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Submitted by Gekko 942d ago | news

Sony Gives Up £250,000 Fine Appeal After PlayStation Hacks

V3: ''Sony has given up its appeal over a fine of £250,000 from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) having originally vowed to fight the case. The firm claimed it has done so in order to avoid revealing information on its security procedures rather than because it now agrees with the fine.'' (Culture, Sony)

-Superman-  +   942d ago
sandra12mann   942d ago | Spam
Agent_hitman  +   942d ago
Nooooooo!!, this can't be happening.
yewles1  +   942d ago
"After careful consideration we are withdrawing our appeal. This decision reflects our commitment to protect the confidentiality of our network security from disclosures in the course of the proceeding. We continue to disagree with the decision on the merits,"

Won't prevent them from getting hacked again, really. Once a target, the bullseye sticks.
Dunpeal  +   942d ago
not only that. NOBODY is 100% hack-proof. if hackers are relentless enough they will find a way. simple fix really. i use only pre-paid cards via PSN
pixelsword  +   942d ago
Well, they weren't really hacked in the first place; someone from the inside gave out info or something like that to allow people to access their network.
Dunpeal  +   942d ago
@ pixelsword

regardless, i stand by my original statement. NOBODY is 100% hack-proof (or 100% invulnerable to threats for pixelsword)

@ disagrees

disagree all you want, facts are facts lol
Picnic  +   942d ago
Who gets the fine? Does it go to those whose information was hacked? Did they even know that their information had been hacked and did they suffer from it?

The biggest parasites are those bringing in the fine. The legal system is a money spinner. They probably don't even really care about finding out who the hackers are unless it serves the legal system financially to do so.

It's the hackers who mainly deserved to be fined. Sony are the victims. They are bound to put so much protection on of course but where do you draw the line in the cost of security in trying to second guess wily hackers?

Should a parent be jailed for leaving their gate open if an intruder comes in and kills the rest of their family? Because that's essentially what the law has done to Sony.
Gamers_United  +   942d ago
LMFAO Ps4 is doomed for hack attacks
DirtyMagician  +   942d ago
And the Xbox won't be at risk?
CrossingEden  +   942d ago
not as much due to the fact that all the payments to live go to improving and stabilizing the service, ps4 might catch up with the mandatory playstation plus for multiplayer
DirtyMagician  +   942d ago
While that might be true, the simple fact is that everything connected to the internet can be hacked. Saying the PS4/PS3 will be more at risk over Xbox One/360, is a little naive.
Sayai jin  +   942d ago
Of course XBL is vulnerable, but XBL is known for a tighter closed infrastructure. It's a double edge sword though. Good for security...but can be a real pain to devs.
Williamson  +   942d ago
Wow looks like the trolls are out on full force here in the comments. Didn't the 360 get hacked a while ago? And 360 gold accounts get stolen and sold online to other people quite often.
Funantic1  +   942d ago
I've never heard of that. If it did happen then it might had something to do with the person's unsecure local connection. Regardless the infamous PSN hack affected 77 million of the biggest security breaches in history.
Williamson  +   942d ago
A quick Google search of Xbox live account stolen and you should see a few links. You'll find a kotaku article(yes I know kotaku is one of the worst sites) of guy who confronts his thief trying to sell his live account online.
Sayai jin  +   942d ago
I don't like trolls either, but where did you get your info on XBL? Sold quite often?
Williamson  +   942d ago
Look above at my other reply if your interested in knowing where I got my info from. You'll find a few articles right on the first page.
BlaqMagiq24  +   942d ago
So true. That definitely happens quite often but you will never see those kinds articles because it's not a mass amount like the 2011 PSN hack. Xbox Live's security is not as "invincible" as people believe it to be. But then again, nothing is hack proof.
ALLWRONG  +   941d ago
Live has never been hacked.

Lvl_up_gamer  +   941d ago
YOu need to learn the difference between HACK and Illegally accessed.

Accounts were not HACKED. Passwords were obtained through phishing scams which led to unauthorized access to the account.

Again, XBL has NEVER been hacked. PPL over use the term hack. PSN was hacked, XBL was not.

Get it? Got it? Good.
Elwenil  +   942d ago
Seems like it would be much smarter to actually catch the criminals that did the hacking rather than punish one of the victims. Got to love politics, if they can't catch who is responsible, they simply shift the blame to someone who is available.
Lockhart  +   942d ago
It's their responsibility to keep their consumers details safe and secure, regardless of whether the offenders get charged or not. It's nothing to do with politics, it comes down to the law.
Picnic  +   942d ago
Lockhart, if I hold a children's party at my house and I leave the gate open and someone comes in and kills everyone, should I be jailed for negligence?

The law doesn't seem to think so and yet if Sony put up far more defence on their system than the person who leaves a gate open they get a 250 million pound fine?

It's all about making money. The legal system cares more about making money than it cares for annoying Sony. If it had been some other kind of corporation more in the hands of the legal system there might not have been any fine. The legal system makes me sick. It is arbritary and just goes to prove that 'God is dead' and that meaning is merely in the head of the individual.
Elwenil  +   942d ago
So if someone robs a bank, the people at the bank should be arrested? If I walk up and punch you in the face and steal your wallet, should you be prosecuted because you let it happen? Really, where is your head at?
Lockhart  +   942d ago
Completely different scenarios, clearly. Sony have a lot of data and personal information stored in their systems, meaning that they are responsible for the information staying private. It goes along with the Data Protection Act. Without such laws Sony would be able to openly give away personal information, or fake a breach in order to sell or give away information. The law is completely fair.
Elwenil  +   942d ago
So a bank that is responsible for protecting your money is a completely different scenario than a company that is responsible for protecting information? Are you insane?

Also, if the information was never decoded, wouldn't that mean the information was still protected? You do realize that no banking institutions have ever reported any theft or transactions resulting from the PSN hack? So nothing usable was stolen, therefore they protected the information. Your entire rationalization is horribly flawed.
Lockhart  +   942d ago
I don't know why you are getting defensive of Sony (well I do, you post on N4G). They screwed up, they are paying the price for it now. " ... to avoid revealing information on its security procedures rather than because it now agrees with the fine." Read the last few words.

Laws are made to protect you, yet you seem to think it's a money-making fraud. Fair enough the data wasn't used, but it was still stolen, maybe because of Sony's ineffective security procedures, who knows? Either way, the law is put in place and enforced so that companies take security seriously.

If your bank account was cleared in this mess you would be arguing completely differently. Hell, you'd probably be glad that there are laws protecting you.

Learn to appreciate the law rather than hating on it just because it hurt your precious company.

Let's see what you have to say when you find out that Sony will be getting a penalty for selling Iran video and medical equipment.

I'm not hating on Sony at all, I just find your whole attitude towards the law backwards. I'll be picking up a PS4 right away, but it doesn't mean I'll stand by Sony through thick and thin. All big companies screw up, you've just got to admit to it and move on.
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Elwenil  +   941d ago
Your reading comprehension is as flawed as your twisted notion of what's right and wrong. I never said anything about making money, that was Picnic. And no, nothing was stolen since information that makes not sense is no longer any sort of information. If I gave you the winning lottery numbers but I wrote them in a code you couldn't decipher, did I really give you anything? Look at WWII, when the Allies intercepted German messages, they were useless because they could not break the code. Once they obtained the Enigma machine, they had the key and instantly the information was there. Without the key to decoding the "information" it's useless.

Anyone with a shred of common sense can see this. But no, since someone has to be blamed, some one has to pay, then someone gets the finger and pays a fine. And why is that? Because people like you think that "laws are there to protect you" and you want someone blamed or you will no longer believe the fiction that the guilty get punished and the innocent go free. The reality is not so black and white.

And yes, if I had been a victim of a financial loss because of the hack, then yes, I would be expecting something to be done. But I didn't lose anything. No one did. And yes, I am glad there are laws, what I am not happy about is the farce that goes on that we call the legal system, regardless of the country it's in. And this has nothing to do with "my precious" company, I would feel this way about it if it were Microsoft. For example, when NBC and the NHTSA went after GM for "explosive fuel tanks" in GM trucks, I was just as ticked off. And I hate GM and their vehicles. See, some of us care more about what's right and wrong and less about what's good for us as individuals. You should maybe shake off your mantle of self-righteousness and see things for how they really are instead of using weak arguments about "laws that protect us" when, looking at your past comments, you are really stuck on your "precious company" or had you forgotten "I'm a Xbox and Microsoft supporter". In short, grow up.
Lockhart  +   941d ago
Are you really that much of an airhead that you can't comprehend what I am saying here?

Companies are aware that when they have sensitive information/data stored on their systems they must do everything in their power to keep such information private. Failure to do so results in a fine. The fine is what drives companies to make their systems as secure as possible. Without the fines, the security that the companies use wouldn't be as good as they are today. If there was no punishment this would happen far more often.

Time to use your brain and work out what is actually better for the consumers. Without this law our personal information would be at a greater risk.

Sony have came to a realization and dropped the appeal in agreement with the fine. Maybe you should grow up.
Elwenil  +   941d ago
Are you too much of an airhead to comprehend that the data WAS protected since none of it was actually stolen?

Time for you to use your brain and work out what actually happened versus what you want to have happened.

What Sony did was realize that it was quicker and easier to pay the fine than a drawn out fight in court. Maybe you should just STFU since your biased BS is getting old.

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