PS1 and PS2 Games Will Come to Gaikai

Sony have today confirmed that legacy PlayStation titles will hopefully be making their way to the Gaikai service on PlayStation 4 some time after launch.

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s8anicslayer1929d ago

Great but will I have to pay for games I already own? Please don't treat us like the PSP GO!

iamnsuperman1929d ago

No doubt. I assume it quite costly to get people to send in old PS1 and 2 games just so you can get them for free. There not that expensive to buy again (2 or 3 quid) if you want to reminisce. Or you can probably get a PS1 or 2 pretty cheap in a charity/ resale shop.

s8anicslayer1929d ago

Gaikai just might be a subscription service and for one fee you'll have access to all content.

malokevi1929d ago Show
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AbortMission1929d ago

@malokevi What a pathetic Xbot

DragonKnight1929d ago

@malokevi: So how many Xbox 360 games will you be able to play on the Xbox One?

minimur121929d ago

I'm thinking it'll be like playstation plus +

For example, the Ps plus version of D-club is limited, but shu said you can unlock the rest of it - maybe a premium ps plus??

which nets you access to gaikai aswell?

Kryptix1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Yea? Did you take a $h*t on your keyboard and that's what came out? lol Sony is trying to get those PS1 and PS2 titles out there as quickly as possible after launch. At least they're trying while you're a contradiction because you aren't even trying to be a good troll...the easiest job in any internet community. You don't even meet the minimum requirement cause you're missing a brain. lol
Good day sir. :P

malokevi1929d ago Show
Kryptix1929d ago

lol Nope, I'm perfectly fine but what I know is that you're delusional because you just brought up two things that haven't been shown yet. I can say the same thing about certain specs but I won't...because I wouldn't know what the fu I'm really talking about. But you seem overly confident with something with no video proof. Do you also believe in the Easter Bunny because mommy told you? It's ok, you'll snap out of your delusional phase someday. :)

DragonKnight1929d ago

@malokevi: "Teh Powah ov da Kloud!!!" "300,000 servers!!" "Kloud Komputing is like having 3 Xbox One's in one konsollllll"

user55757081929d ago


i could see an $8 a month deal like netflix or free if you join playstation plus

if they dont do a subscription i still wouldn't understand why your purchases wouldn't transfer over to the next console if you're using the same account on the ps4 that people have had for years on ps3

mewhy321929d ago

The news coming from Sony is getting more and more and more pro gamer. Not like the garbage coming from micro$oft.

gaffyh1929d ago

It'll be like a second tier to PS+, probably called PlayStation World which is what was rumoured earlier.

ShiftyLookingCow1928d ago

Who the f**k is going to send their physical disks in for the right to play streaming games?

The PS4 is a 100% capable of emulating both PS1 and PS2.

WickedLester1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Like others have said, I think it's going to be subscription based "buffet" style ala Netflix. I'm fine with that seeing as how I don't even own physical copies of PS1 and PS2 games anymore. The question is, what will it cost? I'm thinking that Sony is going to introduce a tiered PS Plus system where you'll pay a less expensive subscription fee for basic Plus without Gaikai and a more expensive fee for "Premium" Plus that includes Gaikai.

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matgrowcott1929d ago

I don't think you'll need to buy anything individually. Rather, it'll be a subscription service.

So on the one hand, you'll have to pay again to get games you already bought. On the other, that same price will probably include tens if not hundreds of other games.

nnodley1928d ago

Yeah this is what I think it will be. I wonder if they are gonna add different tiers to ps+. Like the regular one will be like the one now with MP as well(can't forget that). Then maybe they will have one for another $10-$20 to add gaikai streaming. And then maybe if someone doesn't care about online they can just do gaikai only for $30 or something. So buying them in a bundle would get you a discount. Hope that makes sense.

ShiftyLookingCow1928d ago

This is better but Sony will be even more favorably viewed if they allow the original disks. The PS4 has more than enough power to emulate the older consoles.

Thirty3Three1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

They've announced this a while back, already. They just said they're focusing on PS3 games first...

I like how I got a downvote. People need to listen more. They've already confirmed it.

cleft51929d ago

I am thinking this will be a subscription based service. Probably will have it's own monthly or yearly fee.

ginsunuva1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

If you purchased ps2/1 games off the ps store, you'll probably get them in gaikai free, but I still think there will be a subscription model instead.

All ps1 games for $1 per month
All ps2 games for $2 per month
All ps3 games for $5 per month

Or all three for $7 a month

How does something like that sound?

Edit: i just realized $5 a month for all ps3 games is a little too cheap

dcj05241929d ago

Maybe a little more and boom you own all the games you need.

nnodley1928d ago

I like that idea. you should work for sony and pitch this idea. That is if they aren't already thinking about something like this. lol

NightStalker331928d ago

It would be fantastic, but I doubt Sony would part with its massive library for so cheap. I'm guessing you'll be able to download individual games for a set price. A subscription style would be interesting though.

WickedLester1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I think 84.00 per year is OK for non Plus subscribers. However if you're already a Plus subscriber that price is way too much to honest. If you already are paying 59.99 per year for basic Plus, I could see maybe Sony offering a "Premium" Plus package for say, 89.99 that includes Gaikai streaming. Not many are going to pay 85 bucks for Gaikai on top of the 59.99 they're already paying for Plus.

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FamilyGuy1929d ago

I'm thinking it's either going to be a netflicks like subscription service where you pay $10 a month and can play anything they have available or, i it's game-by-game purchase then the prices should be really low.

If they come up with a goo way to price this service it could be an epic system seller in an of itself. Helping to migrate more of the PS3 crowd into upgrading to the PS4.

The eventual Vita support should be huge too

KingKevo1928d ago

I'm assuming that games you bought digitally will be free, but if you only own a physical copy you will have to pay again, simply because there's no easy way to verify that you currently own and will always own the game.

FamilyGuy1928d ago

You could put the disc in the drive while you're playing and have the PS4 verify its authenticity allowing you to stream the Gaikai version free.

Just because the PS4 can't play the game doesn't mean it can't verify what's on the disc.

KingKevo1928d ago

That's actually an interesting idea if it would also work if you had the disc in your PS4 and do not want to use/waste the laser basically and maybe get some better loading times. But those games are PS1-3 games and I'm not sure how easy it would be for Sony to verify that copy because it can only see that it's a disc but not read that disc to verify it and if it can also see what's on the disc, how does it know that the game is a legal copy. I'm assuming that this might attract some hackers who would try to trick the PS4 and stream games they don't own.

I don't really care though. I'm either guessing that Gaikai will be subscription based (one fee for the entire library or maybe only the PS3 or 2 or 1 library, something like that, or a small fee peer game which would be ok too if it wasn't more than 15$/€ for a PS3 10 for a PS2 and 5 for a PS1 game, hopefully less.

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EmptySkyForm1929d ago

Give these games trophy support and I'll happily rebuy them.

DragonKnight1929d ago

That's not possible. PS2 classics that have trophy support on PSN were remade to have trophy support. Streaming PS2 games is not remaking them so I guess you're not going to be buying any of them.

matgrowcott1929d ago

It'd be perfectly possible. Sony even patented the "trigger" method of having trophies pop, which would make sense on a digital, online only platform.


wishingW3L1929d ago

FF7 on Steam has achievements. Not hard at all.

DragonKnight1929d ago

@matgrowcott: I totally forgot about that. Thanks. :)

@wishingW3L: That was a re-release that can allow for the inclusion of achievements. Not the same thing.

_FantasmA_1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Stop with the trophy support. Not every game needs it. Matter of fact,I wish trophies would just die out, and this is coming from someone who collects them. But I feel like I play way too much games because of them and worse, sometimes I play good games until I end up hating them just for that damn Platinum :( Some things should just stay in the past. Why mess with a good thing? If you won't play a good for the sake of the experience/nostalgia then you aren't a real gamer. Play for fun, you heard of that?

EmptySkyForm1928d ago

Keep it to yourself. I don't need your point of view. Stay Free

WickedLester1928d ago

I don't get why people would still want to play PS1 and PS2 games at this point anyway. They look ugly as F_ _ ck on HDTV's. I'd rather re purchase HD remixes.

Dogteeth1929d ago


Some time after launch.

xReDeMpTiOnx1929d ago

More good news. Looks like Sony might have another ps2 era