ASDA Cuts Wii U Price Again

TheSixthAxis: ''Back in May, ASDA slashed the price of the Wii U by a whole £100, with other retailers following suit. Now once again you can get the Wii U Basic 8GB system for £149 or the Premium 32GB for £199, both of which are an absolute steal at that price since you’re getting the console as well as the expensive and well-built controller.''

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mewhy321292d ago

The Wii-U really has to cut the price to be competitive with the new PS4 and xbone. The Wii-U is a pretty neat idea but for some reason it's just not selling well. The younger and casual gamers may be able to pick up the Wii-U if the price is right.

PopRocks3591292d ago

Can't help but agree there. I think it would be more appropriate to cut the price around launch time to make it more competitive, but I do concede that it will need one to gain traction when the new consoles come out.

LOL_WUT1291d ago

Right but when I say it you get up in arms ;)

PopRocks3591291d ago

That's because every time you suggested it you 1) treated it like it was the second coming of all gaming and that the whole universe revolved around it and 2) didn't acknowledge any of the retail price drops that did NOTHING to speed up sales.

The only reason I'm NOW saying a price drop will be necessary is because it's competing with only slightly more expensive hardware.

Your reasoning was stupid, mine is at least logical.

D-riders1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

its not selling because the hardcore isnt invovled with it same problem xbox one is facing.
but to fanboys they dont believe that the xbox is having trouble


Xbox was in trouble, I can honestly say that it has changed a lot of minds over the past few weeks.

cellur1111292d ago

I'd pay about $150-$200 for the 32gb system. No way would i pay $300-350 for the basic or deluxe wii u's. I can buy a new or used Ps3/xbox 360 for that or cheaper. Even though i do like Nintendo games, the wii u's games cant compare to the number of games the PS3/xbox has.

ziratul1292d ago

No console can. PS4 will also miss many games (at the start)

deafdani1292d ago

So, a 7-month-old game console's library can't compare to that of 7 and 8 year old systems?


dark-hollow1292d ago

I totally agree with you.

They need a price cut at least before the 2014 games get released.

Masterdon1292d ago Show
KontryBoy7061292d ago

part of the reason it's not selling is because Nintendo doesn't seem to want it to. I mean 2 critical areas... weak advertising and no games... where the hell are the games? I expected Nintendo to drop the price when the PS4 and XB1 came out but not this early. Guess they doing what they gotta do

Knushwood Butt1292d ago

100 quid? Nintendo should announce the Wii U ambassador program soon.

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Mr_Nuts1292d ago

Plus my 10% discount if I decide to get one :D

Rrobba1292d ago

Amazon UK has matched those prices too - £199 for pro and £149 for basic. Weather this is for competitive reasons or because the price cut is official, I don't know.

But I gotta say, the Wii U is a steal at that price. Even if you just use it to play Nintendo games and have PS4/X1/PC as your main device, at less than 150 go buy it for the exclusives you know are coming.

scofios1292d ago

saw the 8 gig basic today for 150 euro same price as the 12 gig ps3.

fossilfern1292d ago

AHHHHHHHH!!!!! And during the week of the steam sale and I have some stuff to sort out for a wedding next month! :/. Hope this happens again in the coming months.

fossilfern1291d ago

Cheers. I see you have an Irish Rugby logo, you from Northern Ireland or Republic?

gaelic_laoch1292d ago

I am seriously thinking of getting a WiiU just for the Box it came in!

I will need it to put my PS4 in at midnight launch so no one will try to mug me for it!

PigPen1292d ago

The PS4 isn't in that much of a demand the way you're making it out to be.

Koyes1292d ago

At least the Wii U will have a use then

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