Wii U 8GB hits £149, 32GB for £199 in UK

Following in the footsteps of many UK retailers, you can get a Wii U system for a much cheaper price right now from Amazon UK.

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STGuy10401774d ago

I knew the price drop for the Wii U was just a matter of time. This should help boost system sales and motivate developers to support the system. Good for you, Nintendo.

mrbojingles1774d ago

This isn't a price drop, it's a sale by Amazon as clearly stated.

gaffyh1774d ago

It seems to be direct competition with Asda who have dropped the price. This is insanely cheap considering PS3's are still being sold for £199.

bub161774d ago


you can get a ps4 for around £112 but it is 12gb..

STGuy10401769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

It's still a price drop, temporary or not. We might even see more sales like this one the closer we get to the PS4 and Xbox One's launch.

Besides, Nintendo will have to drop the price of the Wii U eventually to stay competitive. Who knows, we may even see a permanent price drop in 2014.

RedHawkX1774d ago

still not low enough price. as of right now im just gonna get gta5 and then a ps4 for the rest of these year. untill nintendo drops the price to a good one.

dark-hollow1774d ago

£150 is not low enough?
Its almost the price of a 3ds xl and a WiFi vita!

kreate1773d ago

£130 seems good. Around $200 usd.

kma2k1774d ago

I had been thinking for a couple years that i would buy my son a wii or wii u when he started 1st grade or so, but now im just planning on giving him my ps3 when i buy a ps4. My nephews had a wii until they got there ps3 & they both told me "what is a wii u" when i mentioned it

WalterWJR1774d ago

What is the benefit of buying the deluxe 32GB other than the extra 24GB for £50?

Prime_281774d ago

The deluxe model also comes with a sensor bar, stand for console and charging cradle as well as small promotional discount for when you buy games on the eshop.

MajorLazer1774d ago

xD at 32GB being considered deluxe

RedHawkX1774d ago

i know right lol. a 500GB is a delux. 32 GB is a pea shooter lol.

Lucreto1774d ago

I plan on getting the Wii U when Wind Waker HD. They are trying to get things moving but an official price cut would be nice.

I never had a Wii so I am gathering all the great Wii games to play on it.

Khronikos1774d ago

This system is as good as dead. Sorry but Mario Kart fans can't save this steaming pile of underpowered trash. In 2 years let alone 3 or 4 what will this system have? Nothing but Nintendo franchises that play like every other game in the franchise. Not exactly horrible but not exciting either considering how underpowered this one is. Gamecube 2 confirmed.

1nsomniac1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

I'm sure the Gamecube elitist's will scorn you for that remark, claiming it was the most powerful/innovative system at the time & didn't get the love it deserved.... Something like that anyway!

I don't agree that the WiiU is already dead though but I agree it will be in only a couple of years.

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The story is too old to be commented.