Crysis 3 Scoops Prestigious Prize at the Develop Awards

Crytek claimed a coveted prize yesterday when our futuristic FPS, Crysis 3, won the trophy for best Visual Arts at the Develop Industry Excellence Awards.

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Muffins12231780d ago (Edited 1780d ago ) got to much was huge improvement from crysis 2 in terms of game-play and they listened to fan feedback.

Eldyraen1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

I enjoyed it and no denying it looked phenomenal. Granted 2 on PC looked great as well especially after they released the texture/dx11 packs but 3 was better on practically every front. So grats to Crytek.

I hope they take their next games even further though. Not necessarily graphically so much as story and gameplay. Part of that though is the suit at times makes things too easy which actually weakens gameplay portion for me. However I love options it allows for too.

MrTrololo1779d ago

Improvement from crysis 2 but it still dumb down compare to crysis 1. Sad crysis 2 & 3 is one of the game that you play for week n after that it just a waste of money

dodo1011780d ago

it's still a lag fest online

1779d ago
GentlemenRUs1779d ago

Gameplay was still Bland... Ah well...

seanpitt231779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

All crysis 2 had was visuals the gameplay was so bland and boring same with the mp that's the reason I didn't buy crysis 3.

Muffins12231779d ago

Crysis 3 was a huge improvment.Take it from a crysis 1 player

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