PS4′s Architecture Offers More Customisation Than PC, Says Cerny

PlayStation 4′s architect Mark Cerny has told VG247 that the console’s “super-charged PC architecture” will give Sony and developers more customisation than they’d find on PC, helping to give the console more room to expand and improve throughout the next-gen cycle.

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Prcko1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

hard to belive this...

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thecurseddevil1985d ago

when he said customization he meant customization as in software not in hardware.

why is it hard to believe?
it's kind of obvious.
the hardware doesnt change until ps5 comes out so devs get a lot of time to study the ps4 architecture.

GribbleGrunger1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Exactly. Don't underestimate the incredible tech know how of these well informed forum users, who choose to not read articles properly.

I've done it myself occasionally (just keeping it honest)

ravinash1985d ago

All he is saying is that the Hardware is design in such a way that it can be used with a number of methods to achieve the results the dev's want to achieve.

Beyond replacing the hard drive, no one is saying the actual hardware is going to change.

MasterCornholio1985d ago

Well the PS4 isnt composed of off the shelf parts either. Most of the hardware in the PS4 are based off the design of PC parts but Sony asked the manufacturers to customize it. I dont see why this is so hard to believe.

Timesplitter141985d ago

No, he's actually talking about the hardware. I explained it in a post I made above

thecurseddevil1985d ago


from the article:

"Speaking with Dave Owen at a recent event, Cerny stressed that PS4 was designed to offer any developer – be it a small indie or a triple-a powerhouse – flexibility and room to create technically proficient experiences."

why would he say ps4 offers more customization if he meant the hardware in ps4 is customized?

it offers more customization in developement is what he meant.

Timesplitter141985d ago

blame the person who wrote the article then

thecurseddevil1985d ago


how can you be so arrogant?
yes the hardware is customized but that is not the customized that he meant.

do you even know how to code?if yes then you have the right to have an opinion.

customization as in giving the devs more flexible tools for development.

Timesplitter141985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

1- "PS4′s Architecture Offers More Customisation Than PC" is the title of the article, but it isn't exactly what Cerny said. That's why I said blame the author of the article. How was this arrogant?

2- I know how to code, I studied computer engineering, I work as a programmer, I am making a game currently and I just finished a particle system that runs entirely on the GPU last week. It can generate 5 million particles on screen at a stable 60 fps and it's pretty rad

The_Con-Sept1985d ago

Every time the Xbox one cloud comes as a pro argument against the PS4... Just remember that the Xbox one can't out perform the PS4 by itself. Which means if you don't have an internet connection then the Xbox one is dead. Xbox one needs life support just to be competitive.

Ju1985d ago

He meant HW. read eg.:

Cache line locking from the GPU for write-through ops. More compute source for more parallel compute execution, cache snooping for the GPU to avoid cache flushes. These are all HW customizations.

showtimefolks1985d ago

if you understand what he is trying to say than he is 100% right

AndrewLB1981d ago

Hmm... PC architecture based on x86 has been largely the same for 25 years. Of course every so often new instruction sets are added and software definitely has evolved, but the fact that you can still play DOOM which came out in 1993 on a modern PC goes to show that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. You fanboys love to parrot anything to make yourselves feel better about purchasing a "next gen" console which is made from "last gen" PC parts. LoL.

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Bigpappy1985d ago

This is garbage talk. There is no computing device that can be customized more than the PC. A PC is customizable via hardware and software.

Tatsuya 1985d ago

“There are all these customisations, such as what we did to the GPU and other parts of the system to ensure that they would really be these systems that programmers could dig into in year three or four of the console life-cycle. As the base PS4 architecture will remain largely the same for years, developers will have a long time to get to grips with it, and slowly learn any new facets as they emerge."

Read the article first before you comment, fool. He talked about the fine tuning that was done when the super-charged PC architecture was created. The evolution will happen. Devs are they keys and PS4 is the blank canvas.

Software_Lover1985d ago

Wow, that guy Valentinus called you a fool, lol. Then he pulled a quote from the article that proved............ nothing. So I ask, who is the fool?

hesido1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

First of all, the title is shitty. Cerny says PS4 has some customizations that are not found in PC's. He doesn't say PS4 is more customizable.

What a shitty title.

Edit: VG24/7 mis-constructs his words. He says there are customizations in PS4 that will give more to devs in time when they utilize those options.

Bigpappy1985d ago

@ Software_Lover: It is all good. I have been call that and worst for pointing out the obvious. This just exposes how irrational some can become when fanboyism takes over their brains.

webeblazing1985d ago

so hes saying there optimizing and the PS4 will hit its limit. and how is optimizing mean a console is more customizable than a PC is that the new buzz word of the month.

Yall killing me here lets be more grounded people and just play the games stop acting like these are doing anything different than before

AndrewLB1981d ago

Valentinus- I believe Cerny's comments in this article about as much as I do Microsoft's claims about these revolutionary cloud processing features on Xbone. LoL.

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Walker1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

It's sony and cerny so you should believe this story !

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )


edit: oh software he is talking about.

kneon1985d ago

You shouldn't believe it because the headline is misleading. He didn't say the ps4 could be customized, he said that the ps4 uses customized components rather than off the shelf pc parts.

Somebody1985d ago

Actually, it's hardly surprising because we've seen this argument among fans and Cerny is just rephrasing/recycling their words for next gen PR. It's the same old thing that console fans have been screaming about for years : a never changing platform that offers developers a chance to optimize their games on a stable, unified architecture vs a PC platform that presents "a million" hardware configurations. It is funny though that the consoles need to be a PC in order to beat the PC.

While you guys bicker about whose hardware is bigger, I see this is more of a bait for more indie and newer developers to join the PS4 instead of fishing for more gamers. Really, that's what the article is actually about. Exclusive AAA titles are one thing but the real money for next gen battle that would never stop flowing is in the indie market who make cheap apps with endless microtransactions. Waiting for five years for a AAA game to finish is a bit too much even for Sony so it would be nice to have hundreds of smaller developers making fast games that bleed your credit card at an even faster rate.

Gaikai's cloud service, apps, indie devs, F2Ps and track pads on the controller: all it needs now is for Sony to convince more devs to join the bandwagon.

webeblazing1985d ago

Thank you hes saying optimizing and people get a new buzz word and start to hit backflips. i guess you gotta keep the loyal dogs trained

3-4-51985d ago

how so ? You can play PC & Console games. Most likely compatible with Mouse & Keyboard.

Don't have to worry about being compatible with games.

kewlkat0071985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Hahahahaha....Is it time to take the Mic from this guy...

-I think he has been drinking too much Sony koolaid at this point and needs to be cut off.

RedHawkX1985d ago

More customizations we call this playstation. its criminal mark cerny sending a message! subliminal!
ps4 ftw even before next gen begins. telll your friends it will turn them from gameing boys to mans.

Doctor_Freeman1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Its hard to believe because pc's customization potential is limitless on hardware and software.

1985d ago
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Software_Lover1985d ago

Really? WoW. I like the ps4 but this is just getting sad.

KrisButtar1985d ago

Did you read the article? its the same thing with every console, the games look/get better after time or do you think halo 3 looks better than halo 4 or uncharted looks better than uncharted 2, assassin's creed looks better than assassins creed 2, elder scroll 4 looks better than elder scrolls 5, well i think you get the idea The article was talking about how games will get better which happens with every console, so how is this sad?

webeblazing1985d ago

he s saying the sad part is how some gamer which is a lot on this site turn a simple thing thats been happening forever as a exclusive thing look at the top its getting kind of pathetic

EXVirtual1985d ago

He's techinically saying the full power will be unlocked over the years. It's just optimization. Remember 'Easy to learn, hard to master'. It's eady to develop for, but you just need to know and understand it more as time goes on for devs to use more and more of the PS4's power.

fsfsxii1985d ago

"Another one who didn't read the article"
Funny, eh?

SnakeCQC1985d ago

i love sony consoles and their games but this just simply isnt true. They took away the linux option on the ps3 and i doubt very much the ps4 will have it

thecurseddevil1985d ago

customization as in giving devs more flexibility in developement,
not giving users more customization options.