Flashback Fact Sheet Issued

The continuing stream of new content related to the forthcoming Flashback lands here at Electronic Theatre once again, with a new fact sheet detailing some of the modernisations developer VectorCell are bringing to the videogame. Flashback is currently in development for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and is expected to launch on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network late in 2013.

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camel_toad1744d ago

Loved the original. It would be nice if this one turns out good.

Dunpeal1744d ago

too much irony if they fail to adequately bring back a game titled Flashback

1744d ago
Evolve1744d ago

The original was AWESOME. I still remember some levels passwords like "melord" and "Bubble". Man, this brings back the old good memories.

Grindlefly1744d ago

Yea loved the original. Total classic. Cannot wait for this

FaSCoRP1744d ago

yeah, this an "Another World" were gems

Morgue1744d ago

Still have my original.