Seamless Integration with the X1 and Skype

Back at E3, Microsoft showed us a brief demo of how Skype was going to interact with the X1, and needless to say, it all seemed quite impressive. Today, Microsoft further discussed the integration of Skype in the console. The powerful app utilizes Kinect’s voice and gesture controls to execute on-screen actions. The Kinect 2.0 camera will be able to make Skype video calls in full 1080p. The camera also features a “wide-angle field of view”. The service will be included into the Xbox One console, allowing gamers to activate calls using just their voice aka voice commands. The Kinect 2.0 has a remarkable microphone that will be able to interpret background noise unrelated to your call and drown it out such as TV’s or radio’s playing.

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mewhy321744d ago

I already can skype on my lg smart tv, tablet, phone, computer. Another thing that the Kinect can do is watch, listen, and transmit to the NSA even when you're not using the xbone because it's always on even when you think it's not. Don't forget that Micro$oft participates in the prizm project for the nsa. FACT google it. No thanks. I don't need a spy camera to allow me to skype.

malokevi1744d ago

Uhg. Paranoid drivel. Go barricade yourself in a basement with ammunition and spam.

I think this is great. My girlfriend uses Skype endlessly, so she will love being able to do it on the television. Not to mention that if I get a skype call from her while I'm gaming, I can utter a voice command and her face will pop up on the screen.

1080p? nice. Going to be a great feature!

mewhy321744d ago

No not paranoid just don't want a device watching and listening 24/7 in my home provided by a company that has already admitted that they participated in the nsa program prizm. But hey, if you don't mind being monitored and are will to pay to have it done then, by all means, go for it.

malokevi1744d ago

"if you dont mind being monitored"

Yeah.... paranoid drivel.

Fireseed1744d ago


If you don't wanna be monitored then get rid of your LG TV, tablet, phone and computer.

mewhy321744d ago


Hello? I can turn all of those off and they're really off. The only way to turn off the xbone and kinect is to unplug the power. Now if you want to do that everytime that you want to turn off the xbone then, hey, go for it.

rela82me1744d ago

If you don't want to be monitored, get rid of your email, don't use the telephone, don't send mail, don't get a ps4,don't go to a public place. Everything is monitored all the time, and Microsoft gave more attention on giving out outlook and search details out than anything. Plus they have them a work around to bypassing their security. So yes it theoretically possible that they could listen to you. They can also pick up a more clear, more accessible audio stream from your cellphone at ANY time. Not to mention anything you do on the Internet. If your trying to get through life without being monitored, just live in a box under some freeway.

Tres211743d ago

@ mewhy32 but how do u kno those things r really off off when u turn them off?

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Gunsmoke1744d ago

You're one of the Sony fans that feels threatened by the features of the One, aren't you?

KillrateOmega1744d ago

Oh, yeah. Definitely. Because every Sony GAMER has found themselves thinking: "If only my console, which I use to engage in the awesome hobby that is GAMING, had more entertainment apps on it"


creatchee1744d ago


So your argument is that

Gaming > Entertainment Apps + Gaming?

So having entertainment apps is negative? Do they makes games less good? THEY'RE BONUS FEATURES. You can use them if you like and have fun with them if you wish. You could also never use them at all. But the fact is that the games are still there, entertainment apps or not.

KillrateOmega1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )


My argument is that games come first, entertainment apps come second.

I have never said that they are negatives. In fact, I have said, just as you have, that they are nice bonus features.

The reason that I sound like I'm hating on entertainment apps is because you get these people who talk about them like they are the most important thing about the consoles. Like they are revolutionary and exclusive to the consoles. Like they are the priority on the these GAMING consoles.

creatchee1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )


Okay I agree with you - games should be the most important thing on a games console. And I do honestly believe that both Microsoft and Sony will provide us with lots of games AND apps AND other entertainment experiences.

The only real difference is their marketing of it all. Microsoft is focusing on presenting itself as an all-in-one unit, whole Sony is focusing on presenting itself as a game console. However, this is only their marketing.

Both are all-in-one units. Both are game consoles. They pretty much do the same things, minus a few exclusive features on both ends. It's how they are presented that is the difference. Microsoft is building up the other things that a One can do besides game, while Sony is pushing all of their gaming-related features.

nukeitall1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )


"My argument is that games come first, entertainment apps come second."

That is completely unimportant, it is about quantity and not relative.

What do I mean?

Wii U is a gaming first console, while entertainment apps second or even third, but it still has poor game support right now.

Yet, some claim the Xbox One is completely opposite having entertainment apps first, and gaming second, yet has far better gaming support than Wii U.

So as you can see, unless you claim Wii U is preferred over Xbox One, your argument is flawed!

Even if you did claim that, then your argument isn't flawed, but you are!!!


What is important then isn't the focus, but the quality and quantity of that said support!

PC main focus has never been games, but it does it darn well and exceed console in support from game developers in general.

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n4rc1744d ago

Too bad that your smart TV, tablet, phone and computer can all by accessed by government agencies ..

But let's all blame Microsoft

mewhy321744d ago

This is true but I can TURN THEM OFF. Wow what a herd of sheep.

Gunsmoke1744d ago

Mew, you just went full retard.

Are you saying you cant turn off the One? smh.

tuglu_pati1744d ago

Oh no... never go full retard.

mewhy321744d ago


Hello???? Do you read the internet or watch the press conferences???? The only way to turn off the kinect is to unplug the power of the xbone from the power outlet. If you want to do that everytime that you turn off the xbone then I guess you're right and the xbone is the machine for you.

n4rc1744d ago

More bullshit from the fanboy ignorance..

You can shut the one off completely.. This is because some countries don't allow vampire electronics..

There is off, standby and on..

Do some research before running your mouth

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sAVAge_bEaST1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

I was just reading the Wall Street Journal this morning, (pg.6A) --Saying M$ workings with the NSA , goes deeper, than first thought.. back door access to email,. in Outlook,. Video, and Voice,-feeds in Skype..

--No thanks.

Gunsmoke1744d ago

lol there is no way you were reading the journal. there only thing I can see you reading is the back of cereal boxes and pro Sony propaganda pieces on N4G.

Wikkid6661744d ago

So, what you're saying is there is no need for an extra device because the NSA can clearly watch/listen to you already. Gotcha

Belking1744d ago

Skype on LG sucks butt. It extremely crappy. Anyone can google that if you don't believe me. Kinect and skype for xb1 will be much bettter due to kinect's superiority over other cams out there. Next time you want a decent smart tv go with samsung. They are much better.

gnothe11744d ago

I'd you can already skype on all these other devices an you have no intrest in the xbox one then WHY ARE YOU HERE...Is it just to spout your distaste for evsrything MS....I have no intrest in a 3DS an I don't read any 3DS articles or post in them...obviously you fell that way about the xbox so why post about something you don't want...just like I drive a HUMMER I'm not on toyota sites telling people not to buy toyotas....smdh

AngelicIceDiamond1744d ago

@Mewhy Then don't buy it then damn. You weren't anyway, so wtf are you doin in here. this discussion is completely unrelated to you. In fact ANY Xbox related article doesn't pertain to you.

Its always a PlayStation nuts the first to comment on Xbox articles good lord. Go somewhere else with that wining and crying and paranoia.

Yeah, I'm a little annoyed.

Anyway, we knew Skype was gonna be a big part of X1 I use skype from time to time. I don't mind using it on X1.

Skate-AK1743d ago

What kinda LG smart tv do you have? I have a 47" LM6400.

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R171744d ago

Thanks guys for the feedback, really appreciate it. I do understand you're concerns with Skype's past cooperation with our US Government and with all the crazed media focus on the Edward Snowden NSA leaks, I feel alot of people are in a hyper paranoid state right now. The fact is every company from our cell phone providers all the way to our credit card companies all report our information to intelligence agencies around the country. This is a growing concern among many, unfortunately it is also the state of the world we live in today. When it comes to hobbies such as gaming I like to use these consoles as a time to break away just from the pressures and issues on the News, and enjoy myself just as the way these systems were manufactured for. Regardless thank you guys for the read I do hope you continue to check our site daily for updates and reviews.

sAVAge_bEaST1744d ago

Not all, you must choose your company's wisely.

cell phone. -sprint.

internet. -cox.

You can't trust AT&T or Verizon.

nightfallfilms1744d ago

You think Cox doesn't spy on you? Think again bud.

JBSleek1744d ago

That's the thing I am saying. People are saying I won't get a One because I don't want to be spied on.

Well too bad at this moment you already are due to your phone, tablet, computer, email, etc.

And then you use all your energy to get mad at Microsoft and not your own government lol NSA won.

n4rc1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )


and I'm a Canadian.. The NSA has no impact on me anyways.. If your are an american, then yea.. The whole patriot act and such are a serious issue for you.

But let's me honest.. They don't spy on you unless there is benefit to it. They will spy on you if you have ties to terrorism, even if you are an american citizen.

99.99% of Americans have never and will never be actively monitored.. Simple cost/benefit analysis... There is nothing to be gained spying on some suburban middle class family

AedanClarke1744d ago

"The NSA has no impact on me anyways..."

This is 2013. At what point are other people in the civilized world going to realize that almost EVERYTHING that happens in the United States DOES affect them in at least some small way, whether they realize it or not? I don't approve of our dicks being in every civilized country's mouth, but that's how the US is now. Let's not pretend that it's not like that.

THamm1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

I'm not buying one because I don't think it will last past a year before failing. Too many hurdles to begin with and public perception of it is terrible. $100 more and saw a guy yesterday who was still passing along that it blocks used and DRM checks. Take out Kinect or just wait until a hacker distributes all the X1 players faces on gay porn ads

TheEvilWithin1744d ago

Ok for the xbot fans on here who keep defending xbone and saying its not going to be spying on you I want you guys to do a little test and tell me how it works out for you. Since you like the idea of throwing away your privacy so much. At night leave your curtains and windows open completely, keep your front doors unlocked, when going to the bathroom leave the door open so everyone can walk by and see you using the bathroom.

PRIVACY is a BIG deal to people. Its why we do the things we do to keep our self's safe from danger. Its a natural thing homo sapiens do to cope with trying to feel safe in our own environment. Putting a listening and watching camera in your living room even IF the NSA chooses to or not to listen and watch you is up to them weather true or not true.

Snowden has said that with windows they were using it to spy on Americans. What did Microsoft just announce they were adding to Xbox 1 oh that's right WINDOWS 8. What was the NSA using since 2010 to spy on people? Skype! What is Microsoft running around and praising about the Xbox 1??? Common... guess it... Its Skype! There are only so many connections that can be made. Weather you choose to connect them or not is up to you but the facts are still the same.

THamm1744d ago

Exactly, the whole "One" moniker tells you there is more than just a TV box sitting in the form of a game box. So arrogant and trying to change and instill rules in gaming as if they were EA with the NFL, saying take it loser or nothing.

tuglu_pati1744d ago

Does your computer has a camera? Does you smartphone has a camera? If the government want to spy on you they'll do it, people saying this is just a Xbox one problem is plain stupid.

TheEvilWithin1744d ago

Here is the thing for those people who say that. With a computer camera I can put tape over it and it will still function with out the camera. With Kinect it HAS to be plugged in a ALL times. Well why don't you do the same for the Kinect you wonder. Umm you can't. Microsoft have stated many many times now if you even step out of the view it pauses your game until it can register the person holding the controller. Its not the same as any other device. The Kinect 2.0 is a HUGE difference then a cell phone or laptop camera.

tuglu_pati1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Bro if you need to put tape in you computer's camera you have a problem and its not just the camera its also the mic, but i guess you can cover that with tape too, right. Better run to the store and buy some duck tape.

Oh i forgot you also cover your phones mic and camera with tape.

do you realize how silly that sounds?

nosferatuzodd1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Well fucking said evil at least you connect the dots very smart but the drones can't see past the green so you're words falling on def ears

kingdip901744d ago

So I'm playing my xbox ine in the future playing a future elder scrolls game or something walking through say a cave. The lights are off and the volumee is high and I'm very immersed in my gamaing experiance. I'm skulking something and my heart is racing for the up coming skirmish when bam! Incoming seamless skype call as I'm about to pounce i n my prey!!! I shit myself and the experiance is ruined....

Doesn't sound like a nifty feature for a games console at all

tuglu_pati1743d ago

I'm pretty sure you'll be able to turn off skype just like you do with messenger. You guys keep saying this really stupid things.

kingdip901743d ago

Not stupid, of course I know it can be turned off... but if I am turning these features off to play games which is the boxes supposed primary function then why is it there to begin with? Ok maybe its useful to some people but why make it seemless? Its distracting that way.

Also I'm no affiliated with anyone or any console... not sure which guys your equating me with

tuglu_pati1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Im referring to you guys in the thread, Im not saying you are affiliated with anyone or any console.

People seems to be grasping at straws with this, I don't see the negative in having this features included with my consoles.

kingdip901743d ago

You might have missed the point a little. I do see some use of skype on x1 not for me but for others. What I do bemoan is making everything an easy streaming experiance. I don't have attention deficit, I like to focus on 1 thing at a time and making it to easy to bring up other modes on the console could really ruin my experiance in game. I dont understand touting it as a selling point

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