Grab a PS Vita, 8GB memory stick and 10 games for £169.99

Looking for a fantastic offer on a PS Vita before the PlayStation 4 is released? GAME are currently offering a PS Bits complete with 8GB memory stick and a whopping 10 games for an incredible £169.99!

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tigertron1025d ago BadLanguageShow
caseh1024d ago

Couldn't believe what I was seeing with the price and number of games, then I looked at the games...craaap

DJMarty1024d ago (Edited 1024d ago )

As a PS+ Acc Holder, Sony gave away most of them for free months ago. Have quite a few PSVita games, just no PSVita just yet.

dcj05241024d ago

They should do this everywhere.

tigertron1024d ago (Edited 1024d ago )

Really, the words "God" and "Damnit" qualifies as bad language? who would be sad enough to bubble me down for that?

fsfsxii1024d ago

Vita haters lol
N4G seems to be floating with those who disagree for nothing even if you say i just took the grabage they'll disagree

Murad1023d ago

It's also filled with trolls who think their opinions are better than yours, even though their opinions was received from IGN or Gamespot, and have little to no clue as to why that opinion is right.

b_one1024d ago

8GB is to low, for me if you own ps+ minimum card is 32GB ;)