Preview - Wolfenstein: The New Order

Do you ever look back in time and ask, "What if?" Probably not, but amuse me for a second. What would life be like had the Titanic never sunk upon its voyage to America? How would the world have looked if women never got the right to vote in elections? Just what would have happened if I'd got picked to play in my school football team? All captivating topics, yes, but Wolfenstein: The New Order is posing one of the most-asked questions of all: Just what would things be like if the Nazis won World War II?

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ZainabSaccal1595d ago

Seems interesting :) Why didn't they include a multiplayer mode?

rdgneoz31593d ago

The original Return to Castle Wolfenstein MP had tons of hours of fun.

CanadianTurtle1593d ago

Cannot wait. I'm happy this has no multiplayer mode. I love old school FPS gameplay.