Gaikai On PS4 Will Support “The Best” PS3 Games

TheSixthAxis: Sony were woolly about what Gaikai can do for PlayStation in February, and they haven’t really expanded beyond that too far since. The idea is that huge server banks running as PlayStation 3s will stream games over the internet to your PlayStation 4 console, but the numbers (both in terms of server capacity and the games themselves) have been kept under wraps.

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Hellsvacancy1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Im planning on giving my PS3 to my Dad once I have a PS4, but with games like Dark Souls 2 next year I may be hesitant in doing so

I'm assuming all new PS3 games (after the PS4 launch) will be available on the PS4

Abash1780d ago

Im guessing he means we wont be seeing games like Madden 2007 or some poorly received PS3 game from 6 yars ago being put up to the streaming service. This was rather obvious to me at least

steven83r1780d ago

Ya that's what i took away from it. You won't be getting games that flopped or were just poorly made. I think it's gonna just be for blockbuster titles. Makes sense, no point in wasting good space and streaming bandwidth on crap games.

ZodTheRipper1780d ago

Yes, I think it's safe to say that nobody would be missing old PS3 Sports games on PS4. But I'm definately looking forward to playing again some of the many classics the PS3 has.

inveni01780d ago

Absolutely. I'm not going to care if some random game isn't on there. Save that capacity for play-as-you-download, as far as I'm concerned.

ABizzel11780d ago

My guess is the majority of PS3 first party and 3rd party exclusives will be there, along with select multiplatofrms (similar to Gaikai before being bought out). Usually the multiplatform games on Gaikai were the prior release to games, so Need for Speed Most Wanted 2, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Battlefield 3 and others instead Need for Speed Rivals, Call of Duty Ghost, and Battlefield 4. Either way it's still good to have, and once PS4, PS2, and PS1 support hit the store, then they'll have something golden.

My question is will this be included with PS+, or the rumored high-end PS+

Free PSN
PS A+?

justastranger101780d ago

I like how with Xbox One, you can plug a 360 into the hdmi in and get full backwards compatibility.

ABizzel11780d ago


Well that brings the price up to $700 USD for people who don't already own an Xbox 360.

starchild1780d ago

But not everybody agrees on which games are "crap". Some of my favorite games are games that didn't have very positive critical or commercial success.

There are also a lot of drawbacks to streaming: lag, compression artifacts, having to be online to play your games, limited availability, lack of true ownership, etc.

But oh well, I guess it's better than no backwards compatibility at all.

Reverent1780d ago

@stranger, that feature is so meaningless. Microsoft is basically marketting, "If you keep your Xbox 360, your Xbox 360 can play Xbox 360 games!"

Gaming1011780d ago

It will likely end up being like the PS2 HD collections we get, reserved for the best games only. The PS2 classics library on PSN brought a lot of less popular games that didn't have huge marketing campaigns into a larger audience as well, so at least some games that were released alongside other massively marketed games can have a chance at some success.

gta28001780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )


I like how with my TV, you can plug a ps3 into the second hdmi and get full backwards compatibility.

Same crap. Its not truly backwards compatible unless one machine is running all the games.

CommonSense1780d ago


Yeah, nothing says "this system rocks" like having to rebuy all the games you already paid full price for.

On PC, all my games will still work even in 10 years, and i won't have pay an extra penny.

Parapraxis1780d ago Show
CommonSense1779d ago

Para, I told you to get a life, and now you're personally attacking me in the comments section because i blocked you just so I could avoid another run-in with an obviously insecure, childish fanboy.

do you not see how you're making my point? again, get a life.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

last of us confirmed.. We know its big game..

TLOU + GTA5 on ps4 = win!!

Thomper1780d ago


Ermmmm.... If they don't already have a 360 then BC is not even an issue??

Seriously.... Did you really mean to post that??

pete0071780d ago

and nobody buys a next gen console to play retro games, instead buy a 360 direct

CommonSense1780d ago

I don't really care about backwards compatibility, but for the people that do...just remember that when PS3 was backwards compatible, the PS2 games looked like straight ass (more so than usual). You were still much better off hanging on to your PS2 if you really wanted to play those games.

Plus, don't you think most people that want backwards compatibility are people that already own the last-gen games?

In the case with this Sony cloud system, you are going to be re-buying all those games. They aren't going to be free for you if you bought the game for PS3. it's just another console fleecing scheme.

Parapraxis1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

"get a life, dude.

taking it all personal because i don't like that shitty game? what a pathetic person you must be."
-commonsense's reply to me, regarding his The Last of Us trolling, sent via PM. (check his comment history to see just how brutal he is in his trolling of The Last of Us)

I'll post my reply here since he's a little bitch, and blocked me.

I'm not taking it personal.
It's just clear you are trolling.
Play dumb all you want, you are damn good at it.

CommonSense1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )


It's not trolling. I genuinely dislike TLoU and I cannot see the appeal in the game.

Voicing an opinion that is contrary to the popular consensus is NOT trolling.

Trolling is deliberately saying something you know to be untrue for the sole purpose of getting a rise out of people. I'm not doing that. It's not my fault that there are people out there who's lives are so utterly pointless that they take it personally when i criticize a game that had literally NOTHING to do with the creation of.

Get a life.

xkvcq1779d ago

@CommonSense #1.3.4

Bro, why're you talking to yourself???

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MajorLazer1780d ago

If Demon's Souls is supported, I am :D in my top 3 for this gen by far

_FantasmA_1780d ago

This is great, but like Xbox 360's wack ass backwards compatibility, some under the radar games won't be playable. I remember I held a grudge against when they didn't add Dues Ex Invisible War to the 360 BC because at that time I didn't have a good enough PC to run it. Years later, I still hate M$ for this and everything else that they do.

There are alot of games that aren't blockbuster sellers that deserve a chance :(.

showtimefolks1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Gaikai is the IT service for ps4, it has so much potential but we don't know a lot, i think its a safe bet to assume this service won't be up an running anytime within next 6 months. And i am fine with that, take your time figure out the best use of the service and how to make improvements in future

i say fall 2014 full Gaikai support for ps4

sony paid 300 plus million for Gaikai, so you better believe they had a plan on how they wanted the service to interact with their consoles

babadivad1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

This isn't a reply to anything[and completely off subject]. I just find it odd how people on here just accept that Sony/Gaikai can stream entire games[graphics, physics, and player input without lag]. No doubt [at least that I've heard] what so ever. On the other hand Microsoft mentions they can assist/offload calculations to their much more robust cloud infrastructure it is met with such disbelief, friction and tons of snark articles. I just find the duplicity humorous. Just no objectivity at all. Also I do have a PS3 and 360[have to say that or be labeled as a fan boy] and plan on getting both the PS4 and Xbox One. I'm excited to see how both solutions pan out and change over the next couple years.

ZodTheRipper1779d ago

Sony will be using Gaikai mainly to stream games. Gaikai already has proven that it works and integrated in PS4 it has a lot of potential.

Microsoft on the other hand advertises the X1 as "40x more powerful than X360" thanks to the cloud. Eurogamer already explained why this is pure marketing gibberish to distract from the inferior specs of the console.

So both solutions have potential but Sony has realistic goals while Microsoft has to prove it's claims first.

babadivad1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

But Gaikai faces the exact same bandwidth and latency issues as Xbox cloud. So if Gaikai has found a way to do it that should be proof that this is possible right? I don't think Microsoft will have as much trouble implementing their solution as many people think. But yeah Microsoft's nebulous goals are kind of encouraging the doubters.

EPiCDiNGO1780d ago

As long as I can get GTA 5 on Gaikai I will be very happy :)

mkotechno1780d ago

I'm almost sure there will be next-gen and PC versions next year, after port it to PC would be dumb not to port it to PC-architecture consoles too.

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Maddens Raiders1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Well I don't have to worry if it supports the best, worst, or all in between. I'm sure for some this will be a really big issue though.

*glances over PSOne's, PS2's, and PS3's in entertainment room and smiles*

mewhy321780d ago ShowReplies(2)
LOGICWINS1780d ago


Underappreciated games like the Yakuza franchise and other JRPGs won't be on Gaikai. And only a few (if not any) multiplats.

Looks like I'll be keeping my PS3 for a LONG time.

Maddens Raiders1780d ago

You really should try to be a /little bit better/ if you're going to troll this hard.

LOGICWINS1780d ago

I gathered information from the article and made the assessment that Sony will only focus on premier critically acclaimed PS exclusives for Gaikai.

And BECAUSE I enjoy PS exclusives that aren't widely popular with critics(Tales of Graces f, Yakuza 4 etc.), I have decided to keep my PS3 for a longer time than I had previously anticipated because I want to keep these games in my collection.

If THATS trolling, I'll happily lose a bubble if the mods believe I should lose a bubble.

Transporter471780d ago

PS4 will use Gaikai to stream “the best” PS3 games, with more legacy titles planned to be added later.

Baka-akaB1780d ago

Yakuza is a huge hit in japan , so at least over there you'll have those ... at the very least .

Besides i think it will be easier for them to add games with a digital version already available .

Larry L1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

You're saying he's trolling, but he's actually got exactly the right idea. Those under-appreciated games indeed probably won't be there. And he's also right in saying he sould keep his PS3 for a LONG time. Damn right.

Since PS4 has no hardware BC (which is good imo to keep cost down), and the streaming library will be limited and likely cost more money to use the streaming service anyway, if you're already a PS3 owner, it really make perfect sense to not get rid of your PS3 when you move on to PS4. And I'm a person who has ALWAYS traded in old hardware for new.

Plus, PS3 still costs almost as much as PS4, lol. It's unique hardware that's too hard and not worth duplicating, and it's got a library full of craptons of unique games that really were some of the bst of all time. Don't trade those PS3s in people. Keep them, and in fact continue to collect that library of games that so many people were too broke to afford all of the ones we wanted but never got around to purchasing.

IMO PS3 and it's library of games it not only shelf worthy, buy worthy of forever staying hooked up to a display of some kind, so those timeless games can always be enjoyed. Almost all of PS3s exclusives will age well 15 yeas from now aside from racing and sports....which simply just CAN'T age well by nature usually.

The streaming service will be great for all the former 360 only gamers who will be switching over to PS4, but if you already own a PS3, smart money would just keep it.

Corpser1780d ago

He's not trolling, a niche game like Yakuza is just going to be low priority for gaikai

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ThePsychoGamer1780d ago

I think it may be a bit premature to say that, we still don't know if Sony will allow other publishers to put their games on Gaikai. Whether or not they do will determine what niche games we see on the service. If they do allow this, I wouldn't be surprised to see Tales of, Disgaea, or even Neptunia games on it.

1780d ago
Tultras1780d ago

It doesn't make sense that Sony won't allow streaming of their exclusive titles. They should be on the top priority list, IMO.

FamilyGuy1780d ago

Any digital game on the PS Store should automatically be included in Gaikai.

You shouldn't worry about those games, they've sold enough to be franchises so they should show up, if not at launch then eventually.

Their goal was to have all games available remember?

I'm keeping my PS3 regardless. I have a bunch of games I still need to play and it's a great multimedia device on top of being a game console.

ABizzel11780d ago


The fact that Sega/Sony even bothers to localize Yakuza seems like it would be one of the franchises on the list of games to come, and not skip over.

matrixman921780d ago

except they arent localizing them anymore, no word of the HD collection coming to the US

raWfodog1780d ago

Well as I do not trade in or sell any of my older consoles, I'll be keeping my PS3 for as long as it'll have me. But, as was quoted in the article, The goal is apparently “to eventually have many more legacy PlayStation titles” available. So I'm sure that eventually they'll have many games available that were not blockbuster hits.

_FantasmA_1780d ago

Even if those games somehow made the cut, you should still keep your PS3. I remember I sold my PS1 for $10 and I regretted it so much. I sold all my games, memory cards and 2 controllers with the console fore $10!!! I bought a PSOne almost immediately though, so I'm good but I learned my lesson. I won't sell my old consoles anymore, unless its a M$ product. I still have my crappy Gamecube even though I never play.

TheDivine1780d ago

It's remote play all over again. Sony said all games will work but only a handful did. Sony says all ps3 games would work on cloud now we find out only a few will. This isn't the cloud bc like Sony fans hyped, its another broken promise. I though I could play Ni No Kuni, Tales of Xillia, Demons Souls, Catherine, Valkyria Chronicles, exc on my Vita. Now it will prob Kz, Ratchet, and maybe COD if we're lucky.

It looks like people need to buy a ps3 and ps4 just like the xbone.

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Thirty3Three1780d ago

So, I'm gonna say it. (Yes, I LOVE Battlefield AND Call of Duty! - I know, "What?!!? Impossible!", right,) but I'd really love to see Black Ops 2 come to Gaikai :)

Just stating my opinion. I know others disagree, but oh well! That's why they're called "opinions" :)

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Salooh1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

I only want thesee games from gaikai : GTAV/Beyond/TLOU/GT6

Black-Helghast1780d ago

Come on bro, Call of Duty? I desperately hope that Destiny becomes the multiplayer game everyone plays next gen.

Baka-akaB1780d ago

I hope not ... i want the game to succeed enough to be a financial success , but with at least partially another and possibly better public for it .

Let cod keep the cod crowd .

Thirty3Three1780d ago

See guys? That's why I've stated, "MY OPINION" in my message there. Don't be rude. It's my personal choice. If you don't like CoD, fine. I like it. That's my choice. Don't be assholes about it. (This post is mostly directed at "WeMilk" for being a dick.)

raWfodog1780d ago

I too am hoping that Destiny gains a significant multiplayer community. I plan on getting this game and I hope it is successful and very well supported.