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Sexists Angry That Julie Larson-Green Is Now Head Of Xbox Development

Larson-Green is a twenty-year veteran of Microsoft. She is also the newly appointed head of Xbox development, or more specifically, she is now the executive in charge of the Devices and Studio Engineering Group which oversees the Xbox.

Over at N4G, a sampling of comments which were noticed by Lauren Cartwright said “Now their (sic) will be apps dedicated to baking and knitting,” “A woman… lol,” and “But dem botox lips . . . clearly the best person for the job.” (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Crazay  +   781d ago
I really don't think this is a sexist thing to be perfectly honest. It's really more an unfair and immature reaction to not knowing just how she'll handle the division as a non gamer. They fear she's going to lead them astray or lose focus. WHich, it could be argued that the people who were in charge and WERE gamers had veered off course to a certain degree losing focus of what's important to gamers.

Let's give the lady a chance is what I say.
Eddie20101  +   781d ago
I think a woman is exactly what they wanted to lead the division so that the average consumer would be more excepting of the casual gaming and media box plans that Microsoft has, I think ultimately that Microsoft wants the Xbox one to be an all in one media box mainly to get more advertising dollars. Microsoft's main goal from the beginning was and is to make money from advertising. They tried with Web TV, didn't work so they moved on with a gaming console that they constantly added media options to and now are adding digital cable and satellite options to. The only reason they are showing any first party hard core games now is because that's what you have to do to get a console off the ground and get a little word of mouth going at the same time. Sure there will hardcore games from third party but I doubt it will be Microsoft's main focus after they get the Xbox One off the ground.
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Winter47th  +   780d ago
I hope the compensation & benefits of her new position will pay well for her botox lips.



With the amount of plastic in her face it's likely she'll pop from the pressure of bad PR.
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webeblazing  +   780d ago
i didnt see nothing Crazay wrote all i see is jugz

here have a bubble for your trouble ;-)
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inveni0  +   780d ago
Women generally know exactly what I want...

...it just never has to do with video games.
coolvibu93  +   780d ago
The average gamer would have no idea who would be leading the Xbox division, let alone be it a woman.
papashango  +   780d ago
lol I wasn't being sexist when I wrote about her botox.

Look at those pics. It's the damn truth lol
aiBreeze  +   781d ago | Well said
I fear that they got a lady to head the department for their image and to allow them to use her "womanly" expertise to tap into the ever elusive casual market. Tbh that view is probably quite sexist to be fair but going by the last few years, I think it's probably a fair assumption at this point.

Still, the fact that she isn't a gamer and is heading up the gaming department is concerning and that has absolutely nothing to do with her gender.
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Donnieboi  +   780d ago
@AiBreeze: u summed it up perfectly. Bubble 4 U.
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Cueil  +   780d ago
the last guy started out in the gaming industry from it's roots and you see where that got Microsoft... Windows 7 is her baby so I'll trust her until she shows otherwise
Septic  +   781d ago
The article is quoting people from N4G lol. Come on...

Sorry but the article is terribly weak and picking at straws. Way to sensationalise something whilst purporting to defend women's rights.

A comment from a N4G user saying "dem botox lips" means people are angry right?

Sorry but this is nonsense.
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dcj0524  +   781d ago
Lol exactly. Most of those comments are jokes.
DragonKnight  +   781d ago
I didn't see anyone from N4G say anything like that. And clearly when a journalist, male or female, has to list their "gamer credentials" at the beginning of the article, you know something is wrong.

I think it's incredibly insulting to think that anyone doesn't know that there are female gamers, and a person's genitals doesn't entitle them to special treatment or immediate respect. If the new lead of Xbox had been a man, people would have insulted him for some reason too.

Ridiculous sensationalist article not worth reading.

**EDIT** Here's the Atlantic Wire article. One look at the site and you can see it's clearly a sensationalist site dedicated to making a big deal out of nothing. It's just a couple of angry feminazis doing what they do best, it's site wide.


Just look at their "Most Clicked" area which shows 2 things. They're interested in whatever gives them clicks, and they over exaggerate their stories.
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YNWA96  +   781d ago
Yes, I laughed at some of those comments, funny, hilarious... But bottom line is they are still sexist... And you people wanted Mattrick gone, and you still not happy. Maybe she will simply see the market and understand the obvious, and get it right. Again though, these actions ensure the gaming industry remains immature, never taken serious and we only have ourselves to blame. Last few weeks have been a low point.
DragonKnight  +   781d ago
@Gman: Please stop. It's obvious that some are just trying to take the heat off Microsoft. How? Simple. People don't like the Xbox One. They didn't like how it was revealed, they didn't like how it's been presented, they don't like the consistently bad news that has been coming from the Xbox camp. What better way to diffuse that opinion than by calling everyone who sees that yet another executive, with no background in gaming, a sexist. Now the Xbox One would be protected by any negative opinion because the feminazis would automatically link it to "you just don't like that a woman is heading up the Xbox division."

I could just as easily write an article that took all the positive comments from around the web about her appointment and said gamers aren't sexist and are actually thrilled about this move. It'd be just as big a lie as this sensationalist garbage except not as effective because then the feminazis and manginas wouldn't have anything to complain about.

Stop trying to paint the entire gaming community/industry as immature for the comments of an incredibly small few.

**EDIT** The author also works with Lauren Wainwright from the Eurogamer controversy. If you don't remember her, here is a google search result of her controversy.


This article is nothing but a hate article.
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adorie  +   780d ago
Fanbiys of bothh sides agree that gaming isnt in her blood. Its not because shes a woman, im sure a woman with good business sense and a passion for gaming could do a better jib, but we dont even know how she is going to perform. A bit premature to call her a failure before shes begun.

as for botox, ita obviously apparent that shes had work done. She looked cute before getting work done on her face. Hey, she has great haur, though. Lol. :)
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   780d ago
The funny thing is the only people who are going to read this and maybe give the site a few clicks is actually the N4G community.
seedaripper1973  +   780d ago
@ DragonKnight...you have the audacity to bring up maturity, when you use slogans such as "feminazis and manginas" is there summat wrong with you mate? because you're coming off like a proper fucking misogynist.
DragonKnight  +   779d ago
@seedaripper1973: First of all, "summat?" Really? Summat. You try to lecture me on "slogans" that I use and yet butcher the English language by saying "summat" instead of "something?" Ok then. Secondly, spoken like a true proponent of the feminazi/mangina agenda. If you're not with us, then you're a misogynist. Gotta love the improper use of that word being thrown around everywhere just to try and attempt to silence dissenting voices as hate.

Isn't there some man hating rally you could be wasting everyone's time organizing?
RM-TatoTiburon  +   781d ago
maybe this is what the industry needs, a woman touch
Roccetarius  +   781d ago
Microsoft needs someone with actual gaming experience, and this person is not the one.

But that's probably not MS's focus anymore either way, with all the spyware and media apps coming up.
Donnieboi  +   780d ago
No, the industry needs a gamer's touch, irregardless of gender, race, or any other gimmick. And Julie Larson-Green is not a gamer.

CaptainFaisal  +   781d ago
Maybe because shes not a gamer she will start researching on what gamers want! which will be a good ting. ( You must always think of the situation positively to understand it well ) although it still is a risky move!
Narutone66  +   780d ago
That's not how it goes, a gamer is someone who is passionate about games not that you have to research it and Julie is someone who is passionate about UI.
CrossingEden  +   781d ago
Now their (sic) will be apps dedicated to baking and knitting,” “A woman… lol,”
that is the epitome of sexist -_-
ALLWRONG  +   781d ago
Funny how the PS fanboys say she's a "non gamer" so she isn't qualified. Because we all know Sony would never do anything like hire a "non gamer" in the company.

PS fanboy logic: 2 + 2 = 10
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rezzah  +   780d ago
It is logical to think that someone who doesn't play video games will not understand how to work well in the gaming industry. That their intentions would likely be for profits only and will lack the passion gamers seek in the products.

Also wouldn't PS fanboys want her to be a non-gamer? They'd actually want her to be a bad choice for the Xbox One so they could see it fall.
dragonyght  +   780d ago
Lol blame PSfanboy for anything while at it why don't you blame them for cancer too
UnHoly_One  +   781d ago
Gotta love the irony that the first comment on an article concerning sexism is by somebody who's avatar is a picture of boobs. lol
SilentNegotiator  +   780d ago
Admiring boobs isn't sexist.
MattS  +   780d ago
@SilentNegotiator - it is objectification, though, and that's an equal problem to sexism.
GEO9875  +   780d ago
Of course it is, thats bassically threating women as a sex object
s45gr32  +   781d ago
I agree with letting her what to say but were her predecessors really gamers. I am not so sure about Don Matrick and conclude being gamers. Sure as hell miss J Allard to me he was actually a gamer, Peter Moore who probably became a gamer. Meaning the people that started the xbox brand were hungr to compete, willing to bring new game ideas plus created xbox live. When the 360 launched pretty much all the xbox founders were gone replaced by Don Matrick and company nobody complained about it or judge them. That's why I am confused as to why this lady is getting judged so quickly.
rezzah  +   780d ago
Apparently the last boss was a gamer.

If people are making sexists comments, regardless if they are or not one, it still is a sexist comment. Also, this begs the question that if their comments represent a certain point of view then are they not that which they state/believe in? Words give form to our thoughts, so if one makes a sexist comment then they will likely be considered to be one.

Besides the overall answer doesn't have to always be singular to one aspect, it can be a combination of many things. An example is those who think her being a non-gamer is bad, those who are sexists, to those who dislike her as a non-gamer and for being a woman.
thecurseddevil  +   780d ago
you have a problem with her because she is not a gamer?

most managers in the world dont consume what they produce.
if you really think that jack tretton turns on his ps3 after a long day's work,you are being naive.

given her past record she is the woman for this job.
3-4-5  +   780d ago
Dumb media saying people think things that we really don't.

Stop speaking for us you lazy media morons.
karl  +   780d ago
it was a women who wrote the article

and its funny how she felt attacked immediately and completely ignore the fact that the new head of the xbox division is not a gamer...

and started to explain how girl gamers exist...
iMixMasTer872   780d ago | Spam
Mounce  +   780d ago
It's a Sensationalist News crock of bullshit. It's her non-gaming background, period.

Story quality: WTF?
Like this website: No

Megaton  +   780d ago
It rarely actually is a sexist thing. It's usually just the permanently offended and perpetual victims of the feminist camp that interpret everything as a shot against their gender. In this case, and in most cases, the blogger in question has taken a sample of jokes as a tirade from the putrid heart of a sexist mob of misogynists roaming N4G.com, or something similarly dramatic and frightening.

She's not a gamer. Sucks that she's running a game company. End of this.
FanboyCrusher  +   780d ago
It was a sexist thing in a lot of places. Go look at at the YouTube videos. Tons of misogynistic comments, and it was outright pathetic. We should give this lady a chance. Who knows, a woman's touch might be exactly what works to get things right.
1nsomniac  +   780d ago
You answered it pretty much in your first sentence. If she's not a gamer she shouldn't be in that job role just like that rambling deluded Mattrick!
jimsas  +   780d ago
Immature ...really ?
Coming from the man with a pair of massive tits as his signature image
bigfish  +   780d ago
Hahahaha now they've got a woman in charge of Xbox ,, lol things keep getting better for Xbox One lol
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LordMe  +   781d ago
It's not sexist, I don't care if this was a guy taking over, if he hadd the same work history I would be against it still.

She is not a gamer, and she will likely lead the system even more astray, thaat said I have no choice but to hope she does good. Which I wish her luck.
RGDubz  +   781d ago
Non-gamer and Xbox go hand in hand. LOL

Kincet, TV, Smartglass, more TV, Kincet 2.0, even more TV.. Useless apps!!!!!.. Did I mention it may also possibly play games.. And lets not forget the most important thing about the next Xbox gaming console, you can watch TV connected to the Xbox and it looks WAY better with the power of cloud!!!

Not like it could get worse.. Or could it?
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GameCents  +   781d ago
Didn't watch E3 did you? More exclusives shown at Xbox than anywhere else. Exclusive GAMES that is.
Eddie20101  +   781d ago
Not really, some were timed and some will be on PC and some you won't see until the end of next year. People were bitching about them not showing any games at the reveal event so they shot there wad and showed everything coming for the next year or so. Only four of those exclusive games announced were launch tittles.
#3.1.1 (Edited 781d ago ) | Agree(23) | Disagree(6) | Report
andibandit  +   781d ago

"showed everything coming for the next year or so"

Not really, since they are going to GamesCom as well
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Septic  +   781d ago
Ignore the trolls Gamecents. They can hardly be called gamers.
Reborn  +   781d ago
Only time will tell, if she was the correct candidate for the job. Also, never thought I'd see N4G comments snipped into a post.
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wishingW3L  +   781d ago
don't approve this poorly researched article, we already had enough from the one from Yahoo.
Mr_Nuts  +   781d ago
*** I’m a woman gamer. ***

Here we go...you know that were off to a rocky start when you start with this

Why do female's make out like it's people being sexist when more people are concerned about her work history. You don't just take someone who has never been in the gaming industry and put them into the head of the entire Microsoft console division.

Look at Jack Trenton for example, he's been in this industry for 27 years, he started out at Activision and worked his way up to where he is today.
#6 (Edited 781d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Shadowstar  +   781d ago
Um. Maybe we cry sexism because these people are not questioning her past qualifications as a person working in the industry (or not, as the case may be) but specifically making sexist comments about how her appearance and sex.

You know what sucks? That women feel we have to justify ourselves at all when we speak by telling people we are gamers.

Edit: You know what sucks more? To know you are limited in your field because of what you are rather than what you can do. It'a a statement when a game company has a high placed woman, instead of just another hiring choice, and that really sucks.
#6.1 (Edited 781d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
iceman06  +   780d ago
I would passionately agree with your sentiment. All of that really does suck and smacks of sexism at it's best. However, I just don't think that this particular article does itself any justice by sampling a few pathetic comments from N4G, Reddit, and Twitter. Forums are the breeding place for trolls and we know that they all come out for certain topics...like women. That being said, it is unfair to paint her in a certain light just because she is a woman. Give her a chance. It's not like she could do any worse than Don Mattrick for the image of Xbox at this point.
Lord_Sloth  +   780d ago

#6.1.2 (Edited 780d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
Shadowstar  +   780d ago
Yeah, I don't think it's all trolls. There are too many, and there are too many agrees with the people who say this kind of stuff.


Not everyone who voted against Obama was racist, but that doesn't mean there are no people who voted against him because they are racist. I'd say the ones who posted, laughed about and forwarded that photo of his family growing watermelons on the White House lawn WERE racist. Just like I'm not saying everyone who doesn't think this lady will be a good thing for the Xbox are sexist, just the ones who think this is true because she's a woman.
s45gr32  +   781d ago
Peter Moore was not part of the gaming industry but he was part of the shoe industry I. e. rebook ; yet, no one complained about it or question if he was going to do good for gamers or not. Now this lady comes alone has not show us her vision, statement, or even direction in regards to xbox one. Sadly her history, career, and everything about her is being questioned/judged.
MrTrololo   781d ago | Immature | show | Replies(2)
shibster88  +   781d ago
At the end not being sexist she will destroy the xbox name due to her having no experience what so ever, its ridicules if you ask me, mircosoft have more money than sense, for me sonyvhas gibing a better system for me theybseemto uunderstand the gamers more than xbox, I dont want a multimedia system I have a laptop and sky with an Internet tv and soon a ps4, xbox aint building a gaming machine its a massive shame they went this route, and im a 360 game big time which is why im keeping my 360 and I will still play on it aswel as my ps4.
so I which xbox all the best my hard earnt money is going to a system which best suits me the ps4.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   781d ago
I can't believe how many people have de-evolutionzed in this world smh

Let her do her job and see how this turns out woman or not she deserves a chance.
s45gr32  +   780d ago
eThank you I agree let's not judge yet.. Meaning Peter Moore was not part of the gaming industry but he sure as hell did good for the gamers
shibster88  +   781d ago
Sorry for bad spelling the Samsung s4 had a crap keyboard^
Bathyj  +   781d ago
Get Swype
The_Truth_24_7  +   781d ago
shivvy24  +   781d ago
Ahh damnit ! Whos gonna make a sandwich for the xbox staff !
dcj0524  +   781d ago
She has a vagina. Big deal. I have a dick. Doesn't make her better or worse than a guy in that exact position. She has no experience in gaming ( as far as we see it) so lets just find out how she does. First obstacle:LAUNCH.
Smoey  +   781d ago
So by your analogy:

PS4 = Dick
Xbox = Vagina

Thus dicks fuck vaginas...

so PS4 fucks Xbox.
BattleTorn  +   781d ago
Wow - that was an impressive leap!
Bathyj  +   781d ago
Are you quoting Team America World Police?
CoLD FiRE  +   780d ago
Only problem with your analogy is that the PS4 is only attracted to male buttholes.
aLucidMind  +   780d ago
So the PS4 is banging the Wii-U?

Braid  +   781d ago
Oh come on, I'm sure that %90 of those people were just making, well, some not-so-funny jokes. You can bet your life that those guys who're making themselves out to be douchebags on some forums just for fun are slaves to the women they love in real life. Like, literally... Most of the guys around me would do anything for the ladies they care about.

That's the illusion of the internet for you. Get used to it.
MeKissGaben   781d ago | Spam
TKChillin  +   781d ago
From what I understand about her she is one of a handful of people on the short list to replace Ballmer. If she makes this work she will be handed the keys to the kingdom.
Smoey  +   781d ago
It isn't that she's a woman it's that she isn't a gamer... from what I've seen anyway.
XXXL  +   781d ago
I'd take her to a lovely dinner at the olive garden
ginsunuva  +   781d ago
I was there when that botox comment was made! I saw history in the making. I feel so hip!
spartanlemur  +   781d ago
Sexist? Nobody cares whether she's a woman or a man, but rather how well she understands and respects the gaming community.
She is ideally suited for a role in developing systems for casual and mobile users, but the mess she made with windows 8 is indicative that she is going to fail at appeasing the hardcore gamers which consoles rely on.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she is a woman and everything to do with the reality that there were likely far more suitable individuals who might have been placed in charge of Xbox.

And then there's the possibility that this promotion was entirely a result of "positive" discrimination, which is reviled by all thinking humans as simply a new form of the old bigotry.
Articles which try to silence and attack genuine criticism by calling it names like "sexist" among others are no better than those articles which are truly sexist themselves.
Rather than focus on attacking these commenters for being "sexist" this article should have actually focused on explaining EXACTLY why she was the best person for the job.

Pah, sexists being replaced by a new kind of equally biased sexist. We'll never be free from bigotry while this kind of opinion is seen as acceptable among mainstream readers.
dennett316  +   781d ago
There genuinely are sexist reactions out there....I've seen them. "What does a woman know about gaming?" etc. The article is targeting those reactions, not ALL criticism
spartanlemur  +   781d ago
Ah I see. Still, I very much doubt there are a very significant amount of those comments. Articles like this make the gaming community seem far more bigoted than we really are.
jeeves86  +   780d ago
Before she started working on Windows 7, she worked for Microsoft Office and had little to zero experience with operating systems.

She learned the audience and adapted quickly to suit their needs.

Not to mention that she probably has a bunch of people called advisors to help her with her job, people who offer different insights into the things she's doing. So anything that happens is the result of an entire team's work and decisions. She just happens to be at the top of that list.

So it shows that some people are pretty unintelligent when it comes to saying that someone whom they do not know is "unqualified" for something.
dennett316  +   781d ago
There are a few sexist types out there - I've seen their idiotic comments - but the majority are more concerned that the Xbox division has been split into hardware and software, and the fact that she was last involved with Windows 8, a product with it's fair share of negative coverage.
The fact that she's responsible for the improvements to that OS - return of the Start button and addressing other complaints - was not well known though. Thing is, MS is in a negative rut of their own making, and they're just going to have to ride it out by starting to show that they can respond to legitimate complaints and criticism.

The sexist losers can be easily ignored, but it'd be wrong to say that people shouldn't have concerns about the new corporate structure.
BattleTorn  +   781d ago
"Over at N4G, a sampling of comments"

SMH - really ?
#22 (Edited 781d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
JBSleek  +   781d ago
So people wanted a gamer to have her position? Why. She heads up the hardware side of the business.

Phil is still the head of Microsoft Studios so he handles the software.

I think this is both bad journalism to act as if she is the only head of Xbox when she just manages the actual hardware and gamers weird thing with gamers being the head of it.

How often do you think the head of these companies game lol.
-Gespenst-  +   781d ago
In some cases, i.e. those quotes, it definitely is sexism. But most people I've seen are just bemoaning the fact that she has no clue about video games and probably isn't right for the job. Then again Microsoft ARE pushing the whole TV / media hub thing so perhaps she'll work for that.
ironwolf  +   781d ago
Some one could send an email to the British and French Police, detailing and pointing out the threads she talks about and get this site banned in Europe for hate speech.

Given some of the other threads I've seen here over the years, that might well be a good thing.
B1uBurneR  +   781d ago
Its like putting a girl in charge of the boys club or vice versa,

and then there are these indecisive characteristics they all have, how well will these decisions be made? Will they be made just to go along with the boys or will they be made for her to prove her point that she's in charge. Which always ends with separation or not having everyone on the same page as far as which direction to go in.

I hope she brings her unique perpective to the development dept. that would benefit all gamers.

All I want to know is At the end of the day.. are we fragging or what!
s45gr32  +   781d ago
Okay let me see what her vision is and the plans she has for xbox one before judging her. Now Don Matrick well he turn out to be crap under his direction he abandoned the core gamer for the wii audience, say nothing while Steven Spielberg and Roger Ebert bash the gaming industry. So pretty much terrible.
CrossingEden  +   781d ago
omgeerrrrdd, she's not a hardcore gamerz like meeeeeeeee, because this isn't real life, taking a business clas about gamez is wat you ned to do wen u go to schoool, i wan peeple to tak us gamerz seriusly but god forbid a women heeds a game company, because in my head i believe that the CEO of sony and nintendo go home, prop their foot up on the couch and play gamez for several hours then go to sleep and go back to play more gamez in the morning, running a business=gamez,gamez,gamez
-sexist n4g idiots that make ALL gamers look bad because mature people a minority in the gaming community, yet we want other industries to take us seriously, well stop making fools of yourselves and maybe other huge industries WILL take us seriously
patterson  +   781d ago
People keep saying "because she's not a gamer", lame excuse. As if Don Mattrick was? He was a suit as well.

Let's face it, XBOX gamers are mostly FPS meat heads. Simple as that.
contradictory  +   780d ago
the company heads are in it for the money
to them gaming is just a business

i'm actually okay with that as long as they don't take consumers for granted
sAVAge_bEaST  +   780d ago
both look like M$ cult members,.. I would rather have a beer with Jack Trenton..
#29.2 (Edited 780d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Krosis  +   780d ago
@patterson: Your first sentence was great and true. The rest was simply moronic and childish fanboy blither. Only a "meat head" would make a generalization like that. Fanboys are meatheads and the latter part of your post supports that fact.
#29.3 (Edited 780d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
patterson  +   779d ago
@Krosis: I'm sorry if I offended you... meathead.
Krosis  +   779d ago
Ohho! Good one! I never figured you for a tough guy!
contradictory  +   780d ago
what are we still in the middle ages or something...?
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