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Everybody Plays - "Combining a character that’s been made deliberately frustrating with a tacked on multiplayer mode, a character for beginners that you can’t play as without cheating, and a time limit that starts breathing down your neck from the second you start playing, New Super Luigi U is a disappointment"

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browngamer411744d ago

looks like this guy would be better of using the superguide in New Super Mario bros..what a noob- get some skills, this game is the best "Mario" I've played in years..

exfatal1744d ago

Wow what a bad review lol, this guy most be those type who like cut the rope, and only gets 1 star in angry birds lol

M-M1744d ago

Just a site desperate for hits.

SlapHappyJesus1744d ago

Opinions are just that, but this is a review left purely for the completely broken and devoid of any positive qualities.
I call shenanigans on the score.

PigPen1744d ago

That score is enough to be not taking seriously.

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