentiments there are in the world."

Wow, you're so impartial. Also, did you know that PS4 has more sold out bundles than the Xbox One has? 4 to 1 actually, in favour of the PS4. But yeah, it's even ground.

"This so called news and all of this internet crap is all pre judgement. The people havent even seen these console in action yet and when I take in all of the information available about the systems the ONE out guns the Ps4. It offers way more and is a fuller vision."

Go figure an Xbox fanboy to think the Xbox One has more to offer and "outguns" the PS4. Outguns is a great term too considering the PS4's tech advantage over the Xbox One. But yeah, they're on equal ground.

"They have been setting up shop to dominate. Sony is relying on sentiment and feelings, MS is banking on being a better and stronger product."

That's totally why developers have been singing the praise of the PS4 since February. Because they feel good and not because it's an incredible system. Yeah, totally equal ground.
n4rc  +   865d ago

How many servers does $700 million buy?

And that's an expansion of an existing data center.. So no start up expenses..

And that's on top of the infrastructure ms already has, which is massive..

And who exactly is complaining about Xbox besides Sony fanboys? Devs all seem to like it..

And hardware specs are apples and oranges.. People love to say gddr5 is faster when its not.. It is much slower but with more bandwidth..

And yeah its used in all high end machines.. In the graphics card..

Who the hell has ever used gddr5 as system memory?

Just like nobody has run real tests on either.. Its speculation and assumtions
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DragonKnight  +   865d ago
@n4rc: "How many servers does $700 million buy?"

Are you trying to say that Microsoft spent 2333.3333333333 dollars per server?

"And that's an expansion of an existing data center.. So no start up expenses.."

Again, are you trying to say that they spent $2333 per server? Because you do understand that's ridiculous. Also, logistically speaking, they'd need space for those servers which could likely be found in some business magazine or site. I love how easily people buy MS' PR.

"And that's on top of the infrastructure ms already has, which is massive.."

You had to rephrase the same point 3 times? Yeah, you got nothing. You're just hoping for someone to be as naive as you are about "teh cloud."

"And who exactly is complaining about Xbox besides Sony fanboys? Devs all seem to like it.."

Umm, everyone? Xbox sites, Nintendo sites, mainstream media, indie devs. Yeah, everyone.

"And hardware specs are apples and oranges.. People love to say gddr5 is faster when its not.. It is much slower but with more bandwidth.."

No, it's not "much" slower. It's a little slower. And bandwidth means more information, speed isn't everything. Also, GPU is better. But yeah, they're definitely on equal ground. /s

"And yeah its used in all high end machines.. In the graphics card.."

Key phrase of that comment... "high end machines."

"Who the hell has ever used gddr5 as system memory?"

Considering it's not available for commercial purchase, no one. And the PS4 is using it for unified memory and likely has a customized way of using it better than a PC can. But you're not trying to downplay superior tech at all. /s

"Just like nobody has run real tests on either.. Its speculation and assumtions."


And yay for rephrasing the same thing again. Still got nothing. But hey, at least you'll be able to use your Xbox One to watch tv if you already have a perfectly functioning cable box. Gotta love redundancy.
The_Con-Sept  +   865d ago

Yeah... The cloud apparently requires an internet connection..... Again I would rather buy something that doesn't require the help of three hundred thousand servers to play games properly. (which the use of this word servers is a misconception. It's just server cluster, not servers.)
coopman300  +   865d ago
Just face it, xb1 is a total upgrade over the 360, ps4 is just a ps3 with better graphics and a share button.
Stevino123  +   865d ago
@georgeenoob The kinetic spys on you, they haven't achieved 300k yet, the only game I would want is Titanfall, but I want Infamous and Killzone and The Order. It's almost impossible for them to have a 100 dollar price cut and removing the kinect because it's practically built into the Xbox, if they did they would only have a few months to reconfigure the hardware. Plus, Specs are better. PS4 can produce larger operations while the Xbox does very small operations, so Call of Duty , Battlefield, Forza could render games faster in 179 GB/s while Xbox is I think 107GB/s.
georgeenoob  +   866d ago
Awesome! Don't think anything will suppress the N4G fanboys though. i.e ^^^
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MELMAN26  +   865d ago
Totally agree, I know what I am getting out of the ps4, a powerful system that plays games. The xbox is a jack of all trades and is simply more INTERESTING TO ME. XB1 also has a better lineup at the moment.
tuglu_pati  +   866d ago
"$499 price cut i.e. give up on the DRMbone, and focus on making better computers."

-Fanboy comment of the month
BadboyCivic  +   866d ago
Even if it was free, some would say they don't want it.
solidworm  +   866d ago
No just the obvious truth. The XBOX division has been in real decline for 3 years in the eyes of gamers and Windows 8 is a shovel of shite. Ms are in decline both artistically and philosophically.
YNWA96  +   865d ago
I think even fanboys cringed at that too, anthotis giving fanboys a bad rep with that comment.
Gamers_United  +   866d ago
greenlantern2814  +   865d ago
Xbox1 will not sell more than ps4. This gen will play out like the last one only this time sony doesn't have an uphill battle to fight. No head start and less expensive.
So equal ground is a good thing for sony to be standing on.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   866d ago
They have a chance as the next gen haven't even started but they have masses of ground to make up
xc7x  +   866d ago
xb one the movie?
WalterWJR   866d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
Anthotis  +   866d ago
Lord Of The Red Rings
True_Samurai  +   866d ago
With the Yellow light hobbits of the land of PS3
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brbobcat  +   866d ago
It's hard to gauge where each console stands in pre-orders because we don't know the allocation numbers, but they both seem to be selling very well.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   865d ago
Ps4 is selling @ least 2:1, if not 3 or 4...

That being said, when Xbones' limited supply, Finally ran out,. M$ was like phew,.. we didn't expect it to take this long.
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Docknoss  +   865d ago
Ps4 is selling @ least 2:1, if not 3 or 4. This is when I realized you didn't know anything you were talking about
sAVAge_bEaST  +   865d ago
Amazon- all sku's and bundles..

local Game Stop's. 15one's to 28Ps4's -before opened flood gates.

Game Stop online, sell's out. -Sony -opens flood gates.. -Sells out again..

(mean while M$ finnally sell's their limited supply,. and said.. it's about damn time,.. this was supposed to happen weeks ago.)
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n4rc  +   865d ago
Holy crap.. I haven't seen so many assumptions passed off as fact in one post in awhile

Lol.. Good for you
1nsomniac  +   866d ago
"...Our survey says???"

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aiBreeze  +   866d ago
GribbleGrunger  +   866d ago
I honour your bravery, SIR *Solute*. It takes true grit to admit you watch 'Family Fortunes'. <- I'm sure there's something wrong with that sentence ...
#5.2 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
1nsomniac  +   865d ago
It's something I had to really think hard about before going through with it!

Almost thought of creating a dummy account & proxy but I will accept my fate & will forever carry it with me as my badge of shame!

GribbleGrunger  +   865d ago
It could have been worse ... It could have been Countdown.

'Da-da da-da ... daddla-da-da DUM.'
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aiBreeze  +   865d ago
^^ No countdown would have been acceptable.. you could use the excuse that you used to watch it for Carol Vorderman.
GribbleGrunger  +   865d ago
Rachael Riley is so much better:

jXales  +   866d ago
anyone that has had the upper hand and lost it is in a 'position' to make a comeback. That neither means they can or will.

But the title is pretty accurate at defining what position you'd be in if you were in need to make a comeback.
KwietStorm  +   865d ago
Lol exactly. They're not in the position to dig a hole. They've already done that.
JBSleek  +   866d ago
A comeback? The systems aren't even out yet.

That's like an announcer saying one team has a chance to comeback in the game...before it even starts.
ylwzx3  +   866d ago
Even with the changes I still don't want one.
etownone  +   866d ago
Xbox One on Day One.

Can't wait to play Ryse, and Forza. Awesome launch titles.

And looking forward to halo 5 of course
SITH  +   866d ago
And dead rising along with some serious BF4 gaming.
deadie  +   865d ago
Do You Believe The Saying "there is someone for everyone"?
Supermax  +   865d ago
There both sold out.
ginsunuva  +   865d ago
which means nothing...
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   865d ago
Bottom line is always going to be consumer TRUST. I dont believe MS have done enough to win that back yet.
mursumaki  +   865d ago
Yeah and we trust Sony even though hackers stole 77 million PlayStation Network accounts...
Hicken  +   865d ago
Interesting, cuz I still have the same account I had when I got my PSP back in 2006?

None of my funds have ever been used, unless it was by me.

Oh, look at that: NO ONE'S FUNDS WERE STOLEN.
ironwolf  +   865d ago
And don't forget them installing root kits on millions of customers computers.
thebudgetgamer  +   865d ago
Wackaflocka2013  +   865d ago
Xbox one, day one buy for me.
Funantic1  +   865d ago
It's good only 8% percent of people in the poll thought the X1 was too expensive. I wonder how many thought the PS3 was expensive at launch.
dcj0524  +   865d ago
Considering bluray players were $900 the ps3 was a cheap system. Compared to consoles however it makes it exspensive.
Funantic1  +   865d ago
That's the best you could come up with? Smh. Why bother?
Belking  +   865d ago
More bad news for N4G.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   865d ago
Of course they are thrhave the better looking games that will be played on an awesome console.
Next month will be big for MS GDC Europe followed by Gamescom then HotChips Symposium..
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JohnS1313  +   865d ago
Let me guess, this research firm was paid b Microsoft to come up with this study. Never believe anything these people report. It's all crap. They do studies to proof what they want to hear.
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killerips   865d ago | Spam
killerips   865d ago | Spam
Godchild1020  +   865d ago
I guess there is a chance. I'm in the movie theater and I'm seeing Xbox One Advertisements.
jacobie74  +   865d ago
Im just saying when both systems are out i think K I is gonna draw in a whole lotta of people to the X1 even me and i pre order the PS4

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