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Tecmo Koei Delivers New Dynasty Warriors 8 Screens

Developer Tecmo Koei has unleashed a battalion of sword-swinging new screens of Dynasty Warriors 8. These in-game images showcase the grueling battles we’ve come to expect from the long-running series, and they also give us a glimpse of some of the game’s new, impressively designed characters. (Dynasty Warriors 8, PS3, Xbox 360)

Wni0  +   529d ago
This looks really good for ps2.
memots  +   529d ago
I stopped caring for this game like what? 7 years ago even more it was on my ps2.

Why are they still releasing those? No one cares......
paradigmfellow  +   529d ago
I care
Andreas-Sword  +   529d ago
Here are more new Screenshots for Dynasty Warriors 8:

Zhu Rong looks pretty hot and sexy:

Dynasty Warriors 8 will be a great Hack and Slash game!
Day 1 buy!
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blackblades  +   529d ago
I care and it DW7 sold like a 1 million copies worldwide so it makes a lot of people care dumbazz.
HmongAmerican  +   529d ago
They need to update the game engine, but then again there is no competition so they won't bother.
LordMe  +   529d ago
Can't wait for this game. Might not have good graphics, but the games are fun, and that is the main thing I am in gaming for.
paradigmfellow  +   529d ago
Dynasty Warriors FTW!!!!
The_Truth_24_7  +   529d ago
DW8 > Infamous ss
Master-H  +   528d ago
Looks like a little improved version of DW7 (which i didn't enjoy as much as i wished i would), i wish they would just remake DW4 with DW7 graphics,same exact settings and modes and items and everything, because to me that was the best one , it was epic , that level with the elephants still haunts me. also i noticed that this generation's Dynasty warriors titles are easier than the ps2 titles, they were never that hard on ps2 to begin with but still , playing on normal in DW7 was like playing on very easy in DW4 in terms of difficulty .they need to work on the damn AI.

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