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Mark Cerny Reveals that Destiny has 700 Devs Working on it, Probably the One Mentioned by CliffyB

PS4 Lead Architect Mark Cerny thinks that the PS4 will be accessible to development teams of every size and scope, from the smallest to the biggest, but what’s his example for a really enormous one? That would be the team working on Destiny at Bungie, marking as the probable title that "neeeds to sell 10 million copies to break even" mentioned by CliffyB (Cliff Bleszinski, Destiny, Mark Cerny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Update A verified Bungie developer posted on NeoGaf letting us know that Cerny is either mistaken or was misquoted in the interview.

Of course we don't know by how much he was wrong.

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JoelT  +   868d ago
If accurate, that's literally 3 times the amount of a normal game. Also, it should be noted that Destiny is also a current gen game, right? So it could be multiple teams on multiple platforms.
JoGam  +   868d ago
Cant wait for this game. Is there a release date yet? Or time frame?
Abriael  +   868d ago
"2014" is all they said.
mewhy32  +   868d ago
This game will be epic. Hopefully they'll take full advantage of the power of the PS4 and not program for the lowest common denominator. I can't wait for this to release.
Benchm4rk  +   868d ago

It already is. You can't seriously expect a game that is being released on current gen as well as next gen to use the full power of either the ps4 or One. It will take a while before any game uses those machine to there full potential.
justastranger10  +   867d ago
Destiny plays too much like Halo. Why play a carbon clone when I can get the real thing. :)
NewMonday  +   868d ago
with this much working on it I bet it will have lots of DLC and micro transactions like MMO's
ginsunuva  +   868d ago
3x ??

More like 6x
Muffins1223  +   868d ago
Its more for next gen but it can run on previous gen
3-4-5  +   868d ago
teams of 200-300 are considered big/large teams.

It's not a bad thing really. If they don't make money and don't sell 10 million, at least they gave us a great game. Yea we won't get another like it anytime soon if this fails, but at least we got the initial game and sometimes that is better than getting an ok game that made a good profit for a company.

A different way to look at it I guess.
devwan  +   867d ago
Bungie's deal with Activision is for 4 games over 10 years. Making an unprecedented new IP on such a scale, they don't have to make all those initial costs back with the first title - much of the costs should be offset over the 4 titles and 10 years of the deal.
LAWSON72  +   867d ago
Bungies deal are you talking about the that said ms platforms get the games a year earlier.
devwan  +   867d ago

You can read the important parts of the deal here in the context of Destiny and more recent developments:

Belking  +   868d ago
They should get 10 million. It will probably do about 6 million on xb360 and xb1.
InTheLab  +   868d ago
Don't know why people disagreed. Bungie is a legendary dev for Xbox. Why wouldn't the already large fanbase of Halo not check out Destiny?

Between X1 and 360, I can easily see them grabbing 6 million in sales. Surely they'll do at least as well as Titanfall, which is inexplicably being predicted as a CoD like franchise...
KillrateOmega  +   868d ago
"Don't know why people disagreed. Bungie is a legendary dev for Xbox. Why wouldn't the already large fanbase of Halo not check out Destiny?"

Because Destiny was demoed at the Sony's E3 conference? Because more people recognize the name 'Halo' than they do the name 'Bungie'?
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InTheLab  +   867d ago
So you're saying more people will buy the game on ps4 than xbox? Does that same logic apply to MGS5?

And you're kidding yourself about the Halo being bigger than it's creators. Everytime you load Halo, Bungie splashes across the screen. I'd be shocked if any Halo player doesn't recognize who Bungie is.
TronEOL  +   867d ago
@ your comment i can't reply to:
What you don't understand tho, is Metal Gear Solid was known as a Playstation game (even tho only 1 of the games were truly exclusive), where as HALO is known as an Xbox game.

Destiny, on the other hand, has no allegiance besides it being massively pushed by Sony. The only people who will know the makers of Halo are making it is the folks who follow all things Bungie.

Still, I do agree that between Xbox1 and 360, it'll probably sell around 5 million copies, at least. But I don't doubt it'll get around the same amount on PS3/4 given all the news of Xbox fans jumping ship. That and a lot of Halo fans aren't too stoked on what 343 is doing, so why not follow Bungie to their new masterpiece?
Kryptix  +   868d ago
I thought getting answers from your magic 8 ball combined with your birthday wish almost never works. lol Hope Destiny gets all the support they deserve. It's going to be amazing and I know Bungie are great developers. Definitely going to be a jaw dropping game once we're able to enter and see the rich world for the first time.

It was shown at Sony's E3 and all the gameplay videos Bungie releases on their YouTube channel is showing PS4 gameplay. I think there won't be much of a sales difference. Depends on what other games are releasing around Destiny's release date.
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Belking  +   868d ago
Doesn't mean anything dude. The majority of Bungies fanbase still is on xbox. They showed the game at sony's conference to widen it's fanbase. Why do you think MGS was at MS conference? It's because they already have a large fanbase on Playstation. You fanboys need to learn something before you start bumping your gums.
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Kryptix  +   867d ago
By your logic, Oblivion sold more on the PS3 because a Skyrim preview was at Microsoft's E3? Yea right, not close...the reason why Bungie was at Sony's E3 is because Bungie had the exclusive content to announce. Just like Call of Duty before and now Battlefield had timed DLC to announce at Microsoft's E3. Why was Splinter Cell: Blacklist shown at 2012 Microsoft's E3 when they already have the fans that played Conviction? PS3 players haven't gotten a fresh SC game since Double Agent in 2007. And what about Kingdom Hearts 3 being shown at Sony's E3 when Xbox never had a KH game. Don't they want to widen the audience? I just showed you many examples how that's mostly not the case. Activision which have published Destiny has sided with Sony now. While EA is favoring Microsoft, Titanfall/Battlefield timed DLC. Activision are that ones that decide how to market the games they publish and they chose and planned Destiny to be at Sony's E3. Just gave you more to think about, come back when you got something less delusional to say. :)
HammadTheBeast  +   868d ago
Actually it's been proven over and over that Xbox gamers don't like any games other than CoD, Gears, Halo, or Forza.

Bungie isn't the main thing, it's Halo which rings with the Xbox crowd. And with the anticipated sales for PS4/Xbox One, I doubt it'll sell all too much on the One, especially since PS4 is getting exclusive content,
Belking  +   868d ago
"Actually it's been proven over and over that Xbox gamers don't like any games other than CoD, Gears, Halo, or Forza."

lol based on what? if you are gonna use that logic then ps gamers don't care about anything but naughty dog games....lol Either way you look at the situation xbox gamers are the winners because they still get bungie games plus they still get Halo one's too. That's a win-win right there. The One baby!
Roper316  +   867d ago
you forgot Fable
HammadTheBeast  +   868d ago
Ok. Given the deterioration of the quality of Halo games, you have fun.
ps3_pwns   868d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
MooseWI  +   868d ago
I hope they reach their target. I would love a game supported for so long, by free content that is and not paid DLC for 10 years.
ramtah  +   868d ago
I know i will buy it for my ps3 and ps4!!
JackVagina  +   868d ago
FightFans  +   868d ago
700? that is massive. so far to be honest I didn't get excited after watching the gameplay trailer. I don't see anything special about it, nor does it look jaw dropping or revolutionary anyway.
Salooh  +   867d ago
I agree with the gameplay. It need to be more deep and fun. The way you hit players doesn't make me excited to play it but the graphics looks stunning for online open world next generation game .
Einhert  +   868d ago
What exactly is Destiny? is it an MMO? or a large scale co-op game?

I did not really get what it was from the gameplay demo at E3, all I seen was two guys making bad jokes running around shooting things in a restricted environment.
Abriael  +   868d ago
Massive scale MMOshooter with single player campaign, more or less.
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Einhert  +   868d ago
I will need to see more, the E3 Demo did'nt show the MMO part off to well.
IcicleTrepan  +   868d ago
Destiny is launching on all major platforms and sounds like it will be a game that is supported for years. As long as it's a good game I don't think 10 million copies will be a difficult task. Black Ops 2 sold 7.5 million copies on the day of release.
tracyllrkn  +   868d ago
I don't think Destiny is as big as CoD.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   868d ago
The game will sell well over 10 million.
The story of this game has me excited.
torchic  +   868d ago
I will buy this on PS4 based only on the sheer scale of it.

with that kind of a budget it surely can't turn out bad. I expect it to be good/decent at the very least.
Supermax  +   868d ago
It will easily exceed 10 million across 4 platforms.
Tatsuya  +   868d ago
Destiny is already a confirm purchased for me on the PS4. The E3 gameplay on the PS4 was epic! I can't wait to experience the full game with the rest of my PS4 mates :)
cyclindk  +   867d ago
700 huh?

Fair to say that we can just call it an army by definition now eh?

"We have an army working on this game, no biggie."

How do they feed them all? Pizza delivery drivers must be making a lot of overtime. And Starbucks has gotta be cleaning up too.
D-riders  +   867d ago
Can't believe I agree with cliffy b.. that is just too much i want destiny but that is too large of a budget for a game. thats big like avatar production was
GamePeace  +   867d ago
Only 700? That's less, I thought over thousands...
Now I go to sleep...
Sayai jin  +   867d ago
I wonder how many other times Cerny has misquoted or been wrong on his snippets.

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