Grand Theft Auto V: Five Things We Can't Wait To Do In Multiplayer

As the latest trailer leaked a little more information about the gameplay, here are some things Callum is looking forward to doing online in Grand Theft Auto V.

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supraking9511805d ago

tennis and golf for me :) This game should be interesting..

Toon_Link1805d ago

My wife really liked R* table tennis so she's real excited I'm picking this game up and hopes the tennis is as fun as table tennis was for her.

While she will stick to mini games I can't wait to get into the story and see how the 3 leads works out. September can't come soon enough!

snipab8t1805d ago

I read a while back that surfing was going to be included in GTAV. I really hope they do it that would be sick!

MajorLazer1805d ago

Can't wait to play Gta Race :D

ufo8mycat1805d ago

All these mini-games look very interesting but how feature rich and how much attention is there going to be in them?

For example. Tennis, I don't expect it to be as polished as say 2Ks Tennis game, but I don't expect it to be some half assed arcadey style either.

If you are going to do mini-games they may as well be done properly.

Shall see how these side sports/activities turn out.

politikos1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Mountain climbing. I think you all know why:

Tainted Gene1805d ago

is the perspective wrong or is the shack just in a random place???

otherwise I don't get it..........

politikos1804d ago

The latter. It was a hot topic on Reddit to the extent where people were over-analysing every tiny detail.

I de... definitely didn't make that clear

Adityac1805d ago

Flying planes dangerously close to other players driving on the highway with my Hydra.

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