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Xbox One's Reputation System: Where Trolls Fear to Tread?

"Microsoft announced last week that it would be implementing a new Reputation System for the Xbox One’s new and improved Xbox Live. This means that users who frequently troll abuse and downright antagonise other users will be filtered out to allow folks to just sit down and game in peace. The feature is reminiscent of the same from Halo 3, which allowed players to dictate who they do and don’t want to play with. Of course, Microsoft assured us that the system wouldn’t be gamed, so a huge mob wouldn’t be able to down-rank you into oblivion." (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

mochachino  +   279d ago
This may result in sore losers downrating the people that beat them.

I have so many complaints for bad language on Live now and I never even use a headset.
Winter47th  +   278d ago
Me too, I never use a headset and I got complaints of bad language and get this: Aggressive play.

Guess I should stick to co-op.
famoussasjohn  +   278d ago
Ya that's pretty much happened to my current rating. I usually play with my mic on mute just because I don't like talking unless its with a group of friends and even then we're in a party of our own.
Kryptix  +   278d ago
That's the reason why this system might backfire to certain gamers. Especially new or casual gamers playing online and being ranked down due to doing terrible or camping in a spot. That means that players will end up with camp infested rooms most of the time. What's the use of leaving a room and joining a better one if you're going to end up with the same kind of people? I predict "ranked" rooms and "public" rooms in the future, which will split the community even more.
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ziggurcat  +   278d ago
"Of course, Microsoft assured us that the system wouldn’t be gamed, so a huge mob wouldn’t be able to down-rank you into oblivion."


people will abuse this, and rage down vote you if you beat them online.
sovietsoldier  +   278d ago
last system was abused so i don't see it changing and the report system is no different. i would suggest they ditch both and only allow + rep votes for players and flags for texts/voice comm's that can be forwarded to ms and reviewed.
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MisfitsInc  +   278d ago
i can see this being abused by trolls
Funantic1  +   278d ago
But those abusive trolls are unlikely to be matched up with you anyway. So this could work. People with good reputations will play with each other and won't have to worry about being reported on. Let the trolls have fun with each other.
Hydralysk  +   278d ago
This also kind of raises the issue of if this is a shared console.

If your kid is an asshole in CoD, then does that mean I get punished for his actions when I come home and play Borderlands? Is there any way to reverse this once it happens? If so how? Are you supposed to be nice to the trolls until they let you back in with the others? That'd be exasperating.

I do like the idea, but I'm still skeptical they'll be able to craft a robust and fair version of it.
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fattyuk  +   278d ago
You being serious?

Yeah you should be punished for your kid being an arsehole.

Society these days ay,
nukeitall  +   278d ago
One Xbox Live Gold membership can now be shared by multiple accounts, so your asshole kid can now play with other assholes without affecting you!

TheRealHeisenberg  +   278d ago
Some kids just turn out wrong no matter how much love and support they were given by their parents. If a kid is an asshole, then they should not have gaming privileges in the first place. Of course that would take some level of parenting to enforce. I guarantee you that my kids would lose access to every PC, tablet, smartphone, PS3,Xbox and Wii in my house if I ever catch them carrying on like many of the assholes they run into online. I game with them enough to know what is going on and have taught them how to handle themselves when these things happen, which unfortunately is frequent. They may hate the fact that I always seem to be in their "business" but I don't care; I'm just trying to be a good parent.
sovietsoldier  +   278d ago
my brother always has me worried about a console ban. hes 35 and and acts like a 16 year old and i always have to worry that when he comes over hes going to say and do something that will get my console banned. i would like to see bans by player accounts not by consoles. only reason a console should be banned is for hacking/cheating or some really major tos violation.
fattyuk  +   278d ago
Surely it should be.

"Where people who want to play games fear to tread"
AHall88  +   278d ago
Didn't they say the same thing about the current reputation system for the Xbox 360?
That sure ended up being helpful...
SaffronCurse  +   278d ago
This will be abused to shit
JessiePinkmanYo  +   278d ago
Why even have a reputation system? Whenever I'm matched in a lobby of CoD or Battlefield, I (nor any other gamer I know) checks reputations of other players. Sure the new system will match lower rep people and such, but how many of us have unfair ratings as of now and even then? Having a mixed lobby (yes even trolls) is decent, plus, the try hards, campers or trolls get called out which can be entertaining to listen to in itself. Maybe having a lobby vote system where an idiot can get voted out is the better answer. Anything beyond that will be exploited and (SOME) decent players will be forever matched with idiots. The cost far outweigh the benefits here.
ACESupERIC  +   278d ago
The only problem with your idea is it promotes boosting. Lets say I have a full team for team deathmatch and you get put into my lobby but I'm hosting a boost match (which I don't ever do btw.boosting is for pussies)Now my full team votes you out of the lobby til another one of our boost buddies shows up by joinin lobby. Then another random player gets thrown in and we vote him out and so on and so on until the lobby is full of people who have no interest in the game other than boosting. The reputation system doesn't seem to work well on live now and I really don't see it getting much better. What MS could do with their live service is maybe put enough moderators on the payroll to tackle complaints right away. Not necessarily EVERY complaint but enough that you never really know when you might get hit by one. Honesty by paranoia.
JessiePinkmanYo  +   278d ago
ACES-I didn't think of that and you're right-it would drive up the potential to boost. I dunno what the answer would be...maybe a limit for how many negative reviews one player can submit, same as positive?
Looking at another way, I wonder if some players will actually TRY to get crap reviews and wear their rep like a bad boy badge of honor, raiding the troll lobbies of hell lol
Funantic1  +   278d ago
I was tired of players on my team on games like BO2 heckling me. I've seen times where my teammates were shooting at me and blocking my view causing me to die or lose. I've even had two players block each entrance of a building causing me to get trapped. They stood there and laughed. The only thing I could do was throw a bouncing betty down and blown myself up. This reputation system will keep me away from people like them. People with good reputations are unlikely to report you anyway so your reputation should stay high. This can work because the current system is flawed.
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JessiePinkmanYo  +   278d ago
@ Funatic-True, but those same clowns that we encounter doing team kills, spawn blocking players etc can also rate YOU. It'll also be their 2 votes vs your 1. Also, as it stands right now people get unfair ratings all the time but there's no way to dispute it. I HIGHLY doubt MS will have a crack team investigating every butt hurt 12 year olds complaints on good gamers, and decent players will be banished to the lobbies of hell.
I pay good money for my online experiences, but if I have to always be walking on thin ice worrying about playing TOO good, OR getting negative feedback from a try hard, I'll look elsewhere (like PS4). I'll have both systems, but if it gets to the point I'm playing more titles on one or the other, Craigslist or GameStop is a wonderful thing.
Funantic1  +   278d ago
All I'm saying is the current system is not working. Something else needs to be done. I don't think anybody knows how this reputation thingy will really work. It's worth a try. Maybe trolls will calm down. Really Xbox Live already had 4 different categories like recreation, underground, pro, and family. Those didn't work well.
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Gamers_United  +   278d ago
Time to get rid of trolls muahahahaha

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