Battlefield 4 Classes: Recon

So as everyone probably already guesses, the most anticipated next gen console game, is going to have some big changes! I’m going to give you a quick run down of the class changes revealed by Dice so far in their E3 footage. Today we’ll start with the recon class in Battlefield 4. This class is going back to it’s roots, and improving on them!

Recon players will now have the ability to zero out their rifle for those killer long distance headshots. On top of that they’ll also have a range finder to get an exact distance on the enemy!

Now that a recon player can pick you across the map why not let him zoom in his scope so he can see your eyes when he takes the shot? Well that’s what Dice wants, so they added an adjustable scope to the game along with a 20x scope!


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xc7x1714d ago

wow,but what are they taking away? recon can only run 2 yards at a time? reloading gun takes 5 minutes? recon cant turn 180 degrees? something has to give for the new stuff,right? haha,no? poor recon class so gimped in BF3 thats hard to believe theyre getting this in BF4,must be a trick...or other classes getting double amount of additions (able to carry 10 weapons / have jetpacks?) and stuff.

pompombrum1712d ago

Good.. after Bad Company 2, DICE needed to discourage every man and his dog from picking the sniper class.

FanboyCrusher1712d ago

Vietnam, M40. Now that gun was broken. I really hope BF4 is the right balance for recon. Bad Company 2 was a little too powerful, and BF3 was very under powered.

pompombrum1712d ago

Yeah I remember BFV with the M40 in the early days. In fairness to DICE, they did patch it eventually.

XabiDaChosenOne1711d ago

Mannnn I was still a motherluvin BOIST with the Recon class in BF3!

xc7x1711d ago

@ aiBreeze
huh,only saw only a few snipers per game because even in BC2 the recon class was gimped compared to other classes

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3-4-51712d ago

I use recon in BF3 all the time. M417 with red dot or holo and place beacons to spot people. Not difficult.

xc7x1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

@ 3-4-5
who said it was difficult? i said recon was gimped and the class is unfair next the other classes.

Ryder491712d ago

"most anticipated next gen console game"

Woh, woh back up there a minute fella...

oof461712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Highly anticipated next gen console game would have been correct. Most anticipated? I don't know about that one, and I'm a Bf fan.

And the article should be shown in every Journalism 101 class as how NOT to write an article.

titletownrelo1712d ago

bf4 IS the most pre-ordered next gen title, so...yeah, its technically the "most wanted" game, statistically.

die_fiend1712d ago

Is this even an article? It's like it's written by a young child. By the 6th word it fails

oof461712d ago

Horribly written article. He repeated "zero out their rifle" in two different paragraphs. What does that even mean?

Atmas_311712d ago

Zero out the scope loosely means adjusting the scope. So the projectiles point of impact is hitting where the center of your cross hairs are. Which depends on distance your firing at. If you see a sniper in movie adjusting his sight before he takes a shot thats whats he is doing.

mkotechno1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

36 players teams, 1 commander, 30 snipers-wannabes overpowered with explosives, 4 vehicule whores, and you, trying to do something...

Detoxx1712d ago

In BF4 carbines can be used by each class now, so you can basically be an BF3 engineer with C4 instead of an RPG

mkotechno1712d ago

Yea, repairing vehicles with the motion sensor.

JunioRS1011712d ago

It's all about that assault class with the defibrillator son

mkotechno1712d ago

What if I told you the defib is severely toned down with rechanging times.

JunioRS1011712d ago

I'd tell you to change it back

Trunkz Jr1712d ago

I'd say learn to kill the guy who shot your friend first before trying to mass revive everyone ;)

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