Over 300 Amiga Games to see Re-Release

Over 300 Amiga Games to see Re-Release by new owner Writers’ Group Film Corp.

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truegame1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Miss the days of the Amiga. Had the original A1000, A500 and then A3000. Had some great games. Hope they put some on the Vita.

You guys and gals remember shadow of the beast

darthv721775d ago

had me an A1200 with zappo cd-rom drive. Still got the drive and the 1084s monitor but more A1200.

I hope one of the games they consider for re-release is Walker. That one was cool to play. A time traveling ATST who wouldnt love that?

Aery1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Amiga is awesome !!!
A sort of crossover between a console (fixed hardware) and PC, with an awesome OS and one of the best library of game.

Animal Mutha 761774d ago

Cool I remember walker. I had similar setup but used a cd32 as the A1200 part - see below :)

Dark_Overlord1775d ago

My fave games platform of all time :)

Soooooo many great games :)

A good reference to the greatness of the Amiga

truegame1775d ago

Dark thanks for the link.

I still have one in my garage, but all my disc got damaged. So sad

Dark_Overlord1775d ago

I used to have a few, but the floppy drives failed and also due the the way floppy discs are, they demagnetised :( Luckily TOSEC are very nice in that regard ;)

Angeljuice1774d ago

I want to play Sleepwalker, Apache Gunship, Vigilante, Shadow of the beast and Nightbreed again! Oh and Cannon Fodder, War in Middle Earth, Dungeon Master, Stunt Car Racer and Fiendish Freddie's Big Top of Fun....

Jyndal1774d ago

Nightbreed was cool as hell.

KongRudi1774d ago

Would be cool to see a list of wich of the 300+ Amiga-games they've bought the rights to, so we would know if we could cross our fingers or not..

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