Pikmin 3 Tells A Tale Of Nintendo Finally Embracing HD

"These screenshots do a good job of capturing a fraction of a second, but in motion, the game looks even better. While Nintendo is over 7 years late to HD, Pikmin 3 will put Wii U gamers on notice for what's to come. If Pikmin 3 looks this good, what will Zelda or Metroid look like?" -GameRevolution

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Wedge191595d ago

Finally. I've been dreaming of an amazing HD Zelda forever!

dbjj120881595d ago

How mad will you be if they pull another Wind Waker? I'd be so pissed if they didn't use the new HD console for super dramatic and "mature" graphics in the next Zelda.

TheEvilWithin1595d ago

Zelda creator has already stated that it was going to have a more mature tone to it. Most interesting of news though is he said he was VERY inspired by Bethesda's Skyrim. Thinking about Zelda being a lot like a Skyrim world makes me very excited. Like going into caves to find different monsters and loot and Big boss battles.

LonDonE1595d ago

@TheEvilWithin please don't tease me, i would love if they did what you said,it would be perfect, and a great way to pull some more core gamers back to nintendo, seriously please don't mate, i have so many times got my hope up with nintendo and ended up disappointed, one can only wish!!!

doctorstrange1595d ago

They could wake my wind any day

bass4g1595d ago

@TheEvilWithin I really dont want zelda to look like skyrim. I mean skyrim's great and all but aesthetically its really boring and uninteresting. I don't think zelda will ever go in that direction. Twilight princess was the closest they got and that's still quite cartoonish. It's also in general viewed as one of the most boring zeldas visually.

deafdani1595d ago

Yeah, I don't think they will pull another WInd Waker, they've played that card quite enough already: Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, and now the HD Wind Waker remake.

Nintendo likes to experiment with graphic styles on the Zelda franchise, so if they don't use "realistic" graphics and decide to pull another "cartoony" art-style for the Wii U Zelda game, I'm sure it will be different to the Wind Waker one.

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JonnyBigBoss1595d ago

The Wii U's first blockbuster title.

PygmelionHunter1595d ago

Monster Hunter Tri~ Ultimate would like to have a word with you!

ifritAlkhemyst1595d ago

The only Wii U game that makes me wish I owned a Wii U.

Brasi19891595d ago

"The only Wii U game that makes me wish I owned a Wii U" .... so far right?

ifritAlkhemyst1595d ago

Well, this and Donkey Kong. Maybe a new Zelda and Metroid. And of course, if for some insane reason it was given a new Jet Set Radio game, then I wouldn't even question what future titles await I would just buy the damn thing in a femtosecond.

knifefight1595d ago

I wonder how the generation vacation will affect the hype for this one?