While American Politicians Fight Against Video Games a Japanese Minister Officially Visits Them

While American (and western in general) politicians are ever so intent in that silly competition on who bashes video games harder and while making the least sense, a Japanese politician shows them what they should do instead.

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Alexious1562d ago

Western politicians know nothing at all about videogames.
I'm just waiting that they get actually replaced, BY SHEER AGE, with people who belong to the videogame generation.

Abriael1562d ago

We should be almost there actually... a matter of 5 years or so. Can't wait.

StoutBEER1562d ago

I live in the West and I can tell you western politicians know nothing about politics.

Einhert1562d ago

Ahhh Japan, bringer of anime, questionable but good RPGs and obscurity. NEVER change!