Killer Instinct Gets EVO 2013 Demonstration

On the final day of EVO 2013, Double Helix will be giving a 30 minute demonstration of the upcoming fighter Killer Instinct. The game is a Xbox One exclusive and hopefully the fighting community will be given more information about the different characters and stages that will be included in the game, how the combo system is going to work and how many different versions of the game will be made available when the game launches as a free download with the Xbox One...

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Neoninja1773d ago

Sweet! I will be watching! Can't wait to see Glacius in action and the next character shown.
My money is on Orchid!

Skate-AK1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I'm saying Spinal.

Edit: here is some Glacius gameplay

swerve1211773d ago

Combo Breaker!!! Time aint going fast enuff