Fear Factor: The 12 scariest games ever made

With upcoming titles like Outlast, Daylight and The Evil Within in the pipeline, it's clear that our appetite for scares hasn't been diminished over the years, so with that in mind we've compiled our list of the 12 scariest games ever made.

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jc485731112d ago

i'm surprised fatal frame was not mentioned.

wilbossman1112d ago

It's in there, #5 - Fatal Frame was called Project Zero in Europe.

jc485731112d ago

yea, I'm sorry. I must've missed it the first time around.

gillri1110d ago

Me too but very happy they included the infamous 'Cradle level' from Thief 3, I dont think even Amnesia was as scary as that

MrTrololo1110d ago

The Evil Within could be the next list when the game released

snipab8t1110d ago

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb - That giant white crocodile and those sharks scared the hell out of me!

Summons751110d ago

Good list. Take out resident evil and slender (horrible game) and you have an excellent list. And before the haters come, I love resident evil but the games were never scary even when I was young playing re1 for the first time. Thrilling very, scary only from a nostalgia perspective, go back and play re again and you see it's not scary but hilarious because of the awful voice acting.

Venox20081110d ago

sorry, but first RE remake was scary, at least for me... slender, not so much (didnt play arrival)

gillri1110d ago

agreed REmake WAS scary with the hunchback witch-like woman and the crimson heads

metaltales491110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

I agree the resident evil games weren't scary back then and they aren't scary now it has jump scares but that's really it.

shadowmist131110d ago

When I first played slender the folder was called forest explorer and the description said look for bunnies in the forest....and when i found my first page the hair on my neck stood straight when i saw the slender hahahaha,ctrl alt delete hahaha

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