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Shuhei Yoshida Confirms the PS4 PlayStation Store Will “Absolutely” Run Better

Shuhei Yoshida was very active on his Twitter account last night, calming the fears of a follower who had voiced concerns about the “really bad” PS3 PlayStation Store, saying the PS4 Store would “absolutely” be better. If it runs anything like the UI video, expect it to be lightning quick in comparison. - PSLS (PS4)

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Wedge19  +   281d ago
This is very good to hear.
Kanzes   281d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(13)
dbjj12088  +   281d ago
Is the current PSN store really terrible? I don't have a problem with it
Wedge19  +   281d ago
The lag get's annoying when you try to explore around a lot. It's not horrible if you know exactly what you want, but if you are browsing it can get on your nerves.
Timesplitter14  +   281d ago
There are horrible slowdowns very frequently when browsing menus
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   281d ago
It's atrocious.
We gamers put up with it but imagine a casual gamer trying to navigate through it and find what they want. They would just give up and do something else. Sony must be losing money because of this. I fully expect the PS4 store to be fast and easy to use.
Kanzes  +   281d ago
It's laggy and takes almost 5 minutes to into the store
Master-H  +   281d ago
Also every couple weeks it requires you to download an update , it's a very small update but still annoying every time i go to the store when i haven't checked it for couple weeks i face an update.
RonRico  +   281d ago
Man the new store is so slow compared to what it was like for the first 5 or 6 years. I really don't like it as much as I used to.
Sevir  +   281d ago
The PS3's current store Sucks, I dont like it!. i mean sure its navigable, but lets be honest, to get into the new store their's a wait of almost 1 minute sometimes you get server timeouts trying to get in, there's lag when you get in and try to add funds and check out.

The Previous store was far better and more cohesive as a shopping experience and MUCH faster.

The PS4 store commercial already looks like its the smoothest thing this side of butter!

It should be a forgone conclusion that it'll run faster and smoother than the laggy Metro styled store on PS3 now, I mean come on we are getting 16 times more memory! so i'm not sure how someone can call it PR talk when they've demonstrated it and shown off a video showcasing it.

But lets start calling everything MS says whether positive facts or negative as PR talk.
PiperMCFierceson  +   280d ago
I find the search feature very tedious and annoying , just not as fluent as I would like .
cell989  +   280d ago
it lags a lot, it use to be very slick (old version) but ever since they turned it into an "app" it sucks, it takes forever to load up, and to quit as well, before it was very fast and accessible, sometimes I cant even find what im looking for
trenso1  +   280d ago
to me the search function sucks compared to the previous store, i search for something and end up having to scroll through a list of things that are sometimes loosely related to what im looking for. Most times i just dont even try.
PSdomin8tion  +   280d ago
I don't have a problem with it either.

One thing that helps is a fast internet provider. I'm using a 50mbit service and make sure to stay away from Wireless connections. HARDWIRE always.

The wireless built in is not Wireless N which is the fastest (the 360 slim has Wireless N and it's fast), but it's wireless G.

For gaming online and having a fast, solid, downloading speed, Hardwiring directly to the modem makes the store run pretty decent. But it has needed patching. The last Store update patch seems to have fixed a few things and made it perform better.

PS4 will be a lightening fast system and network. Can't wait.
Bobby Kotex  +   280d ago
In addition to the slow speed, browsing a list of games in a category is a slow clumsy experience when half the screen it taken up with a very large title graphic.
mrmarx  +   280d ago
it's slow and sometimes it soent download games ibu i have to click the download button 3 or 4 times before it downloads a game
WildArmed  +   280d ago
It's bad enough, one of the reasons why I do my shopping through the PC PStore. Thank God Sony released that.

It's a pain in the ass navigating and buying stuff. Everything is pretty slow.
after 7 years it better! Just sayin..
Gunsmoke  +   281d ago
It wouldn't be hard to improve it. In its current state its a joke.

Sony are awful with computer software, they should have swallowed their pride and got MS to do it for them, just like sega did.
PiperMCFierceson  +   280d ago
Microsoft should have done the same and got Sony to design there hardware and manufacture it too lol.
PSdomin8tion  +   280d ago
YA? Then explain this to me?

I've got both my PS3 and 360 both hardwired to my cable modem running at 50mbit download speed.

I tested downloading a demo game of Batman Arkham City (running at 3 gb's) for both consoles. The same demo downloading. I had a stopwatch on and started the PS3 version first, (which in fact clocked in at 500mb in size larger then the 360 version for some reason)then after the download was finished I engaged the 360 to download the demo.

I did it during peak time and also after midnight my time (Mountain Time). The results even with the bigger file size on the PS3 had it beating out Xbox Live by 5 minutes. Both occasions had PSN beat out Xbox Live.

I laugh hard at uneducated people who claim the performance of Live is a better experience then PSN. Not a chance. I downloaded a 6gb game on Live the other day that took nearly an hour. A game that size on PSN is more like 25 -30 minutes for me.

Make sure you hardwire your PS3 and have a decent internet provider and you'll see the best results.
FamilyGuy  +   281d ago
I still miss the old store. No matter how many updates they've released for this current one none have been even close to as fast/responsive as the old version.

I fully expect it to run better on the PS4 but I wish they'd do more for its current PS3 version.
Crazyglues  +   281d ago
I hate to say it but we didn't know how sweet we had it, before they updated the look of the PSN store..

it use to be fast and easy to use.. after the graphical update the whole thing became a nightmare, yeah it looked better but it takes forever to do stuff now...

I really hope the PS4's store will run super smooth and fast..

||.........___||............ ||
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tiffac008  +   281d ago
Yeah after the update the store became slow. Its even worse for us with lousy internet connection.

I kind of miss the old simple one ^^
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Xof  +   281d ago
Not really. The PS3 store in its present incarnation runs so poorly that the PS4 version could be better, but STILL be inferior to the previous PS3 version.
GameCents  +   281d ago
You expect him to say any different? It's all talk until we see it in action.
solidt12  +   280d ago
the Vita's OS runs perfect so of coarse the PS4 will run perfect too.
TrendyGamers  +   281d ago
Awe. Some.

I'll probably use the web store most on PS4 thanks to more streamlined auto downloads but this is still good.
Wedge19  +   281d ago
This. I can't wait for true remote downloads. The current webstore has to wait for your auto update time to remote DL.
Chaostar  +   281d ago
That's not true, I got all the last ps+ stuff over the Web store and it downloaded on my ps3 almost immediately. Yes, your ps3 does need to be on though :) an issue that I believe PS4 will address with background downloads even when the console is in standby mode.
pyramidshead  +   281d ago
Sounds promising :)
McLovin25   281d ago | Spam
Supermax  +   281d ago
After they release the ap I will do the majority of my store browsing on my tablet.
S2Killinit  +   281d ago
I'm going to love the instant click and play thing. Does that work the same way with movies?? Because I would love to rent movies from PS3 store but then I would have to wait for it to download.
TwinDad  +   281d ago
There was an article I read today that stated the Movies will be streaming for the first time on a playstation.

It's not going to be an instant click and play for games, you have to download a portion of the game, then you can play, I however have not seem them state how much % that would need to be. I'm sure depending on the game size it could be quick.
nick309  +   281d ago
With 8 gb of ram of coruse it will better. The new ps3 store is slow due to low ram optimizations, i guess sony didnt want to invest more time in developing it better.
iPad  +   281d ago
wishingW3L  +   280d ago
PS3 has XDR which is even faster. Ram means crap when you have crap servers. That's probably their issue.
Cmk0121  +   281d ago
Go into any article where it says xbox live is better because of its stability or speed or anything and see droves of people saying the playstation store is amazing ,gives you free games and they have an avg connection and notice no issues. IRONY of it all.
MasterCornholio  +   281d ago
The store doesn't give you free games aside from a few FTP titles like Dust 514 or DC universe.

Where the so called "free games" come from is Sonys PlayStation plus subscription which is a fantastic value for what you get with it. However the store will be a lot smoother in the PS4 due to all the extra ram that it has.

P.S I never use the store on my PS3 instead I use it from my PC which is a flawless experience and much better than any other store in a console.

Motorola RAZR i
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Treian  +   281d ago
I honestly liked the old ps store better with the light blue. That seemed way less laggy.
GoldPunch-TR  +   281d ago
as it should be
jut420  +   281d ago
I wish they'd bring back the old store setup, I liked that better, it was so easy to navigate to everything...now I have to go through a bunch of tabs just to check everything new for the week, plus I hate that extra step when you buy something because it loads so slow. It's not bad now, I just think it used to be better, although the featured pages with all the artwork do look pretty cool.
PositiveEmotions  +   281d ago
I dont like the fact that if your ps+ plus runs out that u wont be able to play your ps+ games
Gamers_United  +   281d ago
That's Sony for ya I was a long time PS subscriber too and got sick of paying for rented games
Jaqen_Hghar  +   281d ago
Why would anyone stop subbing to Plus? A man doesn't see how PS+ is bad it's like losing your netflix que when you stop subbing. Why would they let you sub for a month and keep all the downloaded games. You could just go on once every few months and get all the games.
Groo  +   280d ago
Thats funny, You sound like you have no problem for paying for xbox live, and it doesn't even offer half the value of what PS+ does..

I tell you bro.. it seems like if the sheep aren't getting ripped off somehow, they aren't happy.. PS store on PS3 is a lot slower and harder to navigate then it used to be, the PS store on PS4 is going to be amazing.. Sony actually gives people their $'s worth. Every year the consoles get bigger and better. Its obvious Sony doesn't cut corners to save on cost..
#13.1.2 (Edited 280d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report
andibandit  +   280d ago

No whats funny is that you managed to drag xbl into the conversation. I just love it when people pull facts out of a hat and start rambling
nick309  +   281d ago
And people will disagree with us cuz with say the sad truth.
awesomeperson  +   280d ago
I disagree because I find it nearly impossible for Sony to offer what people want.

The current "rental" template is fine, and no one really brought it up as a huge issue until this new console-war.

If you were able to keep any game you got while on PS+, I could easily just subscribe for one month, download all the current instant game collection, and then halt my subscription.

For the price of my lunch, I could have numerous games over both PS3 and PS Vita, and soon to be PS4.

Being able to keep any game while on PS+ would be completely unviable, and will never happen, with any offering as good as PS+ is.
No publisher would accept their games to be put up in such a system.
MrBeatdown  +   280d ago


It's amazing that people don't understand this...

We got Battlefield 3 a few weeks ago. A $20 game.

A three month subscription alone is $17.99.

You can't give away a $20 game, along with 17 other games, for two dollars less than the cost of that one game. It makes no business sense whatsoever.

Nobody would ever buy the games offered at normal price, if they could just buy three month's of Plus whenever a game they want pops up.

And that leads to another issue... picking and choosing. Plus works because developers get their games into the hands of people who wouldn't normally buy their games. They make money on those subscribers, which makes up for any loss stemming from giving a game to someone who would have bought it anyway.

If you could just pick and choose by signing up when you get something you know you want, it means nobody downloads the stuff they don't want, and everyone downloads the stuff they want, at far less that what it normally cost. Plus isn't viable if the only people buying subscriptions for content, are only doing so briefly as a way to get the content they would have bought at normal price for cheaper.

Might as well ask Netflix to let you keep all your rental movies.

Anyone with a clue knows Plus has the restrictions it has so it can be better in other areas.
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thecowsaysmoo  +   281d ago
I never have too much problems with the psn store.
Supermax  +   281d ago
Last year a ps plus subscription for 50 bucks gave you 1600 dollars of free games,nuff said.
Gamers_United  +   281d ago
Nice try don't forget to mention there rented games LMAO
Jaqen_Hghar  +   281d ago
Just like Netflix and every other subscription. XBL doesn't let you play online when your sub runs out. You can't sub for a month and grab all the freebies then stop giving them money and expect to keep all the merchandise. Honestly wtf do people think Sony are idiots? 95% satisfaction speaks for itself.
ColdFeet  +   281d ago
Most people dont play games more than once so that argument is kind of irrelevant for majority of gamers.
SniperControl  +   281d ago
Good luck with your 5 year old game.
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MysticStrummer  +   281d ago
Such a tired discussion.

If you have a problem with the word "free" use the word "included" instead.

Last year, a $50 sub would have given you access to $1600 of content. That's the bottom line.

The way I remember it, renting games from Blockbuster meant I paid a membership fee, then another fee to rent a game for a finite period of time. If I kept the game longer I paid another fee on top of that, and I could only have a certain number of games rented at any given time.
Groo  +   280d ago
I'd rather pay $50 bucks a year for a ton of rented games and discounts then pay $50 bucks a year for years and getting absolutely nothing back in return. You've been drinking the MS coolaid too long and are now hooked like a crack whore, sit down please
wishingW3L  +   280d ago
why you people keep saying free games? They are not FREE you're paying for them and when you stop paying you lose it all so they are definitely not FREE!
Gamers_United  +   281d ago
I highly doubt it PSN Store always sucked when loading it up regardless the updates to it
wishingW3L  +   280d ago
they always say that they will speed it up but it only becomes worse. XD
isarai  +   281d ago
My guess is the current store is just a beta for the PS4 store, feedback will be taken and applied like Sony usually does but getting it out of the way ahead of time is kind of a smart move, but taking away our old store kinda blows. Also fully expect it to be as instantaneous as the store originally was before the major update
hkgamer  +   281d ago
Well, Sony has had plenty of time to test it out. We all know how much time Sony likes to take, but Sony better be prepared with a decent UI & store for launch.

I want to have atleast TVondemand and Lovefilm/Netflix available at launch. ITV and channel 4 app is disappointing but better than nothing.

Anyone know why we don't have PS1/PS2 support? Kinda silly why we would need to stream those games when it could easily be emulated on the PS4.
Drakesfortune  +   281d ago
I just hope the whole UI and Store are quicker....it is so annoying when you press the ps button and you have to wait ages for the symbol to load up to check trophies or messages etc...

apart from that no qualms with my ps3
hkgamer  +   281d ago
I am pretty sure that the UI and store will be alot quicker.

However, I do have doubts on Sony's server side. I mean when I open the PSN store on my PC, the images take a while to load. IF the PS4 is alot quicker than I will probably visit the store and browse items alot more frequent, it seems more of a chore right now.
evilhasitsway  +   281d ago
for the love of god it better cause the store now is so slow and sluggish so does the dash board or whatever you want to call it. if it runs smooth and has cross game chatt I wil be happy. cause really that's the only thing hurting ps3.
evilhasitsway  +   281d ago
one other thing I want to say is why oh why does the ps4 only have two usb slots wtf need more.
lildudexst  +   281d ago
well i been knew this.we got more ram and better hardware now so.it going have alot of bug in begging so i know that the first going happen on 1day launch.
strickers  +   281d ago
Heh! That was me that asked him that on Twitter this morning. Debating how shit the newer store was with friends. Decided to make a point and ask @yosp. He is great on Twitter and often replies to people while travelling. Very little bullshit in the man.
GamePeace  +   281d ago
Dear Mister Yoshi, I don't Need your dirty store. What I Need are free dlc's for your shitgames... nothing more, nothing less...
TrendyGamers  +   281d ago
What would constitute a "shitgame"?
MysticStrummer  +   281d ago
You need free content for games that you think are shit?

lol You are bizarre.
Groo  +   280d ago
your comment sounds like it was very painful for you to type, maybe you should relax and rest your brain for a while. The 3 or 4 cells you have left are working overtime
GamePeace  +   280d ago
I don't think so, dudeboy. My brain works before the typing. You should try it too. Thirst thinking, then typing. It's not difficult, if you can count till three and four... try it, then let me know...
KingKevo  +   281d ago
I am certain that Sony is very well aware of the current problems that the PS3 has and had and that they'll try to make it better with the PS4.

PS3 was developed at a time when the idea of digital stores wasn't that big, but it has become a main focus after the launch and I'm certain that one of Sony's and MS's focuses are on things like that and making apps work etc.
Groo  +   280d ago
I agree, the one thing Sony does well is adapt to change. PS3 is a perfect example, terrible launch but look at it today. Sony busted their azzez for the consumers, and still do.
Raptura  +   280d ago
Come on guys? How does he "confirm" it? He said one word in his reply to a tweet and everyone acts like it's the word of god.
HOLLYWOODLAND   280d ago | Spam
Agent_hitman  +   280d ago
Of course PSN has to improve since next gen every PS4 owner should pay to play multiplayer online for PSN+.
wishingW3L  +   280d ago
but the truth is that it will be better due to the better hardware and not because we'll pay. =/

The problem with PS3's APPs and stuff is that the GPU is locked (that's why Youtube vids look so ugly and laggy) so the OS only uses the PPE of the CPU to run and nothing more. Then we have the lack of Ram, I think only 256MB, even the browser runs out of memory if you open only like 3 tabs at the same time, and crappy servers too because even on PC the store is slow!
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Groo  +   280d ago
I agree, its a great value as is but will be even better for PS4. People will get the best Multiplayer online exerience with PS4 IMO. I'm happy with PS+ on PS3 with everything members have access to, Imagine that + all the features It will offer on PS4.

GentlemenRUs  +   280d ago
Should be ON-PAR with the ONLINE/Web store :)
wishingW3L  +   280d ago
it's funny because the new one it's worse than the old one in every single way! Our complaints about the old one was that it was slow and hard to find stuff but the new one it's even slower and harder to find stuff. 0_O
#29 (Edited 280d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
RM-TatoTiburon  +   280d ago
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