Should NSA-Microsoft Spying Alliance Worry Gamers?

OnlySP: NSA leaker, self described whistle-blower, and fugitive from justice Edward Snowden has revealed a new batch of the United States Government’s classified secrets today, this time alleging that Microsoft was in close collaboration with United States intelligence agencies in service of the formerly top-secret Prism program, The Guardian reports.

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snake_eater1746d ago

This is nonsense, Microsoft would never do that to their customers. They care about the people.

love you Ballmer

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darthv721746d ago

Think you forgot something at the end of your comment.

it looks like this: /s

zerocrossing1746d ago

Not sure if you're trolling but, no what you just said is absolute nonsense.

On more than one account Microsoft have been caught spying on people, and must I remind you we only just heard about a month ago that they were caught listening on on peoples conversations over Skype?

Tell me, just why are Microsoft be in with the NSA if not in order to collect consumers personal data to pass on for profit.

noctis_lumia1746d ago

careful MS owners...u never know when fisher might pop up into your house.....

n4rc1746d ago

Yes.. With a warrant.. They spy on suspects, not random people..

Stop with the fear mongering..

My_Outer_Heaven1746d ago

I hope that is sarcasm snake_eater lol

noctis_lumia1746d ago

microsft cares about ppl ? o_O.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!

1nsomniac1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

This has to be a sarcastic troll otherwise you're a fucking idiot!

Bill Gates is a top player of the formally secret Bilderberg group also. That decide how they are going to shape the sheep to create corporate monopolies.

All the Sheep including these corporations should be herded off & shot!!

karl1746d ago

he was just kidding obviously...


Killzoner991742d ago

What ? Are you kidding me ? You're what's wrong with the industry. Microsoft does not care about you. They just want your info and $. If you're looking for a company that cares about its fans and the industry, Sony is about the only one left.

snake_eater1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Welcome to last week...

WTF do you really think i was being serious? LMAO typical internet nerd

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Donnieboi1746d ago

you said:

"They care about the people. "

I say: LOL. Have a cookie, your blood sugar must be low; Your starting to imagine things.

Eamon1746d ago

Not just gamers but anyone who owns a Microsoft product or uses their services.

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iamnsuperman1746d ago

Answer is no. The NSA will not be able to keep up with everyones skype chat and naked gaming sessions (we all do it :P). They collect information for when you get flag. They would also have to delete a lot of that information over time as there is no way in storing that amount of information.

Just don't do anything that can be conceived as treason and your fine

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Ray1861746d ago

At least not until they finish building that giant data center in Utah.

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The story is too old to be commented.