Sony Gives Up £250,000 Fine Appeal After PlayStation Hacks

V3: ''Sony has given up its appeal over a fine of £250,000 from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) having originally vowed to fight the case. The firm claimed it has done so in order to avoid revealing information on its security procedures rather than because it now agrees with the fine.''

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Agent_hitman1684d ago

Nooooooo!!, this can't be happening.

yewles11684d ago

"After careful consideration we are withdrawing our appeal. This decision reflects our commitment to protect the confidentiality of our network security from disclosures in the course of the proceeding. We continue to disagree with the decision on the merits,"

Won't prevent them from getting hacked again, really. Once a target, the bullseye sticks.

Dunpeal1684d ago

not only that. NOBODY is 100% hack-proof. if hackers are relentless enough they will find a way. simple fix really. i use only pre-paid cards via PSN

pixelsword1684d ago

Well, they weren't really hacked in the first place; someone from the inside gave out info or something like that to allow people to access their network.

Dunpeal1684d ago

@ pixelsword

regardless, i stand by my original statement. NOBODY is 100% hack-proof (or 100% invulnerable to threats for pixelsword)

@ disagrees

disagree all you want, facts are facts lol

Picnic1684d ago

Who gets the fine? Does it go to those whose information was hacked? Did they even know that their information had been hacked and did they suffer from it?

The biggest parasites are those bringing in the fine. The legal system is a money spinner. They probably don't even really care about finding out who the hackers are unless it serves the legal system financially to do so.

It's the hackers who mainly deserved to be fined. Sony are the victims. They are bound to put so much protection on of course but where do you draw the line in the cost of security in trying to second guess wily hackers?

Should a parent be jailed for leaving their gate open if an intruder comes in and kills the rest of their family? Because that's essentially what the law has done to Sony.

Gamers_United1684d ago

LMFAO Ps4 is doomed for hack attacks

DirtyMagician1684d ago

And the Xbox won't be at risk?

CrossingEden1684d ago

not as much due to the fact that all the payments to live go to improving and stabilizing the service, ps4 might catch up with the mandatory playstation plus for multiplayer

DirtyMagician1684d ago

While that might be true, the simple fact is that everything connected to the internet can be hacked. Saying the PS4/PS3 will be more at risk over Xbox One/360, is a little naive.

Sayai jin1684d ago

Of course XBL is vulnerable, but XBL is known for a tighter closed infrastructure. It's a double edge sword though. Good for security...but can be a real pain to devs.

Williamson1684d ago

Wow looks like the trolls are out on full force here in the comments. Didn't the 360 get hacked a while ago? And 360 gold accounts get stolen and sold online to other people quite often.

Funantic11684d ago

I've never heard of that. If it did happen then it might had something to do with the person's unsecure local connection. Regardless the infamous PSN hack affected 77 million of the biggest security breaches in history.

Williamson1684d ago

A quick Google search of Xbox live account stolen and you should see a few links. You'll find a kotaku article(yes I know kotaku is one of the worst sites) of guy who confronts his thief trying to sell his live account online.

Sayai jin1684d ago

I don't like trolls either, but where did you get your info on XBL? Sold quite often?

Williamson1684d ago

Look above at my other reply if your interested in knowing where I got my info from. You'll find a few articles right on the first page.

BlaqMagiq241684d ago

So true. That definitely happens quite often but you will never see those kinds articles because it's not a mass amount like the 2011 PSN hack. Xbox Live's security is not as "invincible" as people believe it to be. But then again, nothing is hack proof.

ALLWRONG1683d ago

Live has never been hacked.


Lvl_up_gamer1683d ago

YOu need to learn the difference between HACK and Illegally accessed.

Accounts were not HACKED. Passwords were obtained through phishing scams which led to unauthorized access to the account.

Again, XBL has NEVER been hacked. PPL over use the term hack. PSN was hacked, XBL was not.

Get it? Got it? Good.

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