Hardware vs. Software: What Really Sells a Console?

A brief discussion and overview of the hardware and software of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and which really determines console sales.

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Ezz20131747d ago

Hardware and price
and then i look at the first party studios and what they offer or will offer and multiplat games

and Sony got all those things

ShugaCane1747d ago

For me it's the games, and games only. A console can have tons of revolutionnary features, I'll never buy it if it has no game I'm interested in. On the other hand, if a console has only one feature : Playing games, but offers good games and franchises that I like, then I'll buy that one for sure.

mewhy321747d ago

I think that it's really a combination of both for the hardcore informed gamer and just games for the casual uninformed gamer. If you don't really know about hardware specs then hardware really doesn't matter. But if you know anything about hardware then you want the most power for you money.

Utalkin2me1746d ago

I agree. But for some people it is restrictive policies and the lack of what consumers want. Err.... wait it's not restrictive policies and try to keep up with the Jones.

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jeffgoldwin1746d ago

"For me it's the games, and games only."

So your still playing on the playstation 1 then? Since you said hardware doesn't matter.

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dedicatedtogamers1746d ago

For me, the crux is neither software nor hardware (though of course those play a role).

My #1 concern is the company's track record. The hardware might be super-powerful, but does the company have a track record of making reliable consoles, or do their consoles break? There might be more than a dozen launch titles in the first year, but does the company have a track record of supporting the console over the long haul? Does the company have a track record of creating new IPs or just milking the same old IPs?

FanboyCrusher1746d ago

a company's track record? Are you serious? You may as well say I'm a fanboy and I'm never open to change. I also never take into account that Sony had a monopoly on the industry and that it was hard far anyone to get in with a console, especially with the PS2. When somebody has a lot longer to acquire studios, and experience in general, of course they're going to do well, but we're going to dismiss other company's because of that? You're pathetic. You aren't dedicated to gamers, you're dedicated to kissing Sony's ass.

dedicatedtogamers1746d ago

Wow, what an overreaction. Where did I even mention Sony?

I've been a PC gamer since MS-DOS. I've owned consoles and handhelds from Sony, SEGA, SNK, Nintendo, Atari, Microsoft, and Commodore.

So, yeah. Keep on trollin'

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jeffgoldwin1746d ago


It was almost if you cut and pasted that customized stealth troll. 2/10

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AngelicIceDiamond1746d ago

If history's proven anything its software.

Doctor_Freeman1746d ago


Can't have one without the other.

Tsar4ever011745d ago

Sony is best & owns the HARDWARE front, Microsoft has the best experience & controls the SOFTWARE front. Their the perfect competing polar opposites companies that actually need each others *specialties to succeed and win over the masses. Especially since both consoles being allot more than just gaming devices.

People will decide which console is best with their wallets, word of mouth & the internet.

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Thepharaoh1746d ago

Software obviously. If it weren't for software we would be unable t communicate with the console in the first place. Besides who wants to buy a overpowered box if it doesn't have any thing worth powering it up for?I'd be like buying a retarded horse in your current town when there isn't a single race track for miles

JBSleek1746d ago

Software. What's good hardware without software.

But good software can help hardware.

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